MGM National Harbor Blackjack Dealer Indicted in $43K Cheating Scheme

MGM National Harbor Blackjack Dealer Indicted in $43K Cheating Scheme

Allegations of Fraudulent Activity

The Maryland State Attorney’s Office has brought charges against a former blackjack dealer at MGM National Harbor for allegedly facilitating a cheating operation that resulted in a fraudulent gain of $43,250.

Jamie Smith is accused of revealing her cards to three players before they placed their bets and allowing them to adjust their wagers post-play. Additionally, she did not collect losing bets from the players.

This fraudulent activity came to light when an internal investigator at the casino reviewed surveillance footage in October 2023. Maryland State Attorney Aisha Braveboy addressed the issue in a press conference on Thursday, highlighting that the crime extended beyond the casino’s losses. The incident also detrimentally affected local children, as the tax revenue from gaming operations is designated for the Education Trust Fund, as MGM and other Maryland casinos contribute to the fund, which supports public schools.

“Stealing from MGM or any other casino is like stealing from our children, Money from the Education Trust Fund helps provide crucial services and resources for our public schools."1.
Aisha Braveboy, Maryland State Attorney

Smith faces charges of theft scheme, embezzlement, multiple counts of theft, and conspiracy to commit a theft scheme.

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Smith, 31, now faces severe repercussions, including the possibility of up to ten years in prison if found guilty of the charges of theft and embezzlement. The case against her underscores the serious legal consequences for casino employees who engage in fraudulent activities. The Maryland State Attorney’s Office is committed to upholding the integrity of the gaming industry and ensuring that such incidents are met with appropriate legal action.

Industry-Wide Challenges

The issue of casino employees engaging in dishonest practices is not new and has been a persistent challenge for the industry. Casinos invest heavily in surveillance and internal security measures to detect and prevent such activities. The case of Jamie Smith is a stark reminder of the lengths to which individuals may go to exploit their positions for financial gain.

Enhancing Security Measures


Casinos around the world are constantly evolving their security protocols to address these challenges. Advanced surveillance technology, employee training programs, and strict regulatory oversight are just some of the measures being implemented to combat fraud. The collaboration between casino security teams and law enforcement agencies is crucial in identifying and prosecuting those who attempt to undermine the fairness of gaming operations.

The Broader Impact and Future Implications

As the legal proceedings against Jamie Smith unfold, the case will likely serve as a deterrent to other casino employees who might consider engaging in similar activities. The broader message is clear: the consequences of such actions are severe, not only for the individuals involved but also for the community that relies on the revenue generated by the gaming industry.

The commitment to maintaining the integrity of casino operations is vital for the trust and enjoyment of patrons, the sustainability of the industry, and the benefits it provides to the community. The outcome of this case will be closely watched by industry professionals, legal experts, and the public, all of whom have a stake in the fairness and legality of gaming practices.

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  • MGM National Harbour Blackjack Dealer Accused of £43,000 fraud.

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