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Playing poker for free...and winning

Playing poker for free...and winning 0001

One of the things that the recent success of poker has brought out are the "dotnet" sites that many of the online rooms have started. With the poker rooms not able to advertise their "dotcom" rooms, the minds behind those sites have started a "dotnet" partner to be able to draw players into the world of poker and, thus, advertise themselves. These "dotnet" sisters are a completely free alternative to the "dotcom" world that millions play at every day (for actual money). Of course, the "dotnet" sites are hoping that the players will eventually want to move to the real game at the "dotcom" site. is the first site that is seeing the potential to drum up more visitors and even potentially add on to their main site action with their World Poker Challenge. The tournament is a series of six $10,000 tournaments that will start on June 18th, with a final table "winner take all" $200,000 championship set to play on July 23rd. They are the first free site that is offering a major amount of money for their online "dotnet" players in this manner. is offering up 48 chances per week for players to qualify for this championship, with the six winners being flown to Los Angeles to play the weekly tournaments at the Hollywood Park Casino. The six weekly winners will then square off for the big prize come July 23rd.

This isn't a tournament to be taken lightly, either. Each week's battle will be broadcast on Fox Sports Network on Saturday evenings beginning June 18th. It is remarkable that a "free" site can get this airtime, so expect a boatload of commercials to be running during the airing of the event!

The free sites are offered as an educational tool for the new players. For someone who doesn't feel comfortable enough with the online game (or potentially isn't comfortable with money transactions online) , it is a way they can get in on the action without a monetary expenditure. These new players can practice their game, risk free, and also learn the game as well.

This also may be the way that online poker rooms circumvent the archaic rules and guidelines of the American government. While their main sites continue to do astronomical business, the "dotnet" sites allow people to play for free (the expenditure for the poker rooms is minimal, at best). If someone sees that they can win big on the "dotnets", they may actually decide to take their shot in the main rooms (the "dotcom"). When you add in the addition of advertising (and we have all seen the increase of "dotnet" advertising on television), it is another way for the poker rooms to increase their bottom lines.

All one has to do is download the software onto their computer systems, offer up your personal information (name and address), and start playing the freerolls that the "dotnet" offers for the event. The tournament should offer the chance for someone who plays recreationally to pick up a nice bankroll to make their move into the "real" world of poker!

For more information, go to (and make sure it's dotNET!) and learn more!

[I]Ed note: skip that whole free side, and jump right in at Ultimate Bet[I]

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