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A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Deuces Wild Video Poker

deuces wild video poker

Have you ever played Deuces Wild Video Poker at an online Casino?

The RTP (Return to Player) index of Deuces Wild Video Poker falls somewhere between 97 and 100 percent, which makes it one of the best versions of Video Poker in gambling.

If you want to learn a thing or two about Deuces Wild so that you could practice it online later on, read this article and learn all the most important info about this Casino game.

But if you already know how to play this exciting game, pick one from the list below and activate a welcome bonus to enjoy the best video poker games of 2019!

Introduction to Deuces Wild Poker

Deuces Wild is almost identical to all the other Video Poker games, like Double Bonus or Jacks or Better.

You’ll play with a standard 52-card deck. You’ll have to choose which cards you want to hold - and you’ll pray for the Royal Flush to appear.


Deuces Wild Poker has something the other versions lack.

deuces wild video poker strategy

That’s the possibility to replace any card by a deuce.

In other words, deuces (2s) act as wilds here.

How to Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

Now, this is a section for dummies.

Look, I’m not saying that you’re dumb - but if you’ve never played Deuces Wild Video Poker before, you have to start from the basics.

Luckily, there’s not much to learn here.

If you want to play Deuces Wild, just register a free gaming account on this page, choose a video poker machine, and let the adventure begin at the best online Casino for Video Poker and Deuces Wild players.

Here’s what you need to do then:

  • Select your bet (I suggest you start small, just in case)
  • When you get five cards, decide which ones you want to keep - and discard the rest (don’t you dare to discard a deuce!)
  • Check your new hand - did you lose or win?

So, that’s how your regular game of Deuces Wild Poker online looks like.

Read the next section to find out which card combinations you should look out for.

The Winning Hands of Deuces Wild Video Poker

To a beginner, terms like “Full house” or “Deuces royal flush” can give quite a headache.

And that’s understandable.

It took me some time to learn how to play poker back in the day.

And I began with the names of the winning hands - because that’s what I cared about the most.

These are some of the most popular poker terms you should learn (or at least have a general idea of) before you play the game of Deuces Wild Poker:

  • Three of a kind. Three cards of the same value
  • Straight. Five consecutive cards, which can differ in suits.
  • Flush. Five same-suit cards of any value.
  • Full House. A pair (two cards of the same value) + three of a kind.
  • Four of a kind. Four cards of the same value.
  • Straight flush. Five sequential cards.
  • Five of a kind. Four cards of the same value and a deuce.
  • Deuces royal flush. The same as Royal Flush, with one card replaced by a deuce.
  • Four deuces. Quite an obvious one.
  • Natural royal flush. A 10, a Jack, a Queen, a King, and an Ace of the same suit.

Remember that a deuce can replace any card, except in the case of the Natural royal flush.

deuces wild video poker play online

Play to Get Better Odds: The Paytable of Deuces Wild Video Poker

The pay table of Deuces Wild Video Poker is a bit less generous in comparison to other kinds of Poker.

The wild 2s will provide you with countless winning combinations you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

And even though you won’t get paid for having a pair or two, you’ll have some new possibilities to win. Like the hands of Deuces royal flush or Four deuces.

Below, you can see the payout table of Deuces Wild Video Poker. It will give you a general idea of how much you can win.

Hand1 coin bet2 coins bet3 coins bet4 coins bet5 coins bet
Three of a kind12345
Full House48121620
Four of a kind48121620
Straight flush1020304050
Five of a kind1224364860
Deuces royal flush20406080100
Four deuces2004006008001,000
Natural royal flush2505007501,0004,000

Your Basic Strategy of Deuces Wild Poker

Here, I will explain the optimal strategy of Deuces Wild Video Poker.

You won’t find anything complicated - and that’s not a bad thing for a first-timer.

Dealt handsCards to holdCards to draw
Four to a Royal Flush41
Four of a kind41
Three of a kind32
Four to a Straight Flush41
Three to a Royal Flush41
One pair23
Four to a Flush41
Four to a Straight41
Three to a Straight Flush32
Two to a Royal Flush23

Quite self-explanatory, isn’t it?

And now, before you get your hands on more advanced Deuces Wild Video Poker strategies, it’s about time you try out this game for free.

Play Deuces Wild (and Other Video Poker Variants Online)

Are you ready to play a game of this exciting online Poker variant?

You can play all these games for free (Deuces Wild included) and use the demo versions as a challenging video Poker trainer or you can use the welcome bonus to start your adventure on the real money games.

The promotion presented on this page was available at the time of writing. With some Casino promotions changing on daily basis, we suggest you to check on the site if it still available. Also, please do not forget to read the terms and conditions in full before you accept a bonus.
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