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Hollywood Poker Asks, 'Insurance, Anyone?'

Hollywood Poker Asks, 'Insurance, Anyone?' 0001

Imagine this: You are at the World Series of Poker. You put up the money to play in the $10,000 No Limit Hold Em Main Event because you just have to take your shot. You make it through countless opponents, and you are playing amazing poker; your parents would be proud. You see the bubble, and payouts are just on the other side of it. You push all of your chips into the pot with a fabulous hand..., and uh oh. You were swallowed up by the bubble. Ouch.

Now, imagine this: You have insurance. Yes, insurance. You end up on the bubble but cash out for the same as the final paid position. It doesn't hurt so bad anymore, does it?

Hollywood Poker is offering Bubble Insurance to you at this year's WSOP. There are several ways to qualify to be the beneficiary of this offer, and they are as follows:

1. If you won a seat into a WSOP event through one of Hollywood Poker's satellites, go to your "My Account" page on the site and click the "Bubble Insurance" button.

2. Simply tally up 1500 poker points on Hollywood Poker before July 21, 2006 and click the "Bubble Insurance" button on your account page.

If you don't want to have to worry about going out of a tournament on the bubble at this year's WSOP, Hollywood Poker would like to help. You can practice your poker game on the site, and go to the WSOP with confidence in your abilities. With your mind more at ease, you can concentrate on your pot odds, strategy, and your opponents' tells. Good luck!

Ed note: Get your bubble boy insurance today. Sign up at Hollywood Poker

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