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Whether you're into table games, like playing at online casinos with live dealers, or want to improve your online slot skills, the PokerNews Casino Games section has got everything you need!

In our Games section, we've got everything you need to learn how to play your favorite casino game, or improve your skills if you've already mastered the basics. Plus, we'll also clue you in on the best online casinos to play casino games for real money.

Our Guide to Blackjack


Starting with that perennial casino classic, Blackjack. For those not in the know, blackjack is a legendary table game found in every casino from the Vegas strip to the beachside glamor of Monte Carlo. Take your place at the table, wait to be dealt your hand, and try to beat the dealer to 21 (without exceeding it).

The good news for blackjack enthusiasts is that the online variants of the game are just as exciting and are as easy to play. With our exclusive Blackjack Hub, PokerNews have combined all our blackjack content into one place, making it much easier to find what you need - no matter your skill level or knowledge.

How to Play Blackjack

Not familiar with the game of blackjack? Or maybe you just need a refresher... whatever your reason, PokerNews has your covered with our series of blackjack guides, starting with How to Play Blackjack. This page will outline the basics you need to get started playing blackjack online, including the value of cards in blackjack, your options when you've been dealt a hand of cards, and the different bets you can make.

Read our How to Play Blackjack Guide

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Find the Best Blackjack Strategy

So you know the basics of blackjack, can work out when to hit, and when to stand. Great, but what's next?

With our Blackjack Strategy Guide, you can learn about the different blackjack strategies that exist, and find the right one for you. Our guide includes a basic blackjack strategy to start you off, and then some blackjack tips to take your card game to the next level. We've even added a blackjack cheat sheet to the page so you can put your chosen strategy into practice! It's also worth consulting our Blackjack Side Bets guide, in order to work out the most common side bets to play in blackjack, and why you could employ these as part of your blackjack strategy.

Read our Guide to the Best Blackjack Strategy

Free Blackjack Calculator
Free Blackjack Calculator

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Play Real Money Blackjack

If you're comfortable with playing blackjack, and have worked out the best strategy for your blackjack game, you might want to see where the best real money blackjack games can be found at online casinos.

Our best online casinos guide lists the best places you can play real money blackjack right now and also where to play if you're not based in a location that currently allows licensed gambling.

Read our Real Money Blackjack Guide

Our Guide to Roulette


Just like Blackjack, Roulette is well-loved and famous casino table games, and is extremely easy to pick up and learn how to play. The online versions of the game are also easy to learn, and playing online is no different, even if you are a complete beginner.

Roulette is a casino game, that utilizes both a table and a wheel. Roulette players place chips on a table to signify making a bet. This is done for specific numbers, either red or black, or a combination of colors and numbers. A ball is then spin on the roulette wheel, and the outcome of the spin is determined by which 'pocket' of the wheel that the ball drops into. If your bet matches the result of this spin, then you win!

At PokerNews we love a classic game of roulette, and we also love writing about it, so you'll find a number of guides included here for your benefit. All our roulette guides can be found in our Roulette Hub.

How to Play Roulette

Even though roulette is a relatively simple game, it can still be intimidating to play for the first time, either online or in a real casino. Our Roulette Beginners guide details the basics of playing roulette as a novice. This breaks down the basic rules of roulette, the different roulette bets you can make, and the odds for each bet which ultimately determine the kind of payout you can expect if you're lucky enough to win.

Read our How to Play Roulette Guide

Learn Roulette with our FREE Cheat Sheet

Roulette Cheat Sheet

Learn the rules of Roulette, see the Payouts, and find your best Roulette Strategy with our FREE cheat sheet.

Find the Best Roulette Strategy

You can play roulette adequately just by knowing the basics, and it's such a simple game that there is a lot to enjoy from this. However, if you're keen to know how to stretch your roulette game further, there are a number of strategies to test out when you're next playing roulette online.

These roulette strategies range from the well-known Martingale Strategy, the D’Alembert Strategy, and even how to play Roulette like James Bond!

Read our Guide to the Best Roulette Strategy

Play Real Money Roulette

If you've zeroed in on your favored roulette strategy, and know your 'Straight Bet' from your 'Corner', it might be time to look at where to play real money roulette. Practically all online casinos worthy of the name, provide a number of roulette games, including European Roulette, American Roulette, French Roulette, and live dealer games.

Read our Real Money Roulette Guide

Our Guide to Craps


Craps is one of those pure casino dice games that seems to conjure up images straight out of Hollywood (via Caesars Palace!), but the online version definitely has a lot to like.

Online craps works much the same way in terms of gameplay and betting strategy, with a swipe of the hand or mouse simulating the dice throw. You choose a bet to make on the craps table (and there are few ways to approach betting at craps), and hope your lucky throw of the dice matches up.

How to Play Craps

Craps is a deceptively easy game, and even if you're familiar with throwing dice in a live casino, the online version may catch you out. Our Craps for Dummies guide brings together all you need to know when playing craps online, including the rules of craps, different craps bets to make, and the layout of the craps table, which corresponds to these bets.

Read our Craps for Dummies Guide

Find the Best Craps Strategy

Once you have the basics of craps understood, it might be time to find a craps strategy to take your game to the next level.

Our exclusive guide on 'How to Win at Craps' includes craps betting strategies from beginner, to intermediate, and advanced, and will give you the download of the bets, odds, and gameplay to work out what your best craps game is. We'll also show you the best online casinos
for craps, and where you can play with a bonus.

Read our Craps Strategy Guide

Our Guide to Baccarat


Baccarat can now be found at most online casinos, but still remains a mystery to a lot of casino players. Like craps, this is a classic casino dice game, suited to the kinds of casinos found on the shores of the Med, but can also be played simply, and easily online. Baccarat pits you 'the Player' against the dealer (or 'Banker') in a game of chance. Sit down, make a bet, and hope your hand beats the Banker's.

You can read a number of PokerNews Baccarat guides by clicking the links below, including learning the rules of baccarat, and even where to play for real money online.

How to Play Baccarat

You may already be familiar with the basics of baccarat as there are only a few rules you need to play a game successfully, but there is more to baccarat than is apparent initially. Our baccarat beginners guide takes everything back to basics, including the different hands you can be dealt, and specific bets to make.

Read our How to Play Baccarat Guide

Play Real Money Baccarat

So once you've learned the basics (and tested your baccarat strategy out on a few practice games), you could be ready for real money baccarat. You'll find that online casinos typically offer fewer varieties than games like roulette or blackjack, but most offer the standard game, as well as playing baccarat with a live dealer.

Read our Real Money Baccarat Guide

Our Guide to Keno


Heard the name 'Keno', but not sure what it is or how to play? Then you're in the right place! With our Keno guides, you can learn how to play this lottery-like casino game.

Keno dates back to the 19th century, and although it has French roots, the modern game was largely developed in China, and then transplanted to the West by Chinese immigrant workers. The current game is similar to 'Bingo', where players make a wager by selecting specific numbers between 1 and 80. 20 numbers are then drawn at random, with payouts decided on the numbers drawn, and their wager.

We have a number of keno guides, which you can access via the links below, or jump straight to our Keno Hub.

How to Play Keno

Our intro guide to Keno outlines how to start playing Keno as a complete beginner, which includes the basic rules, how to start a game of keno online, and the different types of keno you can play at online casinos.

We've also listed the best online casinos offering keno as part of their casino games catalog, and where you can find the most advantageous casino bonuses.

Read our How to Play Keno Guide

Find the Best Keno Strategy

You may already be familiar with the basic game of Keno, but how can you take it to the next level?

Luckily there are already a number of keno strategies you can discover and use in your next keno game. This includes using Multi Race Cards, so you can use the same numbers in consecutive games, and working out the odds of matching numbers and the payouts for these odds.

Read our Guide to the Best Keno Strategy

Play Real Money Keno Online

Our Guide to Video Poker


Many of us are already familiar with playing poker at some of the biggest and best online poker sites, but online casinos also usually offer a few different poker games. These are slightly different from playing poker online with other players, as typically with video poker, you're playing the online casino who acts as the dealer and stand-in for the other players.

Our Video Poker Hub contains our standard guide on how to 'beat' video poker, and the best places you can play the different variants of video poker, like Texas Hold'Em, 3 Card Brag, and Stud Poker. You'll find most of the standout online casinos well-represented in these selections, including the bonuses available when playing video poker online.

How to Beat Video Poker

If you can play poker to a reasonable level, you're already in a good place to play video poker. Whilst there's no guaranteed method you can use to win every time you play, there are strategies you can learn and put in place, so that you can increase your chances of a win with your next hand of poker.

Read our Guide on How to Beat Video Poker

Our Guide to Rummy


Rummy has something of a 'sleepy' reputation, but don't be fooled- this ain't your Granny's game of Rummy! if you're not familiar already, rummy is a 'card-matching' game, with the aim of matching cards in a sequence and the same suit. Players need to build 'melds', which can be either 'sets' or 'runs'. 'Sets' are three or four of a kind of the same rank, and 'runs' are three or more cards of the same suit in a sequence.

How to Play Rummy

Our guide to Rummy, takes a step-by-step approach to learning this vintage game, including how to make your 'Ante Bet', your 'Raise Bet' , and how to best play your 3-card hand. We also clue you in on the best places to play rummy online, with a bonus added on top.

Read our How to Play Rummy Guide

More Casino Games

Of course, there are many more casino games to explore than just the ones we've listed here. Some of these titles are well worth checking out, and offer unique strategies as well as the same entertainment as favorites like craps, roulette, and blackjack.

Why not check out games like:

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