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The Poker Hero - How to Survive, Fight, and Succeed in the Modern Poker World

The Poker Hero - How to Survive, Fight, and Succeed in the Modern Poker World

Author: Florian Rossner, Anna Paradox, Tommy Angelo

Year: Dec 2012

Print house: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Much in the Poker community promises success because of what you learn — starting hand charts, pot odds, image building, fancy moves etc. — yet there is nearly nothing that teaches how to approach Poker in general. This book fills that gap. It starts where most others stop: how to build and structure an effective training curriculum and how to maneuver through the psychological traps along the way.

Poker is a performance discipline. It’s not much different from basketball, soccer, boxing, golf, or football, and while great performance looks different from field to field, the rules of developing it are the same and constant. The principles that work in basketball, boxing, or chess also work in Poker. What helped Olympic champions in ancient Greece, still works today.

Today more and more formerly winning players are coming home empty handed. The old, static ways — sticking with good hand selection and betting only for value — are no longer working. Most professionals were used to winning without much resistance. Now, as the games are tougher, they are overwhelmed— technically and emotionally. Poker is changing so fast that ongoing success is guaranteed to no one any more. If you want to survive this brutal selection, more than ever you need creativity, flexibility, discipline, and the skills to sustain an enhanced learning process under rough conditions.

Here's what Tommy Angelo, author of Elements of Poker, says: "Dear Florian Rossner, where were you years ago when I was grinding out a living playing poker? My life would have been so much easier, and far more profitable, if I'd had this book to solve the problems I struggled with on my own. Dear reader, if you want and need more discipline in your poker, read this book. If you and poker have lost that loving feeling, read this book. Poker is hard, and it hurts — and this book helps."