World Series of Poker Europe Coolbet Open WSOP Super Satellite - $600 + $40 WSOP Super Satellite - $600 + $40 0001

When: Sunday (8 PM ET).

Game: No Limit Hold'em.

Buy-in: $600 + $40. Qualify by playing the "WSOP Super Qualifier $32 + $3" available daily.

Prizes: As many $12,000 WSOP Packages as possible. Any extra money will be paid to the next 3 places (50%, 30%, 20%). One "WSOP Package" will be awarded for every 20 participants. Each WSOP Package will contain a paid entry into the WSOP championship tournament ($10,000 buy-in), hotel accommodation and $1000 in cash, Package value = $12,000.

Remember: Registrations for the ($600/40) WSOP Super Satellite - $600 + $40 and the Qualifier to WSOP Supers will close 5 minutes before the Tournament starts. Players winning the "Qualifier to WSOP Supers" will be registered automatically for the WSOP Super Satellite to be held on the subsequent Sunday. Entries into the ($600/40) WSOP Super Satellite $600 + $40 cannot be carried forward to the next week. Winners of any 'Qualifier to WSOP Supers' finishing after close of registration of the ($600/40) WSOP Super Satellite $600 + $40 in that week will be registered for the ($600/40) WSOP Super Satellite $600 + $40 in the subsequent week. Players winning more than one entry into the WSOP World Championship Event will be refunded the extra entry.

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