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Join, a zero-risk, freeroll-only site for Australian poker players. Sign up using promo code "POKERNEWS" for instant VIP status ($25 value) and a chance to win $15,000 in added cash — entirely risk free!

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PokerNews announces the launch of, a truly risk-free place to play poker with a focus on Australian players. As the name suggests, all games are freerolls, which means you never need to put your own money on the line, but you can win plenty of theirs and ours! is all about fun, sharpening your skills and most of all – playing poker with no risk to your bankroll.

The way it works is that on the first of the month all members start with 10,000 Freeroller points, which are used like money to play in tournaments. As you win or lose your points, they get tallied in the Freeroller Leaderboard where cash prizes are awarded to the highest ranked players at the end of the month. Since it's exclusively for Australian players, the tournaments take place at Aussie-friendly times.


PokerNews Risk Free VIP

To celebrate the launch of, PokerNews is bringing you $15,000 in exclusive promotions this April.

Be a ,000 Risk Free VIP in April at 101

  • $10,000 Tournament Leaderboard: The top 100 players who score points in five daily freerolls at the end of the month will win the big prizes. No risk - $10,000 in cash prizes!
  • $5,000 Monthly Masters Freeroll: This invite-only freeroll for PokerNews VIP players takes place on Saturday, April 30 at 4:30 p.m. (GMT+8) with $5,000 in cash to be won.
  • Free VIP Status: Register at Freeroller using promo code "POKERNEWS" and receive VIP status (worth $24.95) for all of April. As a VIP you can play for real added cash and receive benefits including sit-n-go tournaments, private games, player chat, and a generous rewards program. is one of the few sites out there that can truly claim to be a risk-free way to make money at the poker tables. April could be one of the most profitable months of all because the site is new and without many players yet. Don’t forget to use promo code "POKERNEWS" when you sign up for a account to ensure that you are a Risk-Free VIP in April so you can enjoy even greater benefits from


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