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The Tournament Rules [Kindle Edition]

The Tournament Rules [Kindle Edition]

Author: Chris "Fox" Wallace & Adam Stemple

Year: July 2011

Print house: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.


This is a short book outlining the seven rules professional poker player, Chris "Fox" Wallace, lives by when he's playing in tournaments. As he says:

"Many of the best players in the world have rules they play by in tournament situations, rules that have been a big help to them throughout their tournament poker career. Having your own set of rules makes tournament play much easier and gets you to the correct play more frequently. Even when tilted, rules will help you avoid making bad plays. You can’t just get up and leave in the middle of a tournament, and in my estimation, tilt is a way bigger tourney-killer than bad beats. Following these rules no matter how angry, disappointed, or bullet-proof you may feel will help prevent you from making foolish plays because your emotions are out of control.

I use these rules myself, and they’ve helped me cash in everything from $5 online freeze-outs to $10,000 WPT and World Series events. So I know they work. Read them, learn them, then apply them. Then make up some of your own. I can’t really teach you to play poker, I can only teach you how to learn to play poker. And give you a few rules."