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Unique tournament PPM III Super Satellite - $150 + $12 !

Unique tournament PPM III Super Satellite - $150 + $12 ! 0001

PartyPoker again invites fans of the most well-known game in poker - Texas Hold'em poker. This time Party Poker has prepared all for very pleasant surprise. It is one more opportunity to take part in the most grandiose tournament of year with a real opportunity to win $3,500,000! Million III Tournament.

Probably it is the last chance to get on tournament Million III this year!

Here is more detailed information on this unique tournament:

When: Monday - Thursday (9 PM ET) Feb 2nd to Feb 12th.

Game: Monday & Wednesday - Limit Hold'em. Tuesday & Thursday - No Limit Hold'em

To Enter:

"Satellite to PPM III Supers" Multi-Table Tournament $9 + $1.

"Satellite to PPM III Supers" Single Table Tournament $20 + $2.

Direct buy-in = $150 + $12.

Winners of "Satellite to PPM III Supers" will be automatically registered to the next "PPM III Super Satellite" Tournament.

Players can win multiple entries to the PPM III Super Satellite Tournaments. Additional entries will be refunded automatically, if a player is already registered to the next PPM III Super Satellite Tournaments.

Incase all seats for the Million III get filled up before the 12th, players with available entries to the PPM III Super Satellites will be refunded $162 and all further PPM III Super Satellites will be cancelled.

Prizes: As many $9000 Cruise Packages as possible. Any extra money will be paid to the next 3 places (50%, 30%, 20%). One 'Cruise Package' will be awarded for every 60 participants. (If there are less than 60 entries, the money will be paid out according to our standard Multi-table Payout Schedule.)

To Register: Click on the 'Special-Tournaments' tab on the Tournament Lobby, click "PPM III Super Satellite" tournament, and then click the 'Register' tab. Registration closes 15 minutes prior to the start of the tournament.

For more info <a href="""">click here</a>.

To download free software and join game, <a href="""">click here</a>.

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