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European Poker Tour, from the felt - day two

European Poker Tour, from the felt - day two 0001

As mentioned in my previous report, todays update will either be really bad, or really good. As my friend Steve would say, this report is 'good news for people who like bad news'.

As mentioned yesterday, I spent the whole of day one between 17,000, and 27,000 chips. Today, for the most part, was no different. Every time I would get to, say 30,000, I would get clipped for 12,000. Every time I got down to 15,000 or so, I would double up, and get back to...30,000.

Make no mistake, no one dislikes a "Boo-Hoo, I got no cards/bad beats, etc" story more than myself. But, I was not very lucky today, and am actually a bit surprised I lasted as long as I did.

Much like yesterday, I had one ridiculous streak of starting cards. Except this time, instead of four monsters in 40 minutes, I got AA, KK, and QQ...on consecutive hands. Ironically, the AA, and KK picked up only blinds. But the third hand, the QQ got one customer, and I doubled up, as a Q was the first card off, and I got him to bluff at it.

Now up to 56,000, which was at that point about average, I had visions of grandeur. We were down to about 40 people at that point, and they paid 27.

My glee lasted about 15 minutes, as a short stack moved in on me with an open ender. I had top pair, top kicker, and called. The draw got there, and I was back down to....27,000.

I kept on fighting, and we were down to 31 players when the strangest tournament I have ever played in (as far as how my chip counts/cards were) came to an end that was downright bizarre.

I had already been 1 win, 6 losses in coin flips thus far, so when a short stack who I had seen do some pretty kooky stuff moved in under the gun for all his chips. I looked down at 88, which was the best hand I had seen for 45 minutes, and threw my remaining chips in. All fold around around to the raiser who turns over 9 3 offsuit. Of course, the first two cards off were a 9 and a 3, and I was up, shaking the hands of the friends I had made over the last two days.

On my way out of the room, they stop me, and say that I actually had 400 chips left, and could make the next ante. I'm not going to lie, after being sick as a dog for two days, and having a frustrating tournament, I was OVER IT, and said 'give them to the poker gods', and continued my exit. One of my friends chased after me, and gave me the 'chip and chair' speech, and how I was kind of being disrespectful by leaving with chips, etc.

Reluctantly, I returned to the table to be dealt two cards, and play for the antes. For some reason, everyone folded around to the big blind, who turned over Q6. I turn over K6, and get to 3,200 chips.

Still completely uninterested, I throw my 3,200 chips in under the gun, and stand up. I get four callers, and my 10 7 offsuit out kicks my opponents 67.

Now up to 14,000 chips, I am in the big blind, and must put 4,400 of my 14k for the blind, and ante. UTG raises to 12k, and the same guy who had taken all my money with 9 3 re-raises all in.

To me, and I look down at 68 of diamonds. At this point, there was 34,000 chips in the pot for me if UTG folds, and 36,400 if he calls. I throw my last 10,000 in, and UTG calls.

Now 46,400 in the middle for me, and Mr. 9 3 offsuit turns over 10 10. UTG turns over 77.

The first four cards off were paint, and I was out of my seat in a hurry. 31st place, four from the money.

Warren Karp ran a good tournament, and the staff at Casino Barrier was top notch. Again, thanks to them, and the dealers who did their job well.

Had I not been so sick (by the way, apologies to everyone at my tables who had to put up with my coughing, and sneezing), I think this trip would have been an enjoyable experience, despite the way the tournament went for me.

Thanks to everyone I played with, and all the people I met.

I'll end with an amusing story. I am writing this on the train back to Paris to take my flight home. A conductor comes up to me, and is a bit stern, and speaking to me in a harsh tone. I couldn't figure out how to work the ticket machine, and wound up buying tickets for each individual segment of the trip, as opposed to one ticket all the way through.

As Mr. Tough Guy is lecturing me in French, mixing in the English words he knows to try to make it clearer to me, I look down, and notice Mr Tough Guy is wearing.....Garfield the Cat socks.

Until next time, Au Revoir.

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