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Experience The Pace of Speed Poker On Titan Poker

Speed Poker

Titan Poker has entered the “fast fold” poker market by launching Speed Poker. This lightning-fast poker variant will keep you in the action at all times and could help you to rack up plenty of rewards because of the sheer number of hands you can play in a short time.

Speed Poker is currently available in Texas hold'em and Omaha cash games making the action much faster and more intense than that of a standard cash game. Instead of being seated at one particular table, Speed Poker players are placed into a large pool of players. These players are divided up into separate tables, but as soon as the player clicks the fold button, he or she is immediately whisked away to a brand new table with new opponents.

The best feature of Speed Poker is the fact players do not have to wait to act before they fold; they can simply click “Speed Fold” and they will be instantly taken to a new table. This eradicates the need to sit and wait for premium holdings and speeds up the pace of the game significantly. Runs of poor cards will become a thing of the past because if you look down at {7-Spades}{2-Hearts} just click “Speed Fold” and be dealt new cards on a new table. Get dealt {9-Hearts}{3-Clubs} just click “Speed Fold” again and again until you find hole cards that you want to play!

This fast-fold format sees Speed Poker games run around twice as quickly as a standard cash game, which can mean twice the number of rewards for Speed Poker players. Titan Points are awarded in the same manner as a standard ring game in that 15 Titan Points are awarded per $1 contributed to the rake. This means that players who download Titan Poker through PokerNews and enter the bonus code “POKERNEWS” will find themselves clearing the massive 200% match up to $2,000 welcome bonus with ease, especially if they can play four Speed Poker tables at once; the maximum allowed at any one time.

Try Speed Poker today and be prepared to be blown away by the sheer pace of this exciting poker format.

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