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UBOC5: Trishelle Cannatella Cashes, DOUGTHEASIAN and YUMI555 Chop Event #4

UBOC5: Trishelle Cannatella Cashes, DOUGTHEASIAN and YUMI555 Chop Event #4 0001

The Sniper No-Limit Hold’em tournament with a $20 bounty ― the fourth event of the Ultimate Bet Online Poker Championship Series 5 ― began Friday night and lasted into the early morning hours of Saturday. The event was hosted by none other than Trishelle Cannatella and drew 732 entrants. Online pro TRADEBYDAY hosted the Mini-UBOC counterpart, which had 1,294 participants. In addition to UB’s standing offer to award $200 and a UBOC T-shirt to anyone who eliminates a team pro, Event #4 awarded a $20 bounty ($4 bounty in the Mini) for each player eliminated.

As usual, the UBOC5 saw a few UB pros test their skills against a score of online hopefuls. Mark “Poker Ho” Kroon (626th), “Hollywood Dave” Stann (618th), Joe Sebok (602nd) and Tiffany Michelle (285th) all came and went. On the other hand, UB pro and the hostess for the tournament, Trishelle Cannatella, did the team proud by finishing just inside the money in 68th place.

The tournament was long and grueling, lasting into the early hours of Saturday (totaling right around nine hours) when the final two players decided to make a deal for the remaining prize money. DOUGTHEASIAN was sitting with 914,945 in chips, not far behind YUMI555’s 1,281,055, and as part of the deal both players would receive $17,750 while setting aside $2,000 to be awarded to the winner. The agreement was struck and it took only 35 hands before a winner was determined.

On the final hand of the tournament, YUMI555 (1,028,440 in chips) raised to 48,000 and DOUGTHEASIAN (1,167,560 in chips) made it 135,000 to go. The action heated up as YUMI555 reraised to 222,000, DOUGTHEASIAN made it 933,000 and YUMI555 moved all-in. DOUGTHEASIAN called and their cards were revealed:

DOUGTHEASIAN – {A-Spades}{3-Diamonds}
YUMI555 – {K-Spades}{K-Diamonds}

YUMI555 was in great shape as the flop came down {4-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{7-Spades}. DOUGTHEASIAN picked up a gutshot straight draw, which he then completed when the {6-Spades} hit the turn. The card left YUMI555 drawing to a chop, but it wasn’t meant to be as the {7-Hearts} came on the river. On top of the $17,750 chop, DOUGTHEASIAN collected the final $40 of the Bounty Prize Pool, the $2,000 side-pot, and the title of UBOC5 Event #4 champion.

UBOC5 Event #4 (Sniper No-Limit Hold’em- $20 bounty)

Buy-in: $150 + $12 

Guarantee: $100,000
Prize Pool: $100,000

Entrants: 732

Final Table

1. DOUGTHEASIAN - $19,950

2. YUMI555 - $17,750
3. MEEK312 - $9,500

4. STACKOLOGIST - $6,600
5. MORGAN2000 - $5,500

6. BEAVER11111 - $4,500

7. SOCRATICNEWS - $3,500

8. 8BALLDELUXE - $2,500

9. 7TEMPEHEAT7 - $1,750

Notable Finishes: Trishelle Cannatella (68th - $250.00)

The Mini-UBOC Event #4 also took place Friday night. The event turnout was larger than expected and managed to surpass the $10,000 guaranteed prize pool. Host TRADEBYDAY, who had a special $15 bounty on his head, couldn’t take down his own tournament, making his exit in 936th place. Following suit, UB pros Mark “Poker Ho” Kroon (519th) and “Hollywood Dave” Stann (391st) found themselves on the virtual rail after navigating their way through half the field.

At the other end of the spectrum, a few names familiar to the UBOC found success in the mini. Jesse “TOOHOTTOTROT” Haabak, fresh of his second place finish in UBOC5 Event #3, had another impressive run, finishing in thirteenth place. Likewise, UBOC5 Event #1 and UBOC5 Event #2 winners, Joshua “PBDRUNKS” VanDuyn and “JOES2828,” finished in 33rd and 52nd place respectively. In the end, it was IRONCITYKID who bested CHIPFERG in heads-up play to take down the $3,038.95 first place prize.

Mini-UBOC5 Event #4 (Sniper No-Limit Hold’em- $4 bounty)

Buy-in: $15.00 + $1.50

Guarantee: $10,000
Prize Pool: $14,234

Entrants: 1,294

Final Table

1. IRONCITYKID - $3,038.95

2. CHIPFERG - $1,777.82
3. ED_ANGELIS - $1,252.59

4. BIG_DRAG - $910.97

5. ISPEW - $761.51

6. DE4LT - $619.17

7. DAGAMBLEBOT - $469.72

8. HARPOON - $334.49

9. FORCEDFURY - $234.86

Notable Finishes: Jesse “TOOHOTTOTROT” Haabak (13th- $106.75), Joshua “PBDRUNKS” VanDuyn (33rd- $59.78), JOES2828 (52nd- $44.12)

Not only can you sill play in most of the UBOC and mini UBOC events left in the current festival, there is still time for our exclusive $1500 UB Freeroll at the end of UBOC.

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