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Tag: Scott Seiver

Scott Seiver Eliminated in 4th Place (AU$735,000)

After firing three bullets in this event, each worth AU$250,000, Scott Seiver has been eliminated in fourth place. Mike McDonald raised on the button to 60,000, and Seiver called from the big blind before the dealer placed out the flop.

Haxton Finds an Ace On the River To Double

Play folded to Scott Seiver in the small blind, and he moved all in against Isaac Haxton's big blind. Haxton called, and it was his against the for Seiver. The flop put Seiver in the lead, and the turn kept him there.

Ivey vs. Seiver

A few players have moved all in in recent hands only to swipe the blinds and antes, but we recently got to see a flop in a hand involving Phil Ivey and Scott Seiver.

Polk Over 2 Million

On the button, Scott Seiver limped in for 20,000. After Isaac Haxton folded from the small blind, Doug Polk raised to 70,000 from the big blind. Seiver called, and the two saw the flop come down . Polk led for 158,000, and Seiver folded.

Mo Runs Into Pocket Aces

Jason Mo shoved his last 275,000 or so all in from middle position and action folded to Scott Seiver, who called from the big blind. Mo: Seiver: Seiver woke up with the granddaddy of all hands, and Mo needed some luck to stay alive.

Yong Getting Short Again

Richard Yong, who took down the Aussie Millions AU$100,000 Challenge two days back, opened for 50,000 from early position and was met by a three-bet to 105,000 by Scott Seiver in the hijack.

Seiver Doubles Through Smith

Scott Seiver was all in preflop for 328,000 with the against the for Dan Smith. The flop gave Seiver trips, and then the turn and river finished off the board to double him up. Smith was left with 325,000.

Smith Doubles; Trickett Crippled

Dan Smith was all in with the against the of Sam Trickett. The flop, turn, and river ran out , and Smith doubled to over 600,000. Trickett was left with about 20,000, although he did double up on the next hand through Scott Seiver.

Seiver Returns, Again

Scott Seiver just returned to the field for a third buy-in to this $250,000 Challenge. He's now invested AU$750,000 in buy-ins, and there are 21 total entries thus far.

Seiver Gone, Again

From under the gun, Igor Kurganov raised to 20,000. Ole Schemion flat-called on the button, and then Scott Seiver reraised all in for 151,000 from the small blind. Play moved back to Kurganov, and he folded.

Seiver Doubles Through Fee

Play folded to Ryan Fee in the small blind, and he limped in. Scott Seiver raised all in for 40,000 from the big blind, and Fee didn't realize Seiver only had 40,000 in chips. He called with the , and Seiver had the .

Mo Doubles Through Seiver

Jason Mo just doubled up on the board through Scott Seiver. Mo had trip sixes with the and Seiver had . The money went in on the river, and Mo moved to 375,000 in chips.

Updated Table Draw; Seiver Reenters

Scott Seiver has reentered the field. Here is the current table and seat draw for the players, and we'll keep this updated periodically throughout the day.

Seiver Will Be Back in 90 Seconds

Scott Seiver was all in with the for 63,000 against the for Doug Polk. The board ran out , and Seiver was eliminated... for the time being.

Seiver Looking to Climb Back

From under the gun, Erik Seidel raised to 7,500. Scott Seiver reraised to 19,000 from the hijack seat, and Seidel made the call. The flop came down , and Seidel check-folded to a bet of 12,000 from Seiver.

Seidel Doubles Through Seiver

"All in and call!" was the yell from the dealer over at Table 8. When we arrived, Erik Seidel was all in for 286,600 with the against the for Scott Seiver.

Seiver Continues to Climb

From the hijack seat, Phil Ivey raised to 5,500. He was called by Erik Seidel out of the small blind and Scott Seiver from the big blind before the dealer spread the flop. Seidel and Seiver checked, and so did Ivey.

Seiver Gets Value

Paul Newey checked the final board of , and Scott Seiver bet 10,500. Newey thought it over, then called, but he couldn't beat the that Seiver turned over and mucked his hand.

Chop Between Ivey and Seiver

On the button, Scott Seiver raised to 6,000. Phil Ivey called from the big blind, and the flop came down . Ivey checked, Seiver bet 5,000, and Ivey called. The turn was the to put trips on the board.

Scott Seiver Eliminated in 3rd Place (AU$1,000,000)

It took a bit of a cooler to lose the third-placed player here at the Crown after more than three hours of play since a bustout took place.