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Kevin Iacofano Ships the WSOP Circuit Las Vegas Main Event for $259,463

Kevin Iacofano
  • Kevin Iacofano wins his first live tournament in a huge way.

After three days of play, Kevin Iacofano shipped the WSOP Circuit Las Vegas Event #11: $1,675 Main Event at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino for $259,463.

The former PokerStars Sunday Million winner and WCOOP champion was unable to find the winner's circle in a live poker tournament in the past despite having nearly $1.1 million in live tournament cashes leading up to this WSOPC event. Iacofano has had several close calls in the past included a runner-up finish in a WSOP event to go along with a pair of third-place finishes in WSOP events and two more third-place performances in WSOP Circuit events.

The event smashed its $1 million guaranteed prize pool after 887 entrants joined the field in the two opening days to create a massive $1,330,500 prize pool.

WSOP Circuit Las Vegas $1,675 Main Event Final Table Results

1Kevin IacofanoUnited States$259,463
2Nikhil GeraUnited States$160,325
3Boris KasabovUnited States$118,095
4Jesse CohenUnited States$88,132
5Yashveen MudireddyUnited States$66,631
6Brett BaderUnited States$51,025
7Jim AgateUnited States$39,569
8Mark KaganovskyUnited States$31,067
9Matt AffleckUnited States$24,694
10Drazen IlichUnited States$19,864

The final day of the Main Event kicked off with 22 hopefuls battling it out for the coveted ring with all of the players guaranteed at least a $9,353 payday.

Brett Bader began the day in the lead and extended it when the unofficial 10-max final table began. Iacofano started the final table near the bottom of the pack in seventh place.

According to, it didn't take long for the action to heat up. Drazen Ilich opened from under the gun with pocket nines and was called by Nikhil Gera from the big blind with pocket jacks. Ilich check-raised all-in on the eight-seven-six-flop. Gera tanked and called making Ilich hit the rail in 10th place for $19,864 after he was unable to complete a straight or nail a set on the turn and river.

Not much later, Gera eliminated another opponent, this time Matt Affleck in ninth place for $24,694. Affleck called a four-bet jam with pocket queens and was unable to win the race against his opponent's ace-king.

About 30 minutes later, Yashveen Mudireddy opened from under the gun with pocket-nines and was called by Mark Kaganovsky from the big blind with eight-seven. Kaganovsky jammed on the eight-high flop and was eliminated in eighth place for $31,067 after a pair of aces appeared on the turn and river.

Despite eliminating Bader, Iacofano entered the dinner break in the last place.

Gera then eliminated his third opponent at the final table to grab the chip lead from Bader who was bleeding chips after losing several pots. Gera jammed from the small blind with king-queen covering the 13 big blind stack of Jim Agate, who called from the big blind with ace-seven suited. The board was safe for Agate until a queen spiked the river to send him to the rail in seventh place for $39,569.

Bader's stack decreased even more as he lost a hand against Iacofano, falling to the unfavorable position of the short stack. He was then eliminated in sixth place for $51,025 after he jammed for 17 big blinds with ace-queen suited from under the gun. He was outmatched by Iacofano who called with pocket aces from the big blind.

Despite eliminating Bader, Iacofano entered the dinner break in the last place. After the break, Iacofano was able to chip up after winning a hand off of Mudireddy. About half an hour later, Mudireddy was eliminated in fifth place for $66,631 after he three-bet jammed ace-king only to run into the pocket aces held by Boris Kasabov.

Iacofano's run continued as he called a three-bet jam with pocket nines against Jesse Cohen with ace-jack to put the duo in a classic race. Cohen appeared to be in great shape to double up after a jack appeared on the flop. However, Cohen was eliminated in fourth place for $88,132 after a nine on the turn gave Iacofano an unbeatable set.

Shortly after, Iacofano was able to snag the chip lead from Gera for the first time on the final table.

Kasabov was low on chips after losing a pair of pots to Gera. He then three-bet jammed his short-stack with pocket tens from the big blind against Gera's king-queen and was eliminated in third place for $118,095 after a queen spiked the flop.

Iacofano: "This has been ten, twelve years of hard work."

Iacofano entered the heads-up battle against Gera with a slight chip lead. However, Gera quickly snagged back the lead he had much of the final table back and eventually extended his lead to a 3:1 chip advantage. In the back and forth battle, Iacofano was able to reclaim the chip lead and shortly afterward had a 6:1 chip advantage. This time Gera battled back from a short-stack to reclaim the lead before once again relinquishing it to Iacofano.

On the final hand, Iacofano had a 3:2 edge on his opponent. The action was limped by Gera on the button, and Iacofano opted to check from the big blind. Iacofano check-raised with eight-four on an eight-high flop and Gera called. Gera called another bet from his opponent when a deuce appeared on the turn. He then mucked his hand after he called a bet for the rest of his chips when an ace completed the board on the river to take the runner-up prize of $160,325.

Iacofano shared his excitement on his first tournament victory with

"I feel absolutely amazing," said Iacofano. "This has been ten, twelve years of hard work."

*Image and hand details courtesy of

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