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A Look Back at the Side Event Winners from the 2013 APPT Macau ACOP

A Look Back at the Side Event Winners from the 2013 APPT Macau ACOP 0001

The second annual Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) has been playing out in Macau at PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams for the past couple weeks. The 17-day festival was comprised of 12 official ACOP events with the flagship event being the HK$100,000 buy-in ACOP Main Event – which you can follow by clicking here. This weekend you will also be able to follow live coverage from the HK$250,000 High Roller.

The 2013 ACOP is part of Season 7 of the Asia-Pacific Poker Tour and has already produced some notable winners. For instance, Jian Yang won the HK$25,000 Warm-Up Event for a big payday of HK$1,700,000, while the HK$8,800 Ladies Asia Championship saw well-known female professional Jay Tan from Hong Kong capture her first live title and along with a HK$65,200 first-place prize.

While all the focus have been on the stop’s higher buy-in events, there have been numerous tournaments playing out at PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams. Here’s a look at the results from those events.

2013 ACOP Event #1 Rebuy Championship ($500,000 Guarantee)

DateBuy-inEntrantsRebuysPrize Pool
October 18-19, 2013$2,500139208$757,328

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (HKD)Prize (USD)    
1stIoan TaizsRomania$189,300$24,426    
2ndJason VipulananthanAustralia$128,700$16,606    
3rdMansour KhorramshahiIran$83,300$10,748    
4thAndrei KaigorodtcevRussia$68,200$8,800    
5thVictor TengAustralia$53,000$6,839    
6thSergei SukhonosRussia$45,400$5,858    
7thRaiden KanHong Kong$37,900$4,890    
8thHung Sheng "Shaq" LinChinese Taipei$30,300$3,910    

2013 ACOP Event #2 Deepstack Championship ($1,000,000 Guarantee)

DateBuy-inEntrantsPrize Pool (HKD)
October 19-21, 2013$11,000177$1,716,900

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (HKD)Prize (USD)    
1stThomas ZhangUK$420,600$54,271    
2ndPeter Wai Yan ChuHong Kong$283,300$36,555    
3rdMakoto YoshimichiJapan$180,300$23,265    
4thJulian HasseGermany$145,900$18,826    
5thKai Sheng YangChinese Taipei$115,900$14,955    
6thClaudia Un Jung YumKorea$94,400$12,181    
7thYibo ZhouChina$77,300$9,974    
8thRyan Nan YuChina$60,100$7,755    

2013 ACOP $2,000 Deepstack Side Event

DateBuy-inEntrantsPrize Pool
October 20, 2013$2,000159$277,614

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (HKD)Prize (USD)    
1*Andrew JacklingAustralia$42,900$5,535    
2*Chi Jen ChenChinese Taipei$50,000$6,452    
3*Xiaoyong LiaoChina$50,000$6,452    
4Yosuke IsobeJapan$23,600$3,045    
5Akitomo KurushimaJapan$18,700$2,413    
6Liming ZhangChina$15,300$1,974    
7Ke Jing LiChina$12,500$1,613    
8Kuok Hong NgMacau$9,700$1,252    
9Beng Hong KerSingapore$8,300$1,071    

*Denotes three-handed deal

2013 ACOP Event #3 6-Max Championship

DateBuy-inEntrantsPrize Pool
October 21-22, 2013$11,000137$1,328,900

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (HKD)Prize (USD)    
1st*Apoorva GoelIndia$288,100$37,174    
2nd*Hung Sheng "Shaq" LinChinese Taipei$270,000$34,839    
3Saehoon LeeKorea$146,200$18,865    
4Thomas GriggAustralia$119,600$15,432    
5Ioan TaizsRomania$93,000$12,000    
6Kosei IchinoseJapan$79,700$10,284    
7Victor TengAustralia$66,400$8,568    
8Beng Hong KerSingapore$53,200$6,865    
9Alexandre ChiengChina$39,900$5,148    

*Denotes heads-up deal

2013 ACOP $2,000 6-Max Side Event

DateBuy-inEntrantsPrize Pool
October 22, 2013$2,000112$195,552

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (HKD)Prize (USD)    
1stHuang HaoChina$50,800$6,555    
2ndTadashi YachidaJapan$33,200$4,284    
3rdKe Jing LiChina$22,500$2,903    
4thHu ZhaoChina$18,600$2,400    
5thYuki TakedaJapan$14,700$1,897    
6thKai Sheng YangChinese Taipei$12,700$1,639    
7thKa Cheong WongHong Kong$10,800$1,394    
8thMartin Rottem DahleNorway$8,800$1,135    

2013 ACOP Event #4 ACOP Warm-up ($5,000,000 Guarantee)

DateBuy-inEntrantsPrize Pool
October 23-27, 2013$25,000338$7,540,780

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (HKD)Prize (USD)    
1stJian YangChina$1,700,000$219,355    
2ndWei Hsiang YeuMalaysia$1,170,000$150,968    
3rdDavid ForanIreland$695,000$89,677    
4thBilly "The Croc" ArgyrosAustralia$547,000$70,581    
5thRoger SpetsSweden$434,000$56,000    
6thSteven Yibo ZhouChina$358,000$46,194    
7thTom AlnerUK$283,000$36,516    
8thSaehoon LeeKorea$208,000$26,839    

2013 ACOP Event #6: Pot-Limit Omaha Championship

Edison Nguyen
Edison Nguyen

DateBuy-inEntrantsPrize Pool
October 25-26, 2013$15,00092$1,213,664

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (HKD)Prize (USD)
1Edison Minh Phuc NguyenAustralia$273,100$35,239
2Pakinai LisawadThailand$273,100$35,239
3Carl Henric OlanderSweden$145,600$18,787
5Markus GarbergNorway$97,100$12,529
7Raiden KanHong Kong$72,800$9,394
8Yuki KoKorea$60,700$7,832
9Tim Shun "Timpson" LukHong Kong$48,500$6,258
10Kilian LoefflerAustria$36,364$4,692

2013 ACOP $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha Side Event

Brian Shen
Brian Shen

DateBuy-inEntrantsPrize Pool
October 26, 2013$2,50052$113,490

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (HKD)Prize (USD)
1stBrian ShenHong Kong$32,000$4,129
2ndKuok Weng PunMacau$29,290$3,779
3rdMatthew Weng Chih ChanSingapore$15,900$2,052
4thJohnson TanPhilippines$12,500$1,613
5thAlexander FirsovRussia$9,100$1,174
6thChristine HiaMalaysia$7,900$1,019
7thPatrick Lik Tung LuiHong Kong$6,800$877

2013 ACOP Event #7 KO Big Bounty

DateBuy-inEntrantsPrize Pool
October 26-27, 2013$11,000213$1,652,880 ($426,000 more in bounties)

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (HKD)Prize (USD)
1st*Ken DemlakianAustralia$349,400$46,587
2nd*Shivan AbdineAustralia$320,000$42,667
3rdKwok Chun YipHong Kong$165,300$22,040
4thAkira OhyamaJapan$124,000$16,533
5thChenxiang MiaoChina$99,200$13,227
6thJan Eric SchwippertUK$82,600$11,013
7thThomas GriggAustralia$66,100$8,813
8thDennis HuntlyAustralia$49,600$6,613
9thMingqin LiuChina$41,300$5,507
10thPredrag LekovicMontenegro$33,180$4,424

*Denotes heads-up deal.

2013 ACOP $2,500 KO Bounty Side Event

DateBuy-inEntrantsPrize Pool
October 27, 2013$2,500113$191,817

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (HKD)Prize (USD)
1st*Yen Han ChenChinese Taipei$42,000$5,419
2nd*Adam Michael KraghUSA$40,500$5,226
3rdRaymond Kut Fu ChowHong Kong$22,100$2,852
4thKenichi TakarabeJapan$18,200$2,348
5thMichael Boon Kean ChanMalaysia$14,400$1,858
6thJonathan CurtisAustralia$12,500$1,613
7thGustavo CavaliereArgentina$10,500$1,355
8thYujung ChoiKorea$8,717$1,125
9thDanil KarpovRussia$6,700$865
10thJack LeeAustralia$4,800$619

*Denotes heads-up deal.

2013 ACOP $2,000 NLHE Teams Side Event

Ye han Chen & Hung Chang Lin
Ye han Chen & Hung Chang Lin

DateBuy-inEntrantsPrize Pool
October 30, 2013$2,00036$62,856

PlacePlayersCountryPrize (HKD)Prize (USD)
1stYe han Chen & Hung Chang LinChinese Taipei$25,100$3,239
2ndJason Vipulanathan & Alexey SmirnovAustralia & Russia$15,100$1,948
3rdLijun Chen & Houyi HuangChina$10,100$1,303
4thMinh Truong Thang & Trung TranAustralia$7,500$968
5thRezaei Mani & Elham GholipourIndia$5,056$652

2013 ACOP Event #9 $11,000 Turbo Championship

Michael Mariakis
Michael Mariakis

DateBuy-inEntrantsPrize Pool (HKD)
October 31, 2013$11,00090$873,000

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (HKD)Prize (USD)
1stMichael MariakisAustralia$235,700$30,413
2ndJack SalterUK$157,100$20,271
3rdMakoto YoshimichiJapan$104,800$13,523
4thMani RezaeiIran$87,300$11,265
5thSaehoon LeeKorea$69,800$9,006
6thBrian McallisterAustralia$61,100$7,884
7thEdison Minh Phuc NguyenAustralia$52,400$6,761
8thHung Sheng "Shaq" LinChinese Taipei$43,700$5,639
9thEvan MeadorsUSA$34,900$4,503
10thVictor ChongMalaysia$26,200$3,381

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