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Easy Money with SkillDraft
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It's a great opportunity, but it won't last long! There is easy money to be made in daily fantasy sports (DFS), especially on new sites like As they seek to grow their player base, these new sites will offer guaranteed prize pools on tournaments that will not fill up; which means there will be juicy overlays increasing the implied payback for players.

Last week, for example, had overlays in their $20 Showdown contest and $10 Blitz contests. And the prize pool in the Showdown contest has continued to increase each week. With $35,000 guaranteed for this weekend, there could easily be another overlay.

Guarantees in Life: Death, Taxes, and Making Money on SkillDraft! also has cash tournaments where everyone gets paid. There are few things in life that are that certain, especially when it comes to making money. Talk about a stress-free DFS experience. has a contest where the entry fee is only $1 and every entrant is guaranteed to get paid at least $2. Last weekend the contest only had 311 entries, so every $1 entry got paid more than $10. That's a 1,000% ROI. Juicy!

Super Fat Tournaments with Extra Money

The fact is these types of super-cushy tournaments will not last long. As more people figure out that their ROI is much better on than other DFS sites, they will come flocking to these tournaments.

Plus, SkillDraft has a sweepstakes going on where you can win $500 just by entering your email, which you can enter here.

Our advice is to jump on SkillDraft and make as much easy money as you can before they start to fill those guaranteed prize pools with entries. Not to mention, the "guaranteed to win" tournaments, where you really have nothing to lose and lots of money to gain!

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