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Tag: Scott Seiver

Lykov Doubles Through Seiver

Scott Seiver bet 9,500 on the board into Maxim Lykov. Lykov made the call, and the dealer placed the out on the river. Seiver moved all in, and Lykov quickly called off for his last 20,925.

Doing the Double, Going for Triple

Last year, David Benefield and Ole Schemion final tabled the €50,000 Super High Roller, cashed the €5,300 Main Event, and final tabled the €10,300 High Roller at European Poker Tour Barcelona.

Seiver Accumulating Chips

Scott Seiver had words with Andreas Samuelsson at the start of the day about his decision time and they recently tangled in a couple of hands. Seiver raised to 7,000 and Samuelsson called in the big blind.

Scott Clock

Scott Seiver wasn’t happy with the amount of time Andreas Samuelsson was taking to make decisions preflop. Never one to sit back if something didn’t please him Seiver decided to make his feelings known.

All Change For Seiver

With tables breaking all the time some players are having to readjust to ever changing dynamics. Both Scott Seiver and Niall Farrell have moved from their original tables and are now sat at the same table.

Seiver Receiver

Scott Seiver opened on the button for 900 and got one call from the player in the small blind. The flop was and a bet of 1,200 from Seiver got a call from the small blind.

Scott Seiver Eliminated in 4th Place (€364,200)

Hand #71: Daniel Colman completed the small blind with and Scott Seiver checked his big blind with . on the flop and Colman checked. Seiver bet out 175,000, and Colman folded.

Morten Klein Eliminated in 7th Place (€177,500)

Hand #53: Olivier Busquet raised to 200,000 from the hijack seat with the . Sven Reichardt called from the big blind, and the flop came down . After Reichardt checked, Busquet bet 250,000. Reichardt called.

Hands #49-52: A Lot of Checking

Hand #49: Klein opened under the gun with for 225,000. Olivier Busquet in the big blind made the call with . Both players checked the entire board, and the small pot went to Morten Klein.

Hand #48: Seiver Doubles Through Colman

Hand #48: Action folded to Daniel Colman in the small blind. The EPT Monte Carlo Super High Roller winner found the and pushed all in to put Scott Seiver in the big blind at risk.

Hands #46-47: Troyanovskiy Folds Jacks Preflop

Hand #46: Daniel Colman raised and took down the blinds and antes. hand #47: Scott Seiver opened with a raise to 185,000 with the .

Hands #37-41: Colman Makes a Good Call

Hand #37: Daniel Colman raised to 160,000 from middle position with the , and Scott Seiver called from the hijack seat with the . The flop came down , and Colman checked. Seiver bet 175,000, and Colman made the call.

Hands #24-25: Seiver Drinks a Double Courtesy of Klein

Hand #24: On the first hand of the new level, Vladimir Troyanovskiy had the button, and Daniel Colman received a walk in the big blind with the . Hand #25: From early position, Morten Klein opened to 175,000 with the .

Mustapha Kanit Eliminated in 9th Place (€105,455)

Hand #6: From early position, Scott Seiver opened with a raise to 125,000 with the . Everyone folded, and he won the blinds and antes. Hand #7: Morten Klein raised from middle position to 125,000 holding the .

Seiver Drops Two in a Row

Action folded to Mustapha Kanit in the cutoff seat, and he raised to 65,000. Scott Seiver made the call from the big blind, and the flop came down . Both players checked. The turn was the , and Seiver checked.

Somehow, Seiver Holds

Scott Seiver was all in with the against the for Sam Trickett. Seiver was at risk for 451,000 in chips and looking for his fours to hold up. The flop fell to keep Seiver in front.

Down to 32 Players

The tournament is down to its final four tables, with 32 players in the tournament. In the meantime, the Estrellas Poker Tour is on the bubble, and tournament director Toby Stone is announcing all of the all ins.

Selbst Shoves On Peters While Polk Hypes His "Big Stack"

Just before the last break... From under the gun, David Peters raised to 26,000. Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst called from the cutoff seat, and the two of them saw the flop come down .

Seiver Doubles in Seven-Way Hand

Some big action just went down over on Table 1, and Jorryt van Hoof got up from the table to fill us in on the details. Fabian Quoss opened from under the gun and van Hoof was the first one to call.

Metaal Eliminated

From under the gun, Govert Metaal limped in. Next to act was Ismail Erkenov, and he raised to 7,000. Scott Seiver called in the next seat, and then action folded back to Metaal. He reraised all in for 70,200.