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Jake Quinsee Wins the DTD200 8-Max

Jake Quinsee
  • Jake Quinsee topped a field of almost 500 players in the latest DTD200 tournament in Nottingham.

Jake Quinsee is the latest player to win a DTD200 title after he triumphed in the £100,000 guaranteed 8-Max event at Dusk Till Dawn this weekend where he turned £220 into £20,550.

Official Final Table Results

1Jake Quinsee£20,550
2Mohammed Ifzail£12,050
3Asif Ilyas£8,050
4Shay Ahluwalia£6,000
5Dewi James£4,725
6Rob Hoare£3,975
7Tom Kugelstadt£3,400
8Rob Blount£2,825

The dangerous Leo McClean was the first player to bust from the unofficial nine-handed table when his ten-nine was no match for the kings of Rob Blount but Blount couldn’t put McClean’s chips to good use and he was the next player eliminated after he lost a flip with ace-king against the pair of eights in the hand of Mohammed Ifzail.

DTD regular Tom Kugelstadt was the next player to fall. Kugelstadt was short of chips and made a standard all-in bet from the small blind with the lowly nine-six of spades. Ifzail called from the big blind with ace-six and despite Kugelstadt catching an open-ended straight draw on the flop he bust in seventh place.

Sixth place went to Rob Hoare who moved all in from under the gun for 11 big blinds with the king-queen of hearts and was looked up by Ifzail on the button with the ace-jack. Both players improved to top pair on the flop and Ifzail caught a second pair on the turn. A ten or queen on the river would have saved Hoare but alas the river card was an eight and the tournament lost another player.

Dewi James fell in a blind-versus-blind confrontation with Quinsee. James committed his stack with king-nine of hearts, Quinsee called with ace-three and spiked an ace on the turn. The nine of diamonds on the river was too little too late for James and he headed into the cold Nottingham night.

Fourth place and £6,000 went to Shay Ahluwalia after his pocket sixes ran into the red queens of Ifzail. Then Asif Ilyas bust in third place when his red eights lost to the ace-jack of Ifzail courtesy of the board four-flushing with spades.

Quinsee won a massive pot early into the heads-up battle with Ifzail to scoop two-thirds of the chip in play. The final hand of the tournament saw the chips go into the middle of the felt with the board reading {Q-Clubs}{J-Hearts}{2-Spades}{4-Hearts}, Quinsee holding {J-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} and Ifzail drawing dead with the {A-Spades}{9-Spades}.

A meaningless river card completed the board, bust Ifzail and crowned Quinsee the latest DTD200 champion.

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