Global Poker Index: Steve O'Dwyer Eyes the Top of the GPI

Steve O'Dwyer

Each week, the Global Poker Index releases a list of the top 300 tournament poker players in the world using a formula that takes a player's results over six half-year periods. For a look at the entire list of 300, visit the official GPI website.

The Top 10 as of May 21, 2012

RankPlayerTotal ScoreChange in Rank from Last Week
1Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier2,885.25--
2Jason Mercier2,861.95--
3David "Doc" Sands2,581.69--
4Sorel Mizzi2,506.11--
5Steve O'Dwyer2,441.45--
6Dan Smith2,430.18+1
7Noah Schwartz2,414.38+1
8Eugene Katchalov2,404.96-2
9Mike McDonald2,332.42--
10Jonathan Duhamel2,288.28--

The only change in the top 10 this week was Eugene Katchalov slipping two spots. His runner-up showing in a €2,000 no-limit hold'em side event at EPT Loutraki last November aged into Period 2. Furthermore that result doesn't play a role because of better results already occupying his four counting scores for Period 2.

Welcome to the GPI

Cliff Josephy entered the GPI with the highest rank of the 10 new players to this week's list. He took down a $5,000 no-limit hold'em event at the WPT World Championship over the weekend.

New Additions

PlayerTotal GPI ScoreGPI Rank
Cliff Josephy1,223.10192nd
Steve Brecher1,089.82263rd
Mike Binger1,033.75293rd
Lucien Cohen1,033.61294th
Jake Bazeley1,032.96295th
Mard Wissing1,032.78296th
Dobromir Nikov1,031.09297th
Justin Smith1,027.56298th
Roland Israelashvili1,026.37299th
Torsten Brinkmann1,026.24300th

Falling from the GPI this week were Chris Tryba, Connor Drinan, Dominik Nitsche, Eric Baldwin, Jeff Sluzinski, Mario Puccini, Mike Beasley, Nick Grippo, Per Linde, and Ray Qartomy.

Ups and Downs

The biggest rise of the week belonged to Cary Katz. His fourth-place finish in the same $5,000 event that Josephy won gave his Period 1 results a significant boost.

Biggest Gains

RankPlayerTotal ScoreChange in Rank From Last Week
71stOgnjen Sekularec1,655.59+31
72ndKoen De Visscher1,651.89+34
95thVojtech Ruzicka1,546.17+40
147thCary Katz1,345.45+90
150thVitor Coelho1,339.67+46
200thBrian Hawkins1,212.94+42
213thRobert Cezarescu1,185.24+33
215thMax Silver1,181.01+84
223rdDavid Pham1,163.49+75
225thAllen Cunningham1,160.85+70

On the other end of the spectrum is Vanessa Rousso. Her previously mentioned third-place finish in that same EPT Loutraki side event aged into Period 2, and like with Katchalov, it doesn't help her Period 2 score. Furthermore, Rousso's Period 1 is now empty.

Biggest Drops

RankPlayerTotal ScoreChange in Rank From Last Week
124thAndras Kovacs1,427.73-38
128thScott Clements1,415.25-36
130thDwyte Pilgrim1,412.28-34
157thDavid Vamplew1,323.89-52
188thVictor Ramdin1,241.29-44
197thJude Ainsworth1,217.67-43
230thVanessa Rousso1,157.08-55
238thGavin Smith1,132.51-48
240thAlex Venovski1,131.11-51
258thTed Lawson1,096.38-46

What's In Store?

The WPT World Championship is down to nine players and still in hunt for the title is Steve O'Dwyer. At No. 5 on the GPI, O'Dwyer is likely to crack the top four with certainty and even make a run for No. 1 or 2 with a win. Marvin Rettenmaier (No. 31) is the chip leader, Michael Mizrachi (No. 138) is second in chips, and Nick Schulman (No. 238) is fifth in chips. Expect each to see a nice rise in their GPI standings come next week.

To look at the entire list of 300, visit the official GPI website. While you're at it, follow the GPI on Twitter and its Facebook page.

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