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Online Poker Staredown: Poker Host Live

Online Poker Staredown: Poker Host Live 0001

One of the things missing from online poker is the ability to read another person's reactions and mannerisms while playing. This key part of "live" games is an essential talent necessary to have success, but in online play things are different. Well, at least it used to be that way.

Thanks to RIAM and partner, the "visibility" factor is no longer an issue. Players on the site will be able to talk to other players as well as observe them during play. That's right, you can finally put a face to an online name and actually look at a fish while they're trying to bluff you out of pots.

You might be wondering how this is possible. RIAM will supply players with a microphone, webcam, and simple, easy-to-use interface. Players do however, have to have a broadband Internet connection and have to pay a $50 a month subscription fee for the services, but when you consider that if you were playing poker at Foxwoods this would be your "seat rental" for five hours. Not a bad deal when you really think about it.

Now you may be wondering how the site plans on keeping players from being vulgar or doing abusive things into the webcam. According to a recent press release, there have been features put into the software to stop these kinds of actions and players actually have the right to vote people off of the table.

This could be a huge selling point. It's too bad you can't do that at poker rooms across the country. People may have money, but that doesn't mean they've got poker etiquette or are friendly. Often more times than not, they're just jerks who think they have the right to act like an ass. Having a vote to "cast-off" a donkey, or a jerk is a dream come true for many players.

Another selling point is the chance to play live against PokerHost's cache of pro stars. Usually a player has to fork over huge dollars to play against the likes of Hoyt Corkins, Amir Vahedi, or Minh Ngyuen in a tournament. For just the monthly fee and tournament entry costs, anyone in the world can get in on the action with these crafty veterans of the game.

If this venture takes off, the online game may forever be changed.

Ed Note: Check out Poker Host. Sign up today, and play in three $5,000 Freerolls with top pros like Amir Vahedi, and Hoyt Corkins

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