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WSOP Circuit Makes First Stop In Italy Today

  • Learn about the first ever WSOP Circuit stop in Italy, taking place from Sept. 16 to Sept. 30.

The anticipation and waiting is finally over, as today, Wednesday, Sept. 16, the first-ever World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) events begin on at the Casino Campione in Campione d'Italia, an Italian exclave within the Swiss canton of Ticino.

The WSOPC Italy features nine exciting gold ring events from Sept. 16-30 as part of an action-packed schedule consisting of thirty-five different tournaments and ring games at a variety of stakes. The highlight of the poker festival is the WSOPC Italy €990 Main Event, which is sure to attract some of the top names in poker due to promises of a huge prize pool and a deep structure with one-hour blind levels. The Main Event kicks off on Sept. 24, with the first of its two opening flights as part of a seven-day tournament.

Buy-ins for the ring events should be suitable for both low-limit and high-limit players, ranging from €220 for the three-day €220 Super Bounty No-Limit Hold'em (Single Re-Entry) event all the way up to €2,200 for the four-day €2,200 No-Limit Hold'em High Roller. This is excluding the Poker Staff & Players Event, a ring event which kicks on Sept. 16 with a €125 buy-in.

The WSOP is understandably excited about gaining a foothold in Italy, and scheduled this poker festival just 10 days before the start of the next edition of the World Series of Poker Europe in Berlin, Germany. The timing is no coincidence, with Director of Events & Sponsorship at Caesars Interactive Entertainment Simone Ricci telling GiocoNews when the series was first announced that, "We hope to see some good numbers in Campione. The event will take place 10 days before the beginning of the WSOP Europe in Berlin, and this means that we will obviously run a number of satellites to the WSOPE event once in Campione."

Ricci also hinted that a WSOPC stop in Italy may just be the beginning, with expansion potentially taking place in new locations all over the world, especially in Europe.

"Italy represents an important country for us, and right now, we are trying to finalize some deals with other European locations," Ricci said.

Here's the full schedule of the 2015 World Series of Poker Italy:

Wed 16 Sept17:00Cash Game-
Wed 16 Sept18:30Mini Sat. WSOPC Event #1€20
Wed 16 Sept20:00Poker Staff & Players Event day 1 (Ring)€125
Wed 16 Sep.21:00Satellite WSOPC Event#1€ 100
Thu 17 Sept12:00Cash Game-
Thu 17 Sept12:30Turbo Satellite WSOPC Event#1- Day 1a€100
Thu 17 Sept13:00Poker Staff & Players Event Day 2N/A
Thu 17 Sept16:00WSOPC Event #1 – Day 1a (Ring)€600
Thu 17 Sept21:00Satellite WSOPC Event#1 – Day 1b€130
Fri 18 Sept12:00Cash Game-
Fri 18 Sept12:30Turbo Satellite WSOPC Event#1- Day 1b€100
Fri 18 Sept16:00WSOPC Event #1 – Day 1b€600
Fri 18 Sept21:00Satellite WSOPC Event#2€65
Sat 19 Sept12:00Cash Game-
Sat 19 Sept14:00WSOPC Event #1 – Day 2N/A
Sat 19 Sept17:00WSOPC Event #2 - Shortstack Day 1 (Ring)€360
Sat 19 Sept20:00WSOPC Event #3 – Day 1(Ring)€270
Sun 20 Sept12:00Cash Game-
Sun 20 Sept14:00WSOPC Event #1 – Day 3N/A
Sun 20 Sept14:00WSOPC Event #2 - Shortstack Day 2N/A
Sun 20 Sept14:30WSOPC Event #3 – Day 2N/A
Sun 20 Sept15:00WSOPC Event #4 – Super-Bounty (Ring)€200+€200
Sun 20 Sept18:00Satellite WSOPC Main Event€130
Mon 21 Sept12:00Cash Game-
Mon 21 Sept14:00WSOPC Event #1 – Final DayN/A
Mon 21 Sept15:00WSOPC Event #2 - Shortstack Final DayN/A
Mon 21 Sept18:30Mini Sat WSOPC – Main Event€20
Mon 21 Sept20:30Weekly Tournament€80
Mon 21 Sept21:00Satellite WSOPC Main Event€130
Tue 22 Sept12:00Cash Game-
Tue 22 Sept16:00WSOPC PLO – 6 Max€220
Tue 22 Sept18:30Mini Sat WSOPC – Main Event€20
Tue 22 Sept20:30Weekly Tournament€30+€30
Tue 22 Sept21:00Satellite WSOPC Main Event€ 130
Wed 23 Sept12:00Cash Game-
Wed 23 Sept16:00WSOPC PLO – 6 max€ 220
Wed 23 Sept18:30Mini Sat WSOPC – Main Event€20
Wed 23 Sept20:30Weekly Tournament€175
Wed 23 Sept21:00Satellite WSOPC Main Event€130
Thu 24 Sept12:00Cash Game-
Thu 24 Sept12:30Turbo Satellite WSOPC Main Event€130
Thu 24 Sept16:00WSOPC Event #5 – WSOP Italy Main Event Day 1a (Ring)€990
Thu 24 Sept21:00Satellite WSOPC Main Event€130
Fri 25 Sept12:00Cash Game-
Fri 25 Sept12:30Turbo Satellite WSOPC Main Event€130
Fri 25 Sept16:00WSOPC Event #5 – WSOP Italy Main Event Day 1b€990
Sat 26 Sept12:00Cash Game-
Sat 26 Sept13:00Satellite WSOPC High Roller€220
Sat 26 Sept14:00WSOPC Event #5 – WSOP Italy Main Event Day 2N/A
Sat 26 Sept16:00WSOPC Event# 6 – omaha 6 max Day 1 (Ring)€400
Sat 26 Sept18:00WSOPC Event# 7– High Roller Day 1 (Ring)€2,000
Sat 26 Sept20:00WSOPC Event# 8 Super-Deep – Day 1 (Ring)€ 350
Sun 27 Sept12:00Cash Game-
Sun 27 Sept14:00WSOPC Event #5 – WSOP Italy Main Event Day 3N/A
Sun 27 Sept14:00WSOPC Event# 7– High Roller Day 2N/A
Sun 27 Sept14:30Sunday 20k GTD.€170,00
Sun 27 Sept14:30WSOPC Event# 8 Super-Deep – Day 2N/A
Sun 27 Sept14:30WSOPC Event# 6 – Omaha 6-Max Day 2N/A
Sun 27 Sept15:00Satellite WSOPE Berlin Main Event€500,00
Sun 27 Sept18:00Weekly Tournament – Super-Bounty€100+€100
Mon 28 Sept12:00Cash Game-
Mon 28 Sept14:00WSOPC Event #5 – WSOP Italy Main Event Day 4N/A
Mon 28 Sept16:00WSOPC Event# 7– High Roller Day 3N/A
Mon 28 Sept20:30Weekly Tournament€80
Tue 29 Sept12:00Cash Game-
Tue 29 Sept14:00WSOPC Event #5 – WSOP Italy Final DayN/A
Tue 29 Sept20:30Weekly Tournament€30+€30

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