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Game of Thrones Slot Online: Which Version Should You Play?

Game of Thrones Slot Online
  • Check this out - there's a Game of Thrones Slot with two versions. Which one is better?

  • In 2014, Microgaming released two Game of Thrones Slots
  • One of them has 15 paylines, the other - 243 ways to win
  • Both of them feature lots of bonuses, including free spins

⇒ You can try out both versions for free here

These past few years, HBO has been killing it with their themed Slot machines.

And we already covered one - just take a look at our Vikings Slot review.

However, I think it’s about time to dissolve another HBO-themed Slot - Game of Thrones by Microgaming.

game of thrones slots online play free

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This one is particularly interesting because there are two versions of it:

  • One with 15 paylines
  • And another one with 243 ways to win

On the surface, they look identical.

However, there are some major differences in the way they pay you.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them and see, whether there’s a superior version.

VersionRTPMin. betMax. betMax. win
15 paylines96.4%€0.15€15€75,000
243 paylines95%€0.30€6€121,000

Game of Thrones Slot Review (15 Lines)

This version of Game of Thrones Slot is the more traditional one, as it has only 15 paylines.

It’s easy to play, too.


  1. Set your coin size (0.01 - 0.10)
  2. Choose the number of coins per line (1 - 10)
  3. Check your final bet (€0.15 - €15)

As for your wins, they depend on the bet you make.

In other words, the higher the bet - the bigger the payout.

And here’s something I like about the payout table of the game. It shows you the winnings in cash instead of coins, which is much easier to get a gist of. Just set your preferred bet, click on View Pays, and you’ll see the possible wins.

Let’s take the minimum bet of €0.15 as an example. In this case, the letter symbols can bring you from €0.02 to €1, and the house symbols (including the Wild symbol) can get you anywhere from €0.12 to €10.

game of thrones real money game

And what you do need to look out for is the Scatter (the symbol of the Iron Throne).

Not only can it bring you up to 200 times your bet, but it also gives you a bonus game.

Here’s how:

When you collect three, four, or five Scatters, you trigger the extra spins feature.

Then, you get to select one set of free spins out of four. You can do it based on your favorite house - or you can do it based on the number of spins and multipliers:

  • House Baratheon - 8 free spins - 5x multiplier - 3 house symbol stack
  • House Lannister - 10 free spins - 4x multiplier - 4 house symbol stack
  • House Stark - 14 free spins - 3x multiplier - 5 house symbol stack
  • House Targaryen - 18 free spins - 2x multiplier - 6 house symbol stack

By the way, you don’t need to collect three Scatters to have a good time. That’s because two Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels get you a random cash prize.

My only complaint about the Scatter is the fact that you get the same number of spins - no matter if you collect three, four, or five symbols. I’d expect to get something a little extra for the maximum number of Scatters.

The Gamble Trail Feature

The Game of Thrones video Slot has a special feature for the days when you feel extra lucky.

It’s the Gamble Trail Feature, and it lets you try and double your win up to four times in a row. Which can result in up to 16 times your win.

However, one wrong guess and you lose it all.

To gamble your win, you have to pick heads or tails of a coin. Each lucky guess will move you through one map location (out of four).

Also, you’ll see a short clip of the TV show.

My advice is to gamble only very small wins - so that it would not be that big of a deal if you lost them.

got slot machine online real money

Game of Thrones Slot Review (243 Ways to Win)

And here we’ve come to the Game of Thrones Slot version with 243 ways to win.

It doesn’t differ that much from the previous one - the same art, music, and extra features, including the free spins bonus.

However, the difference shows up when you look at the betting and payouts.

First of all, the RTP (Return to Player Index) of this version is 95 percent. On the other hand, the RTP of the 15-payline game is 96.4 percent, which is a bit higher.

Now, the betting.

This version lets you bet from €0.30 to €6 per spin. This might come off as a little disappointing for those who like to play low, as €0.30 is not a very small bet, especially when there’s no progressive Jackpot.

In comparison, you can bet as low as €0.15 on the version with 15 paylines.

Personally, I prefer Slots with smaller bets, as I get more spins with the same bankroll. And more spins mean more chances to trigger a bonus feature.

Finally, let’s take a look at how much you can win.

The tables below shows you the payout comparison based on a bet of €0.30.

So, this is how much you can win with the 15-payline version of the Game of Thrones Slot machine:

Symbol3 symbols4 symbols5 symbols

And these are the payouts of the 243-payline version GOT video Slot:

Symbol3 symbols4 symbols5 symbols

That’s right - the wins of the 243-payline version are significantly smaller. And some of them are too small to be considered wins at all.

However, as there are so many ways to win, you should theoretically hit a lucky combination quite often - but most of the winnings are simply not worth it.

game of thrones video slot online play

The Verdict

It should be quite clear by now that I prefer the 15-payline version much more than the one with 243 ways to win.

That’s because it offers a few (albeit small) advantages that might help you in the long run:

  • A bigger RTP (96.4% vs. 95%)
  • A smaller minimum bet (€0.15 vs. €0.30)
  • Better payouts for the same symbol combinations

So, if you would like to play this version for yourself, open the Game of Thrones online Slot and spin the reels while listening to the show’s soundtrack.

Especially if you are a Game of Thrones fan.

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