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PokerNews to Cover the €1 Million Gtd. Golden Poker Million on Nov. 26 to Dec. 2

Golden Poker Million Cyprus

The all-inclusive Noah's Ark Deluxe Hotel and Spa, located on the sand and surf in Bafra, Cyrpus, is about to host the Golden Poker Million Cyprus on Nov. 22 to Dec. 2.

The Golden Poker Series is the perfect poker holiday for those looking to combine tons of poker action €1.5 million in guaranteed prize pools and nonstop cash games along with what promises to be great weather as the winter months approach in Europe.

€1 Million Guaranteed Main Event

PokerNews will be on hand to report the highlight of the festival the Golden Poker Million €800 Main Event on Nov. 26 to Dec. 2. The tournament provides tons of value with a tasty €1 million guaranteed prize pool.

The event features five opening flights and is a deep-stacked affair with players starting off with 80,000 in chips. Players can opt to add another 20,000 in chips to their stacks with an optional €40 add-on.

The first four opening flights on Nov. 26-29 feature long 60-minute blind levels while the final opening flight on Nov. 30 is a turbo-affair featuring 20-minute blind levels. Players have plenty of opportunities to build a big stack with unlimited reentries permitted during the first 12 blind levels in each of the opening flights.

As a unique twist, players will be in the money during the opening flights which pay 15 percent of the field. This means there will be five separate payout bubbles. The event will give away special prizes to the players that bubbled and were chip leaders during each of the opening flights.

Each opening flight will end when approximately 10 percent of the field remains. Those bagging chips will battle it out for the trophy with a deeper structure. Day 2 on Nov. 30 features 75-minute blind levels while the final two days on Dec. 1-2 feature even longer 90-minute blind levels.

We recommend you consider playing on Day 1a. Eliminated players in that flight will be invited to a special freeroll the following day on Nov. 27 where five seats to the Main Event will be awarded.

Of course, there are tons of satellites littered throughout the schedule with buy-ins starting at just €80.

Tons of Side Events

Each day of the schedule is full of side events with buy-ins suitable to everyone ranging from as low as €55 to as high as €1,500.

Two of the side events feature six-figure guarantees by themselves including the Super Rodeo €1,500 High Roller boasting a €150,000 guarantee on Nov. 27-28 and the Silver Poker €400 Side Event on Nov. 30 to Dec. 1.

As if there wasn't enough action, cash games will be running at stakes high and low throughout the festival providing festival guests a nonstop poker experience.


We recommend that you stay at the Noah's Ark Deluxe Hotel and Spa during the festival. Rates are as low as €75 per night, which is a bargain at an all-inclusive resort.

In addition, cash game players have the opportunity for free hotel accommodations just by playing. The number of hours per day varies depending on the stakes.

2019 Golden Poker Million Cyprus Schedule

Nov. 227 p.m.€330Golden Opening Day 1a30 min.€30,000
 10 p.m.€165Sat Super Rodio High Roller20 min.2 Seats
Nov. 237 p.m.€330Golden Opening Day 1b30 min.€30,000
 10 p.m.€165Sat Super Rodio High Roller20 min.2 Seats
Nov. 245 p.m.€330Golden Opening Final Day40 min.€30,000
 7 p.m.€55Sunday Battle Cyprus25 min.€5,000
 10 p.m.€90Sat Super Rodio High Roller20 min.3 Seats
Nov. 256 p.m.€165Golden Six Max20 min.€10,000
 9 p.m.€55Sat Main Day 1a20 min.5 Seats
 10 p.m.€130Sat Super Rodio High Roller20 min.2 Seats
 Midnight€110Hyper Turbo "The Gambler"20 min.€5,000
Nov.2612 p.m.€115Sat Main Day 1a20 min.4 Seats
 3 p.m.€800Golden Poker Million Day 1a45 min.€1,000,000
 7 p.m.€220Golden Warm Up20 min.€10,000
 10 p.m.€110Sat Super Rodio High Roller20 min.2 Seats
Nov. 2712 p.m.€0Freeroll Special Eliminated Day 1a20 min.5 Seats
 3 p.m.€800Golden Poker Million Day 1b45 min.€1,000,000
 5 p.m.€160Sat Super Rodio High Roller20 min.5 Seats
 8 p.m.€1,500Super Rodeo High Roller Day 140 min.€150,000
 10 p.m.€100Sat Main Day 1c20 min.4 Seats
Nov. 2812 p.m.€110Sat Main Day 1c20 min.4 Seats
 2 p.m.€1,500Super Rodeo High Roller Final Day40 min.€150,000
 3 p.m.€800Golden Poker Million Day 1c45 min.€1,000,000
 7 p.m.€440Bounty KO Progressive Bounty20 min.€10,000
 10 p.m.€100Sat Main Day 1d20 min.4 Seats
Nov. 2912 p.m.€110Sat Main Day 1d20 min.4 Seats
 3 p.m.€800Golden Poker Million Day 1d45 min.€1,000,000
 4 p.m.€220Rockie BountyKO Bounty €10020 min.€5,000
 7 p.m.€220Golden Omaha Pot Limit25 min.€10,000
 9 p.m.€165Deep Stack20 min.€10,000
 10 p.m.€80Hyper Sat Main Event Day 1e15 min.4 Seats
Nov. 3012 p.m.€800Golden Poker Million Day 1e Turbo20 min.€1,000,000
 4 p.m.€110Sat Platinum High Roller20 min.4 Seats
 6 p.m. Golden Poker Million Day 260 min.€1,000,000
 7 p.m.€400Silver Poker Side Event Day 140 min.€111,000
 8 p.m.€1,100Platinum High Roller Day 140 min.€50,000
Dec. 112 p.m.€110OFC Pineapple20 min.€2,000
 3 p.m. Golden Poker Million Day 390 min.€1,000,000
 3 p.m.€1,100Platinum High Roller Final Day60 min.€50,000
 5 p.m.€400Silver Poker Side Event Final Day40 min.€111,000
 7 p.m.€220Win the Button25 min.€10,000
Dec. 23 p.m. Golden Poker Million Final Day90 min.€1,000,000
 6 p.m.€165Golden Closing20 min.€10,000
  • The festival guarantees €1.5 million in prizes including €1 million for the Main Event.

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