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The "durrrr" Challenge: Short Session Goes Cates' Way

Tom Dwan

After a week-long break, the “durrrr Challenge” continued on Tuesday between Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Dan “jungleman12” Cates. The pair sat down at $200/$400 no-limit hold’em on Full Tilt Poker and played 346 hands that last approximately 45 minutes. While the session was brief, Cates managed to increase his lead by $110,000, putting him ahead $755,000 after 10,129 hands.

Dwan Runs Into the Nut Flush

In one of the more interesting hands of the match, Dwan ($40,199.50) was on the button and raised to $1,200 only to have Cates ($42,999) make it $4,000 to go. Dwan made the call as the flop came down {K-Diamonds}{A-Hearts}{4-Hearts}. Cates led out for $4,400 and once again Dwan called. When the {3-Hearts} hit the turn, Cates led out for a bet of $10,000 and Dwan refused to back down, smooth calling behind.

The river was the {10-Spades} and Cates moved all in. Dwan called off his entire stack and simply mucked after Cates showed {K-Hearts}{Q-Hearts} for the nuts. Cates took down the $80,399 pot while Dwan was left to rebuy.

Cates Hits Another Flush

In another sizeable pot, Dwan ($40,199) was on the button and raised to $1,200. Cates ($41,399.50) then made it $4,000 and Dwan called. The flop fell {8-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{6-Hearts} and Cates led out for $4,400, which Dwan called.

Cates bet $9,400 after the {9-Spades} was revealed on the turn. Dwan stuck true to form and just called behind. When the {2-Hearts} was put out on the river, Cates moved all in and Dwan called off his last $22,399. Cates turned over {A-Hearts}{K-Hearts} for the rivered nut flush and took down yet another $80,000 pot.

Durrrr Traps jungleman12

Not all of the hands went Cates’ way. In this particular hand, Cates ($85,595) raised to $800 on the button, Dwan reraised to $2,400, and Cates called. Dwan then check-called a bet of $3,200 on the {3-Clubs}{Q-Hearts}{3-Diamonds} flop, followed by another check-called of $7,400 after the {5-Hearts} turn.

Dwan continued to check when the {A-Spades} appeared on the river. Cates moved all in and Dwan quickly called for his last $24,597.50. Cates showed {A-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} for a rivered pair of aces, but Dwan showed {A-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds} for top two pair. Dwan had flopped queens and three with an ace kicker and was content to let Cates bet it for him. It worked, as Dwan got maximum value and took down the $75,195 pot.

While this session of the "durrrr Challenge" was short, it gave Cates an even bigger lead. With two sessions in the past week, it looks as if the duo may be committed to putting some time into the Challenge, much to the excitement of poker fans around the world. As always, PokerNews will be there to report all the action.

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