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Poker Isometrics and Poker Fitness

Poker Isometrics and Poker Fitness

Author: Anton Drake

Year: Apr 2011

Print house: Puragreen Productions LLC


Poker Isometrics is an amazingly effective system of exercise that is designed to combat one of the biggest health dangers in the modern world, the relentlessly sedentary lifestyle that so many of us find ourselves locked into on a daily basis. Poker Isometrics can be defined as the art of using isometrics discretely during periods of extended sedentary sitting or physical inactivity. It was developed in the grinding world of professional and semi-professional poker, where players often have to sit six, twelve or even eighteen hours at a time with tremendous patience and emotional control in order to compete effectively in lucrative tournaments and cash games. In poker, there is always a premium on the concealment of one's thoughts and intentions during the play of a hand--the classic common cliché of the "poker face"--and this ultracool mindset is at the heart of the modern game. The ability to manage stress, even under tremendous pressure, and to be able to think and reason clearly under the gun is a big part of live poker in casinos everywhere, and it is from this underworld of the savvy poker predator that the techniques of Poker Isometrics have emerged.