Gage "greypoupon" Doyne Wins Final Event of Online Super Circuit Series

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Gage "greypoupon" Doyne topped 358-entry field to win Online Super Circuit Series Event #18: $75,000 NLH Grand Finale H

On Tuesday, hosted the final event in their 18-ring event online series – Online Super Circuit Series – which was open to those inside the borders of Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware.

The final tournament on the schedule — Event #18: $75,000 NLH Grand Finale High Roller 2x Re-entry 6-Max — featured a $1,000 buy-in and quadrupled the guarantee. With a final count of 232 registered players and 126 rebuys, the 358-entry tournament offered a total prize pool of $341,890 that was paid out amongst the top 35 players with a min-cash starting at $2,393.

In the end, Gage "greypoupon" Doyne was the last player remaining. Doyne took the $90,600 top prize along with the WSOP Circuit ring. Online Super Circuit Series Event #18 Final Nine Results

1Gage "greypoupon" Doyne$90,600
2Chad "clayne" Layne$52,992
3Brandon "horus" Eisen$30,257
4Katie "katelin" Lindsay$23,248
5David "dehhhhh" Coleman$19,829
6Thomas "carter12" Carter$16,410
7Qi Tim "LINSANITY" Ha$12,308
8Luis "theunderdog0" Rodriguez$8,205
9Jason "haderade" Somerville$5,812

Others to cash the tournament included James "meatsweats" Carroll (34th place - $2,393), Jesse "mrjessejames" Sylvia (29th place - $2,564), Keith "kgriffi45" Griffin (23rd place - $2,735) Jonathan "jetsfan14" Borenstein (17th place - $3,418), and Chris "Robotbob47" Moorman (10th place - $4,444). Online Super Circuit Series Online Super Circuit Series Online Super Circuit Series Current Points Standings

The Online Super Circuit Series ran through March 31. By the end, more than $1,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools were awarded.

In addition, the 18 events do count for the Global Casino Championship leaderboard points standings, with the Main Event champion and Casino Champion from these events earning automatic qualification.

Here’s a look at the Top 10 standings through 17 events:

1Matt Stout14026$122,389
2Jonathan Dokler127.518$126,812
3James Carroll10016$71,989
4Brian Altman92.513$67,321
5Brian Sherrier87.505$44,385
6Eric Vanauken8004$57,180
7Chad Layne77.504$41,375
8Anthony Zinno77.504$24,801
9Andrew Dean7515$56,803
10Sang Lee72.515$40,262 Online Super Circuit Series Winners

TournamentEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
Event #1: $50,000 GTD NLH Double Stack 2x Re-entry570$171,000Vijay “Eclypzed” Para$41,895
Event #2: $50,000 GTD NLH Monster Stack 2x Re-entry941$188,200Matt "RubberFist" Stout$43,286
Event #3: $50,000 GTD NLH Deep Turbo 2x Re-entry669$133,800Brian "JackBogle" Altman$32,781
Event #4: $75,000 GTD NLH High Roller 6-Max 2x Re-entry290$276,950Shankar "burgersssss" Pillai$74,776
Event #5: $50,000 GTD NLH 2x Re-entry859$171,800Jaime "mooseman1710" Reyes$41,232
Event #6: $50,000 GTD NLH 2x Re-entry726$217,800James "meatsweats" Carroll$53,361
Event #7: $30,000 GTD PLO 6-Max 2x Re-entry454$90,800Thomas "mag8500" Maguire$23,608
Event #8: $75,000 GTD NLH Double Stack 2x Re-entry826$247,800Kenneth "ace710" Neri$59,472
Event #9: $150,000 GTD NLH Monster Stack 2x Re-entry636$318,000Jonathan "Art.Vandelay" Dokler$77,910
Event #10: $30,000 GTD NLH Freezeout473$110,209Kyle "Kdruck" Draucker$27,001
Event #11: $75,000 GTD NLH BIG $500 3x Re-entry531$247,977Matt "RubberFist" Stout$63,234
Event #12: $50,000 GTD NLH 2x Re-entry844$168,800William "swaggyb" Corvino$40,512
Event #13: $75,000 GTD NLH 6-Max 2x Re-entry673$201,900Thomas "OtB_RedBaron" Lim$49,465
Event #14: $50,000 GTD NLH 2x Re-entry636$149,460Sang "youngkoi" Lee$36,617
Event #15: $75,000 GTD NLH 2x Re-entry731$219,300Andrew "DrDisRespect" Dean$53,728
Event #16: $200,000 GTD NLH Main Event 3x Re-entry1,134$570,000Champie "kiddchamp" Douglas$130,410
Event #17: $30,000 GTD NLH Knockout Freezeout435$122,670Valentyn "tiktakonelov" Shabelnyk$19,396
Event #18: $75,000 NLH Grand Finale High Roller 2x Re-entry 6-Max358$341,890Gage "greypoupon" Doyne$90,600 Online Super Circuit Series Wrap Up

The Eighteen tournament series has concluded and was a huge success. Originally announced with just over 1 million in guaranteed prize pools, the series was able to award $3,948,356! The two most successful events of the series occurred during the final three days. Event #16: $200,000 GTD NLH Main Event 3x Re-entry brought an impressive 1,134 players to the platform and awarded $130,410 to the eventual winner. The final event of the series, Event #18: $75,000 NLH Grand Finale High Roller 2x Re-entry 6-Max, had 358 entries and resulted in an amazing finish. Gage "greypoupon" Doyne won the Circuit ring and $90,600. The cash prize was over $15,000 more than the event guaranteed prize pool!

For those looking for more opportunities to play during this unique time, WSOP is launching its " Online Championships: Spring Series" on April 5th. Click here for more information.

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