Play the Best Free Alien-Themed Games

Best Free Alien-Themed Games

The science-fiction genre has been huge in entertainment for decades now. We can look back to the ‘60s and ‘70s as the spawning grounds for colossal sci-fi titles, like Doctor Who and Star Trek on TV, and then Star Wars and Alien on the big screen.

All of these franchises remain popular and even ongoing today, and all of them are very heavy on the presence of aliens. With the rise of video gaming, alien-themed games have added to the vast array of outer-space creatures that we now know, with the likes of Halo, XCOM, and Mass Effect being the long-standing favourites.

Now, there’s a whole array of alien slot game titles among the free online games available to slot fans, the best of which we’ve found and listed below.

Aliens in pop culture and gaming

Science fiction has long revolved around the presence, discovery, and invasions of aliens. Throughout the early 20th Century, many writers toyed with the theme of aliens, but perhaps two of the most notable were British writer H.G. Wells (War of the Worlds) and American creative H.P. Lovecraft (Cthulhu Mythos) – even if the latter held some distinctly horrid beliefs, some of which bled into his work.

Later, movie and TV creatives started to get more and more involved. Initially making the most of practical effects – later CGI – Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Alien, Aliens, Starship Troopers, Predator, Men in Black, and many more piled up the aliens on the screen. Alien became such an iconic movie that the Alien slot machine IGT made became wildly popular.

In the most modern form of entertainment, video gaming, there’s a whole heap of titles that let you battle with, against, and as aliens. Alien-themed games are huge right now. Over the years, Destroy All Humans, Mass Effect, Halo, Dead Space, and the heap of Alien and pre-2015 Star Wars have dazzled gamers and critics alike.

Alien-themed games have helped to give rise to the alien casino game craze, with some even being available at free casinos with real cash prizes.

Before video gaming rose to prominence, there were some alien-themed games at the arcades, but the forms of alien games that continue to run today include tabletop gaming. In the 1980s, Games Workshop unleashed its lore-stuffed depiction of humanity’s grim dark future, the attempts of mankind to colonise the universe, and the aliens and creations of chaos that seek to stop them. The miniatures game remains popular to this day.

Alien-themed slots

Alien slot machine game options span from mythical creatures in outer space to your more familiar Little Green Man. Alien-themed games can be found across free online casino sites, but if you want the top experience, here are the best alien casino game titles and where to play them.

Invaders of the Rich Kind

Invaders of the Rich Kind

When it comes to alien-themed games, Invaders of the Rich Kind is exactly what most spinners would expect. The big-ticket symbol of the game is the Alien Wild, depicted with a big green head, big black-and-blue eyes, and little antennae. The symbol substitutes for all base symbols, including the Ray Gun and the headline Newspapers that read “Mars Attacks!”.

Joining the Ray Gun and Newspapers among the base game symbols are the Army Chief, New Reporter, Scientist, and four card symbols. You’ll want to be on the lookout for the Mars Respin symbol, which triggers the feature for three Respins when six or more land. Also on the reels is the UFO symbol. Three or more of these symbols trigger up to 50 Free Spins that come with super-stacked Wilds.

Check out more about the host of this game in our House of Fun review.

Celestial Unicorn

Celestial Unicorn

Taking a creature of fantasy and imbuing them with sci-fi powers, Celestial Unicorn lands here among the alien-themed games by setting the magic horses among the stars. The Green, Blue, Fire, and Angelic Unicorn symbols make up your high-payers, while the Star, Sun, Moon, and Twinkles are the low-paying combinations. The aim of the alien slot game is to land the Rainbow Unicorn Wild and trigger Free Spins.

Getting three or more Planet symbols will trigger Free Spins and pay-for-win line combinations. During Free Spins, reels two, three, and four feature Giant Symbols, and you can get the Wild Respin Feature if you get two, three, or four full stacks of Rainbow Unicorn Wilds.

Before you play Celestial Unicorn, have a look at our LuckyLand Slots review.

Galactic Blast

Galactic Blast Luckyland Slots

If you want an alien slot machine game that takes place in the depths of space, Galactic Blast is the alien slot game for you. You’ll spot two incredible aliens, a couple of humans trying to battle in space, and a quirky little robot on the reels.

As you’d expect from alien-themed games, Galactic Blast comes with a Spaceship Wild and even a Stargate Scatter that can trigger Free Spins.

Make the most of the Blast Zone feature of this alien casino game at LuckyLand Slots!

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