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WATCH: Top 5 Poker Rivalries at PokerStars Events

PokerStars 5 rivalries
  • Nothing more interesting than poker players battling at the tables. Which rivalry's your favorite?

  • PokerStars shows us five poker rivalries, instances that made us cringe (or smile) at the table.

Nothing like a good conversation at a poker tournament’s final table. But sometimes that friendly competition turns a little sour. Emotions run high. The last thing poker players need is another player busting their chops.

Even so, there’s nothing that brings fans together like watching the pros duke it out or seeing that two players are battling yet again. In honor of that very struggle, here are PokerStars top five notorious poker rivalries and instances of controversy.

  • Tony G, clock-calling on Andrew Robl and almost walking out because it ‘takes like 20 minutes,’ basically forces Robl’s fold at PokerStars’ The Big Game. Robl’s ace-jack with an ace in the flop would have beat Negreanu’s six-three in spades.

  • Daniel Negreanu and Erik Seidel, both No. 1 and 2 on the All-Time Money List, share tables at super high rollers, but not much else. Negreanu deals a two-outer at the EPT 8 Grand Final with bucket 10s and a final 10 on the river to pull out of Seidel’s pocket kings (with matching queens on the flop), eliminating Seidel. He busted him in the PCA Super High Roller as well.

  • After a perceived slight by Shyam Srinivasan at the 2015 PCA, Maurice Hawkins responded in form, calling him out on getting his ego checked and besting Srinivasan’s king-jack with a queen-jack (thanks to a queen on the flop).

  • Vanessa Selbst and Dan Shak play large pots against each other. A couple times he’s made some really big shoves and got her number. One such instance, she called and put him at risk of bubbling at the PCA Super High Roller, just before the river gave him the hand. She's had her hits as well against Shak, but this is a pretty healthy rivalry.

  • A return offender in this list, Tony G, seems to have a knack for angering his opponents with his continued commentary. Debating whether they both have looked at their cards, Phil Hellmuth Jr. goes all in with an ace-jack and Tony G lies about looking at his cards with an ace-king. #Shotsfired He later admitted it was bad etiquette, right before he faked Hellmuth by telling him he’d won and asking if Hellmuth believed him.

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