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Blackjack Cheat Sheet: Printable PDF to Play (and Win)

Blackjack Cheat Sheet
  • Download the Blackjack cheat sheet, print it, and get ready to beat the house every time you play!

  • It can take years to master the game of blackjack and become a winning player
  • This blackjack cheat sheet is an easy way to learn how to play the game
  • Print the pdf and use it when you play on these blackjack sites

Blackjack is one of those games that can take years to play well. The players who win games of blackjack know exactly what hand to play, and when.

To be that good, you can either spend a huge chunk of your time learning all about strategy and perfecting every hand to minimize the house edge, or you can become well-versed in the important aspects of the blackjack basic strategy.

I have a way to get you in a position to win at blackjack fast.

I’ve come up with something so terrifying to the blackjack establishment that it’s got them running scared. That thing is a Blackjack Cheat Sheet pdf you can download, print, memorize, and use to win your games.

It’s often said that in gambling, the house always wins. Although this is true for the majority of players, and it is true for those who do not know how to play the house effectively, there are ways of coming out with more money, and kudos, than you entered.

Nobody expects a beginner to win, and it is this lack of expectation that you must use to your advantage.

My Blackjack Cheat Sheet card will show you the secrets to how to come out on top against players who have been playing for longer, and against a casino that doesn’t want you to win.

Blackjack Cheat Sheet: Printable PDF to Play (and Win) 101
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Although we call this a Cheat Sheet,it is really cheating? No - not really.

What I am offering you is, in fact, a blackjack strategy to help you get further. Think of it like playing a video game with a guide, or going on a guided tour when you go on vacation.

That’s not cheating - that’s just sensible precautions. Sure, you think, but isn’t blackjack a game, and wouldn’t a winning strategy be against the spirit of that game?

If you’re thinking that, then, my friend, you are more noble than most of the players out there, and the world needs more people like you - but the world isn’t like that, and to make sure you come out on top, you need the Blackjack Cheat Sheet.

First, though, let’s take you through some basics of deck blackjack terminology and blackjack strategy, as you’ll need to know what these words and phrases mean in order to decipher what our Cheat Sheet is saying.

Soft hand: This is when there is an ace in your hand, meaning there is no chance of you busting after draw. The ace can be 1 or 11, but your hand must not total more than 21. Here are those soft combinations:

  • A2 - 13 (13 or 3)
  • A3 - 14 (14 or 4)
  • A4 - 15 (15 or 5)
  • A5 - 16 (16 or 6)
  • A6 - 17 (17 or 7)
  • A7 - 18 (18 or 8)
  • A8 - 19 (19 or 9) - almost always stand
  • A9 - 20 (20 or 10) - always stand!
  • An ace with 10 or a face card is an unbeatable blackjack.

Hard hand: The combined total of any two cards not containing an ace. Here are the possible hard hands:

  • 9-7 (hard 16)
  • 8-6 (hard 14)
  • 10-7 (hard 17)

It’s riskier to draw with a hard hand, as there is more chance of busting.

Hit: drawing another card.
Stand: when your hand is good enough.
Double down: this is when you, or another player, increase the wager.

This Cheat Sheet alone won’t make you a winner. You’ll get there through careful analysis, trust in your own improving abilities, and an understanding of what the other players are doing around the table, whether it is in a brick-and-mortar casino or an online casino.

What this Cheat Sheet can do for you is help you to understand the basics of how to play a hand well, when to take a positive risk, and when to hold back.

Can you use the Blackjack Cheat Sheet at the table?

You can keep the easy Blackjack Cheat Sheet open in your browser while a game of online blackjack is running, meaning that you have a reference point from which to check while the game is taking place.

After a while, once you get good at strategy by yourself, you might not even need it - but we advise you use it while you’re learning the calls and moves.

We would say we wish you luck - but in fact, blackjack isn’t about luck, it’s about understanding your hand. Enjoy your game!

Blackjack Cheat Sheet: Printable PDF to Play (and Win) 102
Never-Ending Blackjack Action Online!

Practice free blackjack against the CPU and then sit to play exciting games with the best live dealers* in the world.
Collect the bonus and play!

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*: The live dealer games are not available in the United States.

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