Mark Stokes Secures DTD200 Title

Mark Stokes: DTD200 Champion
  • After cashing in two previous DTD200 events, Mark Stokes finally took one down in the third attempt.

After two cashes in Dusk Till Dawn’s £100,000 guaranteed DTD200 events, third time was a charm for Mark Stokes. He navigated his way to his first recorded poker tournament victory and a £21,100 haul.

DTD200 Final Table Results

1Mark Stokes£21,100
2Sebastian Pawlak£13,000
3Robert Blount£9,300
4Michael Brown£7,550
5Emma Tolley£6,400
6Soheill Khorram£5,300
7Michael Skeldon£4,400
8Daryl Haney£3,700
9William Bennett£3,200

Prizes include a £1,100 ticket

The money bubble burst during Day 2 on May 7 and it was Ming Liao who was the 45th place finisher and the last person to not receive any prize money. Liao came unstuck after Gary Copeland raised to 35,000 and Liao flat-called despite only having 11,000 chips behind. Liao announced he was all in before the all-diamond king-queen-ten flop was dealt and Copeland called.

Liao showed a pair of jacks and Copeland showed the queen-seven with the seven of diamonds. The three of clubs on the turn was a blank and the deuce of diamonds on the river improved Copeland to an unnecessary flush to send Liao to the rail.

By the time the final table was reached, the £400 min-cash had increased to a £2,100 prize and a ticket to a future event worth £1,100. Will Bennett was the first player to bust from the final table and he was followed to the cashier’s cage by Daryl Haney after Haney’s ace-eight was overtaken on the flop by the queen-jack of Sebastian Pawlak.

A three-way all in ended Mike Skeldon’s impressive run in seventh place. Skeldon moved all in for 11 big blinds with jack-ten of clubs, Emma Tolley reshoved with ace-king and Pawlak called with a pair of jacks. A king-high board saw Tolley triple her stack to more than two million chips, and Skeldon was stacked.

Sixth place went to Soheill Khorram when his king-nine failed to improve against the pocket nines of Stokes before the tournament became an all-male affair when Tolley’s pair of jacks lost to the ace-jack of Robert Blount, courtesy of the ace of spades on the river.

The eliminations continued with the demise of Michael Brown before Blount, last week’s DTD200 champion, committed his stack with pocket jacks; he will count himself unlucky to run into a pair of queens held by Pawlak.

Pawlak held a massive 11,115,000 to 1,935,000 chip advantage over Stokes and it looked like the title would be Pawlak’s. An early double for Stokes improved his position and a second double leveled the playing field.

The momentum was clearly with Stokes and after winning a 12 million pot when his ace-nine beat Pawlak’s pocket fours. An epic comeback was all but complete for Stokes.

Stokes’ hot run continued when Pawlak pushed his short stack into the middle of the felt while holding king-six of diamonds and Stokes called with a pair of black threes. The lowly pair held, Pawlak crashed out in second place and Stokes became the latest DTD200 champion.

The next DTD200 event takes place over the coming weekend and costs £220 to enter. There are two online Day 1s held at partypoker and four live Day 1s at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham between May 12-14.

Download partypoker via PokerNews, enter the bonus code “PNCOM” when making your first deposit and partypoker will match the amount 100 percent up to $500.

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