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Top 5 Global Poker Hacks to Get FREE Sweeps Coins

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You have found the correct place if you are looking for the best Global Poker tips and hacks for getting your hands on free Sweeps Coins.

PokerNews is here with an article laying out all the top hacks to get your Global Poker Sweeps Coin account looking healthy.

Whether you are new to Global Poker or have been enjoying the social poker site for some time, reading this article will help highlight the quickest ways to receive free Sweeps Coins to use at the various Global Poker gaming tables.

  1. Mail Hack For Free Sweeps Coins on Global Poker
  2. Email Giveaway Hack for Free Sweeps Coins on Global Poker
  3. Facebook Giveaway Tip for Free Sweeps Coins on Global Poker
  4. Daily Global Poker Free Sweeps Coins Bonus Hack
  5. Play Free Online Poker (No Download) at Global Poker Now

How to Get Free Sweeps Coins on Global Poker

Sweeps Coins are one of two currencies in use on Global Poker, the other being Gold Coins.

There are several methods for receiving free Sweeps Coins which can then be used in Global Poker's many Sweeps Coins (SC) ring games and tournaments.

Ultimately, your Sweeps Coins can also be redeemed for real prizes.

Keep reading our Global Poker tips and hacks to find out how you can gain even more free Sweeps Coins!

Mail Hack For Free Sweeps Coins on Global Poker

Global Poker may be an online experience, but you can receive free Sweeps Coins by requesting them by old-fashioned snail mail with this Sweeps Coin hack.

To make use of this trick, start by signing into your account. Click the "Get Coins" button in the lobby, then click on the "Play For Free" tab. In this section, you will find a link marked: "Click here for a single-use postal request code." Click the link and follow the prompts.

The app with provide you with an address. This hack then requires you to send a 4" x 6" postcard inside a stamped #10 envelope to this address. Write your Postal Request Code in the top-left corner, along with your full name, your Global Poker account email address, your residential address, and the following statement:

"I wish to receive Sweeps Coins to participate in the sweepstakes promotions offered by Global Poker. By submitting this request, I hereby declare that I have read, understood, and agree to be bound by Global Poker’s Terms and Conditions and Sweeps Rules.”

Completing this trick is a quick hack to get you five free Sweeps Coins!

Email Giveaway Hack for Free Sweeps Coins on Global Poker

Global Poker will regularly contact you with special offers. One of the simplest Sweeps Coins tricks is just to make sure you read these emails. These emails often include Sweeps Coins giveaways.

So, check your emails regularly—especially your spam folder—for emails from Global Poker.

Usually, all that is required to receive free Sweeps Coins is to follow the link within an email. Doing so only takes a few seconds, so there is no excuse not to click those links!

Facebook Giveaway Tip for Free Sweeps Coins on Global Poker

Global Poker's lively community is one of the site's most appealing features and one that makes this social online poker site stand out.

That community is most active on the Global Poker Facebook page, which everyone should become a fan and a follower.

This will allow you to stay tuned into the Global Poker community, but more importantly, it is also the cornerstone of this free Sweeps Coin hack. Because, not only does Global Poker use its Facebook page to keep you up-to-date with the latest promotions and tournament series, it also frequently gives away free Sweeps Coins to its Facebook followers.

If you have Facebook, follow Global Poker and make sure to check the postings on the Global Poker Facebook page!

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Daily Global Poker Free Sweeps Coins Bonus Hack

The games are so good at Global Poker that you will likely want to log into your account every day to enjoy them. This is also a good hack to get free Sweeps Coins since logging in triggers a free Sweeps Coins daily bonus!

Once per day, up to 04:00 a.m. ET, you can click the "Get Coins" button in the lobby to receive free Sweeps Coins. This is by far the easiest way to get free Sweeps Coins at Global Poker.

You will only be able to do this if you have verified your account. So here's a bonus Sweeps Coin trick: make sure your account is verified!

Purchase Gold Coins for Free Sweeps Coins on Global Poker

You may not be able to purchase Sweeps Coins, but you can buy Gold Coins. One trick to be aware of is that buying Gold Coins almost always grants you some free Sweeps Coins at the same time.

If you head Global Poker account and purchase some Gold Coins, and you will notice that your purchase comes with a special offer of Sweeps Coins for free. The number of free Sweeps Coins depends on how many Gold Coins you are buying and if there is a promotion in play.

A top hack is to make sure you buy Gold Coins when the free Sweeps Coins promotions are at their most generous.

Play Free Online Poker (No Download) at Global Poker Now

Thousands of players consider Global Poker the best no download, free poker site available to Americans. It is easy to see why; Global Poker has some of the most exciting ring games and runs thrilling tournaments around the clock. It also comes with an amazing social casino built in.

Global Poker players get to play poker for free using Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. Accumulate enough Sweeps Coins and you can redeem them for real prizes, including cash, gift cards, and more.

What are you waiting for? Join Global Poker for free today and see what all the fuss is about!

What Games Can You Play on Global Poker?

Whether this is through tournaments or table games, there are a range of poker games that you can play, with some being featured more frequently.

On Global Poker, within the poker games, you can play:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • Omaha High/Low
  • Bounty Poker
  • Jackpot Sit’N’Go
  • Crazy Pineapple
  • Surge Poker

However, if you want to play other games that are different to the tournaments and poker games, there is also a range of slots, and Amplifier ring game you can indulge yourself into!

What Are Sweeps Coins on Global Poker?

On Global Poker, Sweeps Coins are used as sweepstakes entry tokens, these are specifically used for sweepstakes Games on Global Poker.

As you can gain Sweeps Coins for free, as mentioned in this article, you can use these coins to win coins.

As an additional bonus, with Sweeps Coins you can redeem them for real prizes such as cash prizes and gift cards.

What Are Gold Coins on Global Poker?

When you’re playing on Global Poker with Gold Coins, these coins are used to play games, bringing entertainment as you indulge yourself in these poker games, tournaments, and slots.

For Gold Coins, there are two ways to gain, the first is to gain gold coins from the bonuses and games which you can win these games. The other way of gaining gold coins is through purchase.

The bonus of buying Gold Coins is that with many purchases, you can gain FREE Sweeps Coins – starting the journey to redeeming real prizes.

How much are Sweeps Coins worth on Global Poker?

Sweeps Coins do not have a dollar value, instead they can be redeemed for prizes like cash and gift cards.

How do you get Sweeps Coins in Global Poker?

There are tips and hacks for getting Sweeps Coins in Global Poker. We cover some of the best hacks in this article including, daily sweep giveaways, email sweep giveaways, and postal sweep giveaways.

What is the Global Poker free sweeps code?

There are several free sweep codes available for Global Poker. One of the best is "POKERNEWS" which gives you a $10 Purchase Bonus, 150,000 Gold Coins, and 30 FREE Sweeps Coins when you use it to sign up for Global Poker.

Can you cash out Gold Coins on Global Poker?

You cannot cash Gold Coins out on Global Poker. Gold Coins are used purely for competitive play.

Can you trade Gold Coins for Sweeps Coins in Global Poker?

Gold Coins cannot be cashed in for Sweeps Coins. However, you can often earn Sweeps Coins as a free perk when buying Gold Coins.