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The Wynn Classic Returns on Feb. 19 to March 17

Wynn Classic

The Wynn Classic is back again for a month of poker action at the Encore Poker Room from Feb. 19 thorugh March 17.

The schedule features 23 events with combined guarantees of almost $2.8 million. This is a sizeable increase from the last time this festival ran in the autumn when it boasted 16 events with $1.8 million in guarantees.

Championship Event

The highlight of the series will be the three-day Wynn Classic Championship Event with a $1,600 buy-in and a $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool. The massive guarantee is double that during the last Championship Event won by Steve Sung for $170,550.

The event features three starting days with players starting off with 30,000 in chips and competing in 60-minute blind levels on March 14-16. As is the case with all events on the schedule, players will have a chance to build a big stack with unlimited reentries permitted throughout the late-registration period.

Other Big Events

In addition to the Championship Event, the schedule features a handful of other multi-day tournaments. An event early in the schedule on Feb. 25-26 features two opening days with a $600 buy-in and a $200,000 guarantee.

Two events with three opening days featuring a $600 buy-in and a $250,000 take place on Feb. 28 to March 2 and again on March 7-9. Another three opening day event with a $400 buy-in and a $150,000 guarantee takes place on March 11-13.

Another big event that will likely draw some of the biggest names in poker is the $3,200 buy-in No Limit Hold'em event with a $200,000 guarantee on March 16.

The schedule also features two Senior (50+) events and plenty of daily No Limit Hold'em tournaments with guarantees as high as $100,000.

Check out the full 2019 schedule below.

Wynn Classic Schedule

DateTimeEventGuaranteeBuy-inChipsClock (mins)
Feb. 1911 a.m.No Limit Hold’em Seniors (50+)$50,000$55020,00030
Feb. 2012:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em$40,000$40015,00030
Feb. 205 p.m.Pot Limit Omaha$20,000$40020,00030
Feb. 2112:00 p.m.NLH $4K Survivor$40,000$44020,00030
Feb. 2212:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em$100,000$55020,00030
Feb. 225:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em$20,000$30015,00030
Feb. 2312:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em$100,000$55020,00030
Feb. 2412:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em$40,000$40015,00030
Feb. 2512:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em Day 1A$200,000$60020,00040
Feb. 2612:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em Day 1B$200,000$60020,00040
Feb. 2712:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em$40,000$40015,00030
Feb. 2812:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em Day 1A$250,000$60020,00040
March 112:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em Day 1B$250,000$60020,00040
March 212:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em Day 1C$250,000$60020,00040
March 312:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em$40,000$40015,00030
March 35 p.m.Short Deck Hold'em$10,000$30040,00030
March 412:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em$40,000$40015,00030
March 512:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em$40,000$40015,00030
March 611 a.m.No Limit Hold’em Seniors (50+)$25,000$40015,00030
March 712:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em Day 1A$250,000$60020,00040
March 812:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em Day 1B$250,000$60020,00040
March 85:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em$20,000$30015,00030
March 912:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em Day 1C$250,000$60020,00040
March 1012:00 p.m.NLH $5K Survivor$50,000$55020,00030
March 1112:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em Day 1A$150,000$40020,00040
March 1212:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em Day 1B$150,000$40020,00040
March 1312:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em Day 1C$150,000$40020,00040
March 132:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em$200,000$3,20050,00040
March 1412:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em Day 1A$1,000,000$1,60030,00060
March 1512:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em Day 1B$1,000,000$1,60030,00060
March 1612:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em Day 1C$1,000,000$1,60030,00060
March 1712:00 p.m.No Limit Hold’em$50,000$55020,00030

The Wynn is also hosting eight Super Satellites with buy-ins ranging from $120 to $400. Each Super Satellite awards Tournament Buy-in Chips that can not only be used for any event on the schedule but any tournament hosted at the Wynn until Dec. 31, 2019.

Wynn Classic Super Satellites Schedule

Feb. 247:00 p.m.$120
Feb. 287:00 p.m.$120
March 67:00 p.m.$120
March 77:00 p.m.$120
March 127:00 p.m.$400
March 137:00 p.m.$300
March 147:00 p.m.$300
March 157:00 p.m.$300
  • Check out the schedule for the @WynnPoker Classic, offering 23 events and almost $2.8 million in guarantees.

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