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PartyPoker Weekly: Prop Bets, Postcards, and Podcasts


This week over at PartyPoker get an online postcard with Team PartyPoker, the Poker Show is back, and hear how Tony G once raced against a professional basketball player.

I Have A Proposition For You

Over at the PartyPoker Blog, Chris Tessaro has written a great article about the culture of prop bets in the poker world. He recounts some of the classic prop bet stories in poker folklore, including Huck Seed standing in the ocean for 18 hours, Howard Lederer’s vegetarian bet, and the time Kara Scott had to wear a bunny suit after losing a prop bet.

He also told of one involving none other than Tony G, which not everyone may have heard.

“PartyPoker’s own Tony G loves a good prop bet, too. The G once ran a midnight footrace against an ex-pro basketball player. Tony got to run forward, while the athlete had to run backwards. Tony lost. Perhaps if he had taken his bike he might have had a better shot.”

Read the whole article over at the PartyPoker Blog.

PartyPoker Weekly: Prop Bets, Postcards, and Podcasts 101

PartyPoker Postcards on Facebook

If you don’t already, you should really check out the PartyPoker Facebook Fan page because they are coming up with some really fun stuff. This week they have launched a PartyPoker Postcard App.

Did you ever want to feature in your own personalized postcard with PartyPoker’s Tony G and Kara Scott or the Royal Flush Girls of the WPT? Follow this link and you can do just that.

The Poker Show Talks Tilt

The Poker Show with Jesse May is back this week. On the podcast this week the voice of poker deconstructs tilt with Jared Tendler; the mind coach behind the legendary grinder and Big Game V commentator Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt. Coming up soon on the Poker Show, Jesse will be discussing the aftermath of Black Friday.

Listen to the Poker Show with Jesse May

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