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Over $2,000,000 in Guarantees at Merit Poker Retro 3 from Sept. 17-27

Over $2,000,000 in Guarantees at Merit Poker Retro 3 from Sept. 17-27 0001

From Sept. 17-27, the luxurious five-star Merit Crystal Cove Hotel & Casino Resort in North Cyprus will host the Merit Poker RETRO 3 festival with over $2,000,000 in combined guarantees, featuring a $5K Main Event with $1,000,000 guaranteed!

For the Retro 3 poker series, Merit Poker has prepared a nice surprise – a new, elegant and extremely comfortable poker room! With 26 tables and a high-class final table area, this luxurious new room has been designed with player comfort and convenience in mind. With three massage chairs, platform lift for disabled guests, spacious and cozy sitting area and brand new modern poker tables, more comfortable than ever before, the new room has everything that players and staff could need. Merit Poker has designed a truly exclusive setup that satisfies the modern poker player's needs and creates an amazing atmosphere for playing poker.

The highlight of the festival, featuring more than 25 events to suit every taste and bankroll, is the five-day $5,000 Retro 3 Main Event with a huge $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool. The Main Event starts on Sept. 21 with players beginning with 30,000 chips and blinds increasing every 60 minutes for 10 levels. Main Event players will have plenty of chances to get back into the action with the option of unlimited re-entries until the end of Level 10. Starting from Level 11 blinds will increase every 75 minutes.

Merit Poker is extremely proud to host two former November Niners during the Retro 3 - Merit Poker's Ambassador, the legendary Belgian Mr. Pierre Neuville, who has smashed the record of the oldest player to reach the "November 9" in the poker history, and famous French poker pro Antoine Saout, who in addition to his numerous victories around the world, has a 3rd, 5th and 25th place finish in the WSOP Main Event!

Apart from enjoying the new poker room with plenty of action at the tables, Retro 3 players and their friends can take advantage of the entertainment provided by Merit. Well known as a performer of the most popular hits, a world-famous pop star Arash will be meeting his fans during the spectacular performance on the stage of Merit Royal & Premium on Sept. 23.

Here is the full schedule:

Merit Poker Retro 3 Schedule

Sunday, Sept. 17

12:00NL Freeroll to Event#1 (R/A $40)Free1 Seat ($1,350)2K+3K+5K    
13:00#1: NL Warm Up Day 1A$1,350+$150$200,00025K    
19:00NL Turbo$400+$40$12,00012.5K    
20:00NL Ladies Only$100 10K    
22:00#2: NL Turbo Sat. To ME Day 1A(R/A $250)$250+$253 Seats ($15,000)2K+3K+5K    
0:00NL SnG Sat. to ME$500+$50 10K    

Monday, Sept. 18

13:00#1: NL Warm Up Day 1B$1,350+$150$200,00025K
17:00#3: NL Turbo Sat. To ME Day 1A(R/A $200)$200+$202 Seats ($10,000)2K+3K+5K
20:00NL Ladies Only$100 10K
21:00#4: NL Turbo Deep Stack$600+$60$30,00015K
0:00NL SnG Sat. to ME$500+$50 10K

Tuesday, Sept. 19

13:00#1: NL Warm Up Day 2$1,350+$150$200,00025K 
17:00#5: NL Hyper Turbo$400+$40$12,00012K 
20:00NL Ladies Only$100 10K 
21:00#6: NL Satellite to ME Day1 A$500+$505 Seats ($25,000)10K 
0:00NL Midnight SnG Sat. to ME$500+$50 10K 

Wednesday, Sept. 20

13:00#7: NL Turbo Bounty $300 K.O.$600+$60$25,00015K  
15:00#1: NL Warm Up FinalCLOSED$200,000CLOSED  
17:00#8: NL Turbo Sat. To HR Day 1(R/A $300)$300+$302 Seats ($20,000)2K+3K+5K  
20:00NL Ladies Only$100 10K  
21:30#9: NL Super Sat. to ME Day 1A$700+$708 Seats ($40,000)12K  
0:00NL Midnight SnG Sat. to ME$500+$50 10K  

Thursday, Sept. 21

13:00#10: NL Main Event Day 1A (level 1-10 60min/75)$4700+$300$1,000,00030K 
18:00#11: NL Turbo Sat. To ME Day 1B(R/A $250)$250+$253 Seats ($15,000)2K+3K+5K 
20:00NL Ladies Only$100 10K 
21:30#12: NL Turbo Bounty $500 K.O. 8 Max$1,000+$100$40,00017K 
0:00NL Midnight SnG Sat. to HR$1,000+$100 10K 

Friday, Sept. 22

13:00#10: NL Main Event Day 1B (level 1-10 60min/75)$4700+$300$1,000,00030K
18:00#13: NL Turbo Bounty ($200 K.O.)$500+$50$20,00015K
20:00NL Ladies Only$100 10K
21:30#14: NL Super Sat. To HR$1,000+$1003 Seats ($30,000)12K
0:00NL Midnight SnG Sat. to HR$1,000+$100 10K

Saturday, Sept. 23

13:00#10: NL Main Event Day 2 (level 1-10 60min/75)$4700+$300$1,000,00030K  
17:00#15: NL Turbo Sat. To HR Day 1(R/A $300)$300+$302 Seats ($20,000)2K+3K+5K  
20:00NL Ladies Only$100 10K  
21:30#16: NL High Roller Day 1, 8 Max (5 levels)$9,500+$500$250,00050K  
22:00#17: NL Turbo Deep Stack$700+$70$30,00020K  

Sunday, Sept. 24

13:00#10: NL Main Event Day 3CLOSED$1,000,000CLOSED
14:00#18: NL Mix Max Day 1 (9 Max)$1000+$100$60,00025K
18:00#19: PL Omaha $300 K.O.$700+$70$20,00015K
20:00NL Ladies Only$100 10K
21:30#16: NL High Roller Day 2, 8 Max$9.500+$500$250,00050K
22:00#20: NL Hyper Turbo$500+$50$20,00012.5K

Monday, Sept. 25

13:00#21: NL Merit Poker Cup Day 1A$910+$90$100,00020k 
15:00#10: NL Main Event FinalCLOSED$1,000,000CLOSED 
20:00#18: NL Mix Max Day 2 (6 Max)$1,000+$100$60,00025K 
20:00NL Ladies Only$100 10K 
21:30#16: NL High Roller Day 3, 8 Max$9,500+$500$250,00050K 
22:00NL Seniors event (+40)$1,000+$100 20K 

Tuesday, Sept. 26

13:00#21: NL Merit Poker Cup Day 1B$910+$90$100,00020K
15:00#16: NL High Roller Final, 8 MaxCLOSED$250,000CLOSED
17:00#22: NL Irish Poker$400+$40$12,00012K
20:00NL Ladies Only$100 10K
20:00#23: Heads Up$700+$70 10K

Wednesday, Sept. 27

13:00#21: NL Merit Poker Cup Day 2/Final$910+$90$100,00020K 
17:00#24: NL Hyper Turbo$300+$30$10,00012K 
20:00NL Ladies Only$100 10K 
20:00#25:NL 6 Max Bounty ($300 K.O.)$600+$60$20,00015K 

Merit Poker Retro 3 is offering over $2,000,000 in total guarantees and super entertainment which will please any player, whether professional or recreational.

Merit Poker has been organizing major regional series of poker tournaments since 2009, attracting hundreds of poker enthusiasts from all around the world with its colorful setup, exciting poker action, cash games running 24 hours on a variety of stakes, a free all-inclusive treatment in the poker room, and a five-star holiday in one of the best resorts in North Cyprus.

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