Tim Chung Takes Down the Inaugural DTD 1000

Tim Chung

One of the most popular live poker tournaments in the United Kingdom is the £100,000 guaranteed DTD 200 event at Dusk Till Dawn, so it's no wonder that when the Nottingham-based club decided to run a £500,000 guaranteed DTD 1000 event it was a roaring success. Just ask Tim Chung, who triumphed in the £1,100 buy-in tournament and took home £76,500.

A total of 274 unique entrants paid £1,100 to buy into the inaugural DTD 1000 over the weekend and an additional 228 re-entries were purchased, meaning the ambitious £500,000 guarantee was surpassed by £2,000.

DTD 1000 Final Table Results

1Tim Chung£76,500*
2Mark Kelsall£71,020*
3Chun Law£57,480*
4William Bennet£34,700
5Justin Sevilla£25,000
6Chuck Khuu£20,000
7Colin Gillon£15,000
8Harvey Sellick£12,500

*reflects a three-handed deal

The money bubble burst on Day 2 when Josh Jones bust in 48th place. Yani Yanev opened the betting with a raise to 50,000 and Jones defended his big blind with a call. Jones checked on the A3J flop and then called a 55,000 bet. The Q landed on the turn and Jones checked again. Yanev set the price to play at 85,000 only to see Jones move all-in for 375,000 in total. Yanev snap-called, as would you if you held the K10 for the nuts. Jones showed A3 and was drawing dead.

Everyone who had chips in front of them locked up £2,000 for their efforts. Players such as Roberto Romanello, Waheed Ashraf, Michael Kane, Mitch Johnson, Michael Fletcher, David Vamplew, Ben Jackson and Ben Jones all crashed out in the money places, with Tom Hall busting in ninth place to set the official final table.

1Tim Chung8,050,000
2Justin Sevilla2,375,00
3Harvey Sellick4,175,000
4Colin Gillon5,025,000
5Chuck Khuu1,325,000
6William Bennet14,700,000
7Chun Law3,200,000
8Mark Kelsall11,500,000

First to fall at the final table was Harvey Sellick, whose ace-queen couldn’t win the race against Mark Kelsall’s pair of black fours, before Chung sent Colin Gillon to the rail in seventh place when his pocket sevens flopped a set to best the top pair of Gillon.

Chuck Khuu busted in sixth place after running into the pocket kings of Kelsall. A five million chip pot was created after the pair were all-in preflop, Khuu holding ace-queen. Khuu paired his queen on a paired flop, but Kelsall turned a full house to leave Khuu drawing dead.

Next to fall was Justin Sevilla who moved all-in blind from the small blind with what turned out to be a suited nine-six only for William Bennet to call with ace-three. A three on the turn ended up being more than enough to despatch Sevilla.

Four-handed play did not last long because Bennet moved all-in from the small blind with a respectable holding in ace-eight only for Chun Law to wake up in the big blind with a pair of red kings. Law then improved to quad kings on the flop to reduce the player count by one.

The final three players decided to pause the tournament clock to discuss a deal based on ICM. An agreement was reached that saw Kelsall take £66,020, Chung £61,500 and Law £57,480; this deal left the trophy and £15,000 for the champion and an additional £5,000 for the runner-up.

It turned out to be a good deal for Law because he was the next player eliminated. Law raised all-in over a flop bet by Kelsall with the board being ace-high with two diamonds. Kelsall called with top set and needed to fade diamonds because Law held nine-eight of diamonds. Fade Kelsall did as the turn and river came out clubs and spades to sent the tournament to the heads-up stage.

The chip counts were almost level going into heads-up, Chung holding 24,800,000 and Kelsall 25,400,000 but a cooler of a hand put all of the chips in Chung’s stack.

Kelsall opened to 1,200,000 and called when Chung three-bet to 3,500,000. Chung continued for 3,000,000 on the 6A2 flop and Kelsall called. Chung bet 7,000,000 on the 5 turn but it wasn’t enough to shake Kelsall off. The A completed the board and Chung moved all-in. Kelsall instantly called and showed A3 for trips, but Chung held AK for trips with a king-kicker, enough to bust Kelsall in second place.

The £78,700 won by Chung is his largest live poker score, the second largest weighing in at £32,815, which was his reward for winning the 2014 Genting Poker Tour Newcastle Main Event. In July 2017, Chung won the £550 MPN Poker Tour Manchester Main Event for £29,900.

Compete for the Next DTD1000 Title

If you missed out on this DTD 1000 event, you can try win the next one which start Oct. 3 and ends on Oct. 8. Online qualifiers and Day 1 will be found at partypoker, Dusk Till Dawn’s partner. You can download partypoker via PokerNews and if you enter the bonus code “PNCOM” when making your first deposit, partypoker will match your initial deposit 100 percent up to $500.

  • Tim Chung won the DTD 1000 tournament for more than £76,000, his second live victory in two months.

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