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Tag: Scott Seiver

Seiver Eliminated

Justin Bonomo just doubled up with the against Scott Seiver's . The money went in preflop, and the board ran out . Seiver was eliminated.

Seiver Doubles Yet Again

Ami Barer opened to 120,000 from under the gun, Scott Seiver moved all in for around half a million from the small blind, and Barer called.

Everyone Goes After a Big Three-Way Pot

Sorel Mizzi opened for 120,000 from early position and Scott Seiver called from the button. Ami Barer came along from the big blind and three players saw a flop of . Barer checked, Mizzi bet 220,000, and Seiver called.

Seiver Continues to Chip Up

Andrew Phaedonos opened for 140,000 and cleared the field to Scott Seiver, who decided to look him up from the big blind. Both players checked the flop, the turned, and Seiver took the opportunity to bet 200,000.

Seiver Doubles Again

Scott Seiver was second to act, and open-shoved for 575,000. The action folded to Jake Balsiger, and as players started to leave for break, the Octo-Niner called.

It's Not a Chop After All

A short-stacked Scott Seiver moved all in and Sorel Mizzi made the call.

Phaedonos' Turn to Double

Well, that escalated quickly. Scott Seiver open-shoved again - this time for around 800,000 in the cutoff - and Andrew Phaedonos called all in for less from the small blind.

Seiver Gets It in Against Jake Balsiger

Jake Balsiger opened for 100,000 and was met by an all-in three-bet to roughly 400,000 by a short-stacked Scott Seiver. Action folded back around to Balsiger and he made the call.

Balsiger and the Computer Hand

Jake Balsiger opened to 80,000 on the button, Scott Seiver defended his big blind, and the flop fell . Seiver checked, Balsiger continued for 80,000, and Seiver called.

Seat 3: Scott Seiver, 28 – Colombus, USA – 855,000

Scott Seiver is the short stack heading into the final table, but also happens to be one of the most successful poker players of the last decade.

Haxton Busts a Sixth Time; Seiver and Hansen Also Exit

Of the nine players who entered at the start of Day 2, three have been eliminated, including Isaac Haxton who was in for his sixth bullet. Haxton lost a race with against the of Patrik Antonius. Antonius is now up to 390,000 chips.

More for Barer

Scott Seiver check-called a bet of 70,000 from Ami Barer on a flop of , and another 190,000 when the turned. The completed the board, Seiver checked a third and final time, and Barer bet another 215,000.

Barer Now Over Six Million

Scott Seiver checked to Ami Barer on a board of , and Barer fired out 190,000. Seiver called. The completed the board, Seiver checked again, and Barer bet a tiny 170,000. Seiver opted not to call, and Barer now has over six million chips.

Barer Bombs the River

Ami Barer opened for a raise, Eoghan O'Dea called on the button, and Scott Seiver defended his big blind. The dealer spread , Seiver checked, and Barer continued for 85,000. Both O'Dea and Seiver called.

Rockets for O'Dea

Eoghan O'Dea raised to 50,000 from under the gun, Scott Seiver three-bet to 145,000 in the cutoff, and O'Dea called. O'Dea check-called a bet of 90,000 on a flop of , and the two players checked on the turn () and the river ().

Barer Gets Some Back

Scott Seiver opened for 55,000 and then called when Ami Barer three-bet to 99,000. Barer continued on the flop and Seiver folded. Not much of a hand but a good opportunity for us to update you on their chip counts.

Gao Wants to Win

Jie Gao open-shoved all in for 91,000 in the cutoff, Scott Seiver called on the button, and both blinds released. "Chop?" Seiver asked Gao. He refused.

Ying Kit Chan Eliminated in 19th Place (AU$40,000)

We picked up the action on a flop of when a raising war resulted in Ying Kit Chan getting his stack of 700,000 or so all in with the against Scott Seiver, who had flopped a set with the .

Limp-Reraise from Seiver

Scott Seiver limped in from the cutoff seat, and then Tam Truong raised from the button to 55,000. After the blinds folded, Seiver reraised to 160,000. Truong called. The flop came down , and Seiver bet 80,000.

Mercier Doubles Through Seiver

From under the gun, Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier raised all in for 121,000. Chip leader Scott Seiver was in the next seat and made the call. Everyone else folded, and the hands were revealed.