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How to Level Up Fast on Luckyland Slots

Adventure Party Luckyland Slots

Featuring a mixture of gold coins and sweeps coins, in the indulgence of the slots you can win coins and potentially real cash prizes.

As you join Luckyland Slots, you’ll notice the in-game currencies, gold coins, and Sweeps Coins which you’re able to use on the slots!

As you’re leveling up and continuing to progress, with the usage of the two coins and the different games Luckyland Slots has to offer.

To be able to progress, as you grow your number of coins and your level – which also gives you more XP to level up and potentially increase your VIP Status!

Luckyland Slots Level System Explained

Similar to other free online games, which are level and XP systems that show how you are progressing through the different slots on Luckyland Slots.

As you create an account and join Luckyland Slots, you can join through PokerNews and play the slots to win cash prizes!

Starting from the beginning with 0 XP and as you start playing the games, you’ll start to gain XP and grow up the different levels and potentially grow your VIP status in the meantime!

As you progress through the leveling system on Luckyland Slots, you’ll be able to play a variety of slots through gold coins and sweeps.

How To Level Up on Luckyland Slots?

Although one of the most obvious ways to be able to level up within Luckyland Slots, the best way to achieve the next level is through exploration of the different games.

As you join and play through the different games on Luckyland Slots, you will be able to quickly progress and level up. Whether it’s the slots, instant win games, or the tournaments which have ever-increasing prize pools.

As all the games are free to play as well, this means that you can play any game through the selection, choose your favorite and utilize these games to be able to level up!

With the usage of the sweeps coins, you can also have the double benefits through leveling up and having the potential to win cash prizes.

When you play with Sweeps Coins, when you come out on top with the win, this enables you to win even more Sweeps Coins. Once you’ve hit 50 Sweeps Coins, you’ll be at an even higher level and you can redeem your Sweeps Coins for real cash!

Luckyland Slots Games

What Slots Should You Play?

As I’ve been exploring through the different slots which are presented upon Luckyland Slots, there are many slots that could be best to play – especially for those just getting started on Luckyland.

However, these are the ones that present larger jackpots for you to have the potential to win, so although it might have a larger buy-in with your in-game currencies, and be a bit harder to win if you reach that jackpot, you’re guaranteed to win big!

As you play through these slots, although the details talk about the gold coins, you are also able to play with the Sweeps Coins – which are arguably more exciting! This is the ability to win real cash prizes.

With the slots which are displayed below and so many more, you are also able to play with Sweeps Coins, once you’ve acquired 50 sweeps coins, you can redeem these for real cash prizes!

Aztec Quest

As you adventure into the Aztec Quest, you are playing 10,000 Ways, as a spoiler displayed in the slot title.

Whether you want to play within Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins, there are many levels from which are you able to choose for the amount which you want to play. Within gold coins, you are able to go from 200 coins all the way up to the maximum play of 100,000 coins.

Betting on the odds, when you have the advantage to gain the win through the slot, you can see the multipliers your prizes can grow with. Ranging from 50-, 250- and 2000-times multipliers against the mini jackpot, minor jackpot, and major jackpot.

However, by reaching the top grand jackpot, you are able to win over 200,000,000 gold coins which are continuously growing – this gives you more chances to win even bigger and bigger prizes!

Aztec Quest Luckyland Slots

Stellar Wilds

Being compared to Aztec Quest, with a higher starting play bet of 400 coins and fewer lines of being played of only 20, this brings a whole new game and perspective on how you want to play on Luckyland Slots.

With the ‘Wild’ landing in view, you are able to expand to a full stack which will reward you with a free spin of the slot. However, during the respin, all the ‘wild’ elements are held.

As mentioned with the higher starting play, this starts at 400 coins and goes up to the maximum play of 200,000 coins.

Stellar Wilds Luckyland Slots

Adventure Party

Whilst you’re playing adventure party, you will be presented symbols which are across the game – these are the ones which will duplications in value for the different symbols. These come into three grades: common, rare, and legendary.

Within the paytable, common symbols are awarded as the values which are shown, rare symbols are awarded at 2x value and with legendary symbols are awarded at 5 times.

As the jackpot continues to rise being currently over 290 million coins, when you are playing with the gold coins there are levels of the total play you wish to play.

As you are playing 27 lines, starting from 540 coins throughout to max play of 108,000 coins – this brings the different levels of prizes you’re able to win.

Where can you play Luckyland Slots?

For those wanting to indulge themselves within Luckyland Slots, and explore the different games, tournaments, and instant wins which can be won, you are able to register today via PokerNews!

Making it easier than ever, especially because you don’t have anything you need to download! Once you’ve registered, you are able to explore all the games which are on Luckyland Slots.

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