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Global Poker Jackpots: Win Even More!

Global Poker Jackpots

Do you enjoy playing slots for free? Do you want to win even more coins and be in for the chance of the jackpots? Through the slots which are featured, these are the Global Poker jackpots you can utilize and indulge yourself in for slotting excitement.

In this article, there is even more information on Jackpot Slots and the jackpot slots which you choose to play. If you want to get involved, this is where you can find out where to play these slots!

What are Jackpot Slots?

Ranging directly from normal slots which you may play and immerse yourself into, Jackpot slots are those with different play. Commonly progressive, these are slots that aren’t fixed for the amount you can win.

For each spin and each time someone bets, this will increase the jackpot for the overall slot of which you can win. Potentially being worth millions of coins, however, once the main jackpot is won, the prize disappears and is back to 0 to build up again throughout the range of games available.

Depending on the slot you’re playing, there will be many ways to win coins, and the main jackpot is one of them with the jackpot continuously growing for each time you spin. The more you spin, the more you could win!

The Last Empress

The Last Empress
The Last Empress

What’re The Game Rules of The Last Empress?

Across the 10,000 ways to play, the total coin within this slot is 25 times the coin value which is another ability within this slot which will help you earn even more coins.

Within this slot, for the wins, these are played from left to right across the reels. This is always the case except for the scatter symbol. For this symbol, it pays in any position which is on the screen.

All wins except the scatter symbol are multiplied by the coin value and the wins of the symbol are multiplied by the total number of coins.

Throughout this slot, in a single game, the maximum total win, excluding jackpot prizes, is 10,000 times the total coins.

Additionally, in this slot, there are also cascading wins. When any wins occur, the winning symbols are removed, and all other symbols are cascaded down a position – this is typically placed until the symbols are gone.

Last Empress Game Rules

What is the Free Spins Feature?

When the scatter symbol appears 3 or more times, this is when you’ll win 10 free spins. During the free spins, a win increases the free spin multiplier by 1.

All the wins which you obtain, except jackpot feature wins, are multiplied by the current free spin multiplier – you can take advantage of this to earn even more coins.

Free spins can be won again during the free spins and the jackpot feature can be won during the free spins too.

Global Poker Free Spins Feature

What is the Jackpot Feature?

Through the jackpot feature, which is utilized within the last empress slot, whenever 6 or more shielded symbols appear on the screen, this is when the jackpot feature is awarded.

At the same time, this is when 3 jackpot spins are awarded. In the midst of this, all the other positions turn into individual spinning reels.

If one or more shielded symbols appear in any position, these are held, and the number of jackpot spins are then reset to 3. Across the feature, this continues until all the positions are displayed as the symbol or are at the counter of 0.

Last Empress Jackpot Feature

Western Gold

Western Gold

What’re the Game Rules of The Last Empress?

In the midst of the Western Gold slot, this is played across 50 different lines. In the western gold slot, the ‘Western Gold’ symbol, this substitutes for all symbols except the Sheriff badge. All the symbols in play on this slot are paid from left to right.

For each payline across the slot, the highest win is the only one that counts and is paid. The line wins are multiplied by coins per each line. Additionally, the wins on different paylines are then added.

Western Gold Rules

What is the Fortune Reel Feature?

Across the slot, there is a fortune reel, which presents when there are 3 sheriff badges that appear on the reel, the prize above the reel, this is awarded.

Between the fortune reel feature, prizes that appear may be Free Spins, Jackpot Reels, or between 1 time and 4 times the total coined value.

For the sheriff badges, these appear on reels 1, 3, and 5 only during the base game. However, prizes above reels 2 and 4 are locked during the base game.

Western Gold Reel

What is the Free Spins Feature?

Being another feature in the midst of the Western Gold slot, the free spins feature is one you can take advantage of.

From the fortune reel feature, 6 free spins are awarded. For 5 or more sheriff awards, the Free Spins Feature, with 1 free spin being awarded for every sheriff symbol on the screen.

Across the slot, the free spins can be won again during the Free Spins. This is from the Fortune Reel feature or if 5 or more sheriff badges are together!

Western Gold Free Spins

Where Can You Play These Jackpots?

Through the range of jackpot slots that you can play, these are the slots on Global Poker, you can immerse yourself into to try to build your coins in the jackpot.

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