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200 Poker Tells [Kindle Edition]

200 Poker Tells [Kindle Edition]

Author: Joe Navarro

Year: Jan 2012

Print house: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.


Here is what poker players around the world have been waiting for. A follow up to the hugely successful Read ‘em and Reap. Joe Navarro brings us an incredible two hundred (200) of the most often observed tells in poker. This is a must for the amateur as well as the pro. Joe brings together his experience working with and analyzing poker players as only a world class observer could. This is an ideal and easy to read guide to poker tells. All meat no fluff, written exactly as poker players prefer, with easy to find information divided up by the parts of the body. This can be downloaded to your cell phone, iTouch, iPad or Kindle-enabled devices to use as a reference even while at play.