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Fun Home Poker Game Rules - Double Suck

Fun Home Poker Game Rules - Double Suck 0001

I played this bizarre poker game with a bunch of old men who smoked constantly, had a game in the basement of a Knights of Columbus, who never smiled, who barely talked – just grunting their action sufficed — and who seemed the least likely cast of characters to have an off beat game. In between hands of 5-card stud, 5-card draw, 7-card stud, and spit-in-the-ocean (about the tamest non-traditional game there is – with a third round of betting following the draw – when a mutual card is dealt known as the "spit card" is dealt face up in the middle for all to use) they called the game of "Double Suck".

Double Suck is a frustrating game – hence its name. It is simple and can be devastating. Here's how it goes. Call it when you're tired of the best players winning. This might throw them on tilt.

Every player gets three cards, dealt one at a time. . Then five piles of two cards are dealt in the center of the table. The first pile is turned face up. There's a betting round after each player receives his three cards and the first pile is faced.

The second pile is dealt face up. There's a betting round. There is a betting round following the turning up of each successive pile of two cards until all five piles are face up.

Their game was played high only, though it surely could be called high low declare or high low 8 or better. The betting went up $1 on each round, starting with $1 ante and a $1 bet the first round, though of course you could adjust the betting structure to suit your interests and bankroll.

Here's a sample game with an occasional comment thrown in. Seven players – each with very short names.

Bill: (x x x)

Bob: (x x x)

Biff: (x x x)

You: {K-Spades}{Q-Spades}{J-Spades}three to a straight flush in case you missed it

Jim: (x x x)

Zack: (x x x)

Ali: (x x x)

9s7c x x x x x x x x

Ali dealt. Bill has first action.

Bill: check

Bob: bet $1

Biff: call $1

You: call $1 why not? It's only money.

Jim: raise to $2

Zack: fold

Ali: call $2

Bill: fold

Bob: call $1

Biff: call $1

You: call $1

$17 in the pot after the first round of betting. Five players remaining.

Second Round

9s7c 8h8s x x x x x x

Bob: check

Biff: check

You: check – someone may have an 8

Jim: $2

Ali: call

Bob: fold

Biff: call

You: call – what the Hell – there are still three more shots at making a good hand

$25 in the pot after the second round of betting. Four players left.

Third Round

9s7c 8h8s KhKd x x x x

Biff: check

You: $3 – there is a God

Jim: raise to $6 – what's he so proud of

Ali: fold

Biff: fold

You: raise to $9 – I must have the best hand

Jim: call

$43 in the pot after the third round of betting. It's heads up now.

Fourth Round

9s7c 8h8s KhKd Ad6c x x

You: bet $4 – I must have the best hand.

Jim: raise to $8 – must have made a pair of Aces or two pair

You: raise to $12 – I must have the best hand.

Jim: raise to $16 – could he have started with AA?

You: call $16 – maybe he started with AA

$75 in the pot after the fourth round. Still heads up.

Fifth and Final Round

9s7c 8h8s KhKd Ad6c 2cAh

You: bet $5

Jim: raise to $10

You: raise to $15 – with that second Ace it's really unlikely he has trip Aces.

Jim: raise to $20 – I must have him beat – no?

You: call $20

$115 in the pot after the fifth and final round

You reveal KsQsJs. When combined with the third stack you have KsKhKdQsJs for trip Kings.

Your opponent reveals AsAhQd. When combined with the fourth stack he has AsAhAdQd6c for trip Aces. He wins the $115. Double suck!

As I mentioned, this is the perfect game to call when you're tired of a really good standard poker game player winning. And if you want to make the game even crazier and less predictable, call Triple Suck, give each player two cards to start as in Hold 'em and make the piles three cards each!

Ed Note: Oddly enough, you won't find 'double suck' at Poker Stars. But, you will find cool new games like deuce to seven, HORSE, and others. Sign up today.

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