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European Poker Tour, Dublin - Day One 'B'

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Day 1 B of the Poker Stars European Poker Tour Dublin featured a stronger field than the previous day. Saddling up for play on day two were Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott, London EPT winner Vicky Coren, Marcel Luske, Ram Vaswani, Noah Boeken, Greg Raymer, Harry Demetriou, Juha Helppi, Tony G, Luca Pagano, Surinder Sunar, and Dave Colclough, among many others. The day began with 208 players, a few more than began day one 'A'.

The fact that there were more starters might explain why we had 60 survivors that are going to play the Day 2 versus the 49 from Day 1 A. But, the big names were dropping like flies as the action started fast and furious.

One by one, the top players filed out the big door. Some couldn't stay away for long, and came back and played cash games. One of the most interesting cash game tables was the one in which Greg Raymer and Chris Moneymaker were playing for pretty big stakes. Raymer won a €10,000 plus pot on one hand, with around ten players witnessing his performance.

Let's go through some of the more notable hands of Day 1 B:

Simon Trumper just called preflop, and both blinds came along with him. The flop shows 5s-6s-Qs. The blinds check and Simon bets 200, with only the BB calling him. Turn is the 8s. Simon bets 300, gets a call, and the last community card was the 2s. The BB starts laughing about the flush on the table, but Simon didn't find that funny, and bets 4,000 at the pot. The bet quieted his opponent quickly, and he put his hands on his chin to contemplate his action. Suddenly, Simon trumpets up, and says: "I don't have the Ace of spades as you know". The BB calls, and shows the King of spades. Simon proudly flips over the 7s-4s, for a straight flush.

Iwan Jones sends Vicky Coren home when his 6d-7d makes a straight on the flop 8s-9d-10s. Vicky shows American Airlines, but as we all know, the airline industry is hurting, as were Vicky's Aces. The board provides Vicky no-help, and she leaves the table off into the night.…But not for long, as I saw her playing 2-5 NL Hold'em later in the evening.

Greg Raymer's exit came when he pushed his last few chips in the middle of the table with A-10 against his opponent's A-Q. 5 blank cards on the table, and Raymer would have to go find another game.

Markus Golser sends former boy band star Brian McFadden out of the tournament when his jack high straight beat McFadden's pocket Kings.

Tony G made a straight when his 5s-7h found 6h-2d-4h-8c-kh against his opponent's 4d-5c, sending his opponent home.

Most of the name players bit the dust during their session on day two 'B'. A couple of the notable survivors were Marcel Luske, Luca Pagano, and Noah Boeken.

With 109 players remaining, and needing to get down to the final table today, Day 2 promises to be a long day. Chip counts, and the tournament payout structure are below. See everyone tomorrow.

Chip Counts:

Jonas Helness 117400

William Thorsson 106700

Marc Goodwin 98200

Kevin Vreeswijk 83900

Paul Testud 77100

Roy Brindley 71600

Roland De Wolfe 70700

Stuart Fox 69800

Conor Doyle 69600

Andy Black 69000

Joakim Hammar 66500

Hans Eskilsson 64600

Simon Ehne 61700

David Clayton 61100

Adebayo Odetoyinbo 58900

Kerry-James Kerrigan 57500

Andreas Hagen 56100

Ara Melikian 54800

Karin Lundgren 54700

Nick Slade 52600

Azad Pirooti 50100

Jeffrey Garza 50000

Luca Pagano 49300

Fergal Mckeever 49200

Steffen Kongelt 47500

Peter Gould 47200

Eoin Olin 47100

Philip Peters 46700

Patric Bueno 46500

Paddy Mccloskey 45800

Johnny Lodden 44900

Ravi Udayakumar 44600

Neil Channing 43600

Ramzi Jelassi 43100

Tore Lagerborg 42200

Maximilianos Trigas 41800

Walter Alecci 41000

Christoffer Stahle 40900

Gavin Simms 39700

Katja Thater 39500

Rune Nikolaisen 38000

James Reid 37200

Martin Wendt 37000

Rob Young 36700

David Pomroy 36400

Willie Tann 36400

Jimmy Dahlquist 35700

Jonathan Lewis 35100

Rob Hoopman 34000

Pat O'Callaghan 33000

David Murray 32800

Jeppe Juhl 32700

Niklas Walgren 32000

Marc Friedmann 31800

Patrick White 31800

Magnus Jakobsson 31500

Nadir Benkahla 29700

Vinny Mcnamee 29100

Reyaaz Mulla 29100

Nick Gibson 29000

Nichlas Saarisilta 28400

Kambiz Kashi 28200

Ches Denison 27500

Simon Nowab 26800

Jonathon Kreisner 26300

Anders Berg 25800

Anders Losvik 25600

Ray Coburn 25400

David Barnes 25200

Andreas Vilson 24700

Sasha Rosewood 24400

Marcel Baran 24200

Marcel Luske 24000

Stuart Rutter 24000

George Mckeever 23800

Roland Xavier 22700

Oliver Bosch 22400

Gerald Lemke 22300

Robert Taylor 22200

Finnur Hrafnsson 22000

Michael Rabenseifner 21600

Michael O'Sullivan 21400

Piero Compagnoni 21000

Thomas Fougeron 20800

Daniel Ryan 19400

Daniel Wadman 19300

Jon Priston 19100

David Tavernier 18600

Roman Makowski 16500

Adrian Walshe 16500

Christopher Swanstrom 16000

Sean Donaldson 15100

David O'Callaghan 14700

Robert Binelli 13200

Julian Grosjean 13200

Ian Mctavish 12800

Age Spets 12800

Christoffer Sonesson 12500

roi Elmaliah 12000

Padraig Parkinson 12000

Markus Deijfen 11100

Noah Boeken 10800

David Atrubin 9800

George Geary 8700

Ghite Anderson 8400

Thomas Heining 8200

Johan Storakers 7600

John Gough 6600

Pascal Perrault 5300

All this players will be fighting for a total of €1,847,750 with the following prize payouts (all payouts in Euros):


1 554,300

2 314,120

3 184,780

4 138,580

5 112,710

6 88,690

7 70,210

8 51,740

9 31,410

10 31,410

11 25,870

12 25,870

13 20,330

14 20,330

15 14,780

16 14,780

17 11,090

18 11,090

19 11,090

20 11,090

21 11,090

22 11,090

23 11,090

24 11,090

25 7,390

26 7,390

27 7,390

28 7,390

29 7,390

30 7,390

31 7,390

32 7,390

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