High Stakes Poker S8 E13: Dwan Crushes While Hellmuth & Steven Struggle

High Stakes Poker

"High Stakes Poker" was back Wednesday night on PokerGO, and featured the likes Tom Dwan, Phil Hellmuth, and Jake Daniels, just to name a few. The game being played was $200/$400 no-limit hold'em.

In the first hand of the episode, which turned out to be a small one, players spent most of the time talking about Doug Polk’s much talked about laydown of the second nuts to Hellmuth’s nut straight in last week’s episode.

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Here’s how the stack sizes broke down at the top of the broadcast:

Bryn Kenney$215,500
Brandon Steven$214,300
Doug Polk$193,200
John Andress$187,700
Jake Daniels$149,300
James Bord$127,000
Phil Hellmuth$110,100

Phil Hellmuth vs. Jake Daniels – One Almost Folds a Flush

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth

James Bord raised to $1,100 from early position with the 76 and Daniels called next to act holding the KJ. Hellmuth came along from the big blind with the 74 and the flop came down 897.

Hellmuth checked his pair and flush draw, and Bord continued for $2,000 with his pair and straight draw. Daniels had the worst of it but called nonetheless, and then Hellmuth woke up with a check-raise to $5,000.

Bord folded, Daniels called, and the Q appeared on the turn. Hellmuth checked his flush, Daniels bet $7,100 with a king-high flush draw, and Hellmuth wasted little time in making the call. On the 2 river, Hellmuth quickly led out for $14,000 and Daniels, who missed his draw, paused for a few beats before bluffing it by raising to $57,000.

It was $43,000 more to Hellmuth, who had $82,000 in his stack. The “Poker Brat” then hit the tank for several minutes.

“I keep thinking I’m going to fold this, he’s going to show me a bluff, and I’m going to quit,” Hellmuth said before Daniels called the clock. The floor gave Hellmuth a two-minute clock, which seemed to confuse both Daniels and commentator Gabe Kaplan.

“I don’t think you say clock if you’re bluffing,” Hellmuth said. Eventually, Hellmuth called and took down the $144,100 pot.

Tom Dwan vs. James Bord – Running It Twice

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan

After Polk departed, both Tom Dwan and Rick Salomon took a seat in the game for what looked to be $500K and $1 million respectively. They also talked the table into raising the stakes to $400/$800.

Salomon put on a $1,600 straddle before Bord raised to $3,200 from the button with the K10. Dwan called from the big blind with the A4, Salomon put in an additional $1,600 with the 43, and the trio saw a flop of 3210.

Two checks put action on Bord and he continued for $10,000 with top pair. Dwan, who had straight and flush draws, then check-raised to $35,000, Salomon folded, and Bord immediately jammed for the $70,000 he had behind. Dwan snap-called and they agreed to run it twice.

“The old Tom Dwan would scoop both of these,” Hellmuth chirped.

On the first run, the 7 turn was of no consequence but the A river was as Dwan made a bigger pair to lock up half the pot.

“I’m dead,” Bord claimed. The Q turn on the second run out didn’t make it so, and neither did the 7 river. With that, Bord and Dwan chopped the $171,000 pot.

Brandon Steven vs. Tom Dwan – Impossible to Bluff

Brandon Steven
Brandon Steven

Brandon Steven raised to $2,400 from middle position with the K4 and Dwan called from the cutoff with the 95. Bryn Kenney came along from the big blind with the 107 and it was three-way action to the A54 flop.

Kenney checked, Steven continued for $5,000, and Dwan raised to $18,000 with his pair and flush draw. Kenney folded, Steven opted to call, and the 9 peeled off on the turn. Steven checked, Dwan bet $33,000 with two pair, and Steven woke up with a check-raise to $87,000.

Dwan hit the tank for a while and seemed to be in the pressure cooker. Eventually, he decided to move all in for $227,000.

“You guys are impossible to bluff,” an exasperated Steven said before folding. “It’s amazing.”

“I didn’t know what the hell to do,” said Dwan, who won the $164,400 pot.

“If you call you get it all on the river,” Steven claimed. “I had a four, so I was alive.”

Brandon Steven vs. Tom Dwan vs. Jake Daniels

Three-way action
Three-way action.

Dwan straddled to $1,600 and Salomon double straddled to $3,200. Steven then raised to $10,000 with the J10 on the button and Daniels called from the big blind with the AK. Dwan looked down at the 97 and called, as did Salomon with the 98.

With $41,200 in the pot, the flop came down 7K2 and three players checked to Steven, who continued for $17,000. Daniels called with the best hand, Dwan came along with middle pair, and Salomon got out of the way.

The 9 turn was interesting as it gave Dwan the best hand with two pair, but he checked behind after Daniels had checked. Steven, who picked up a double gutter straight draw along with a club flush draw, thought for a bit but ultimately settled on taking the free card, which was the J river.

Daniel checked, Dwan bet $43,000, and Steven folded. Daniel called with top pair and watched the $178,200 pot pushed to Dwan.

Tom Dwan vs. Rick Salomon – Both with River Flushes

Rick Salomon
Rick Salomon

Salomon straddled for $1,600 with what turned out to be the 94 and Bord raised to $3,200 from the button with the AJ. Daniels then three-bet to $10,000 total with the J10 in the small blind and Dwan called from the big with the Q10. Salomon came along, Bord got out of the way, and it was three-way to the 725 flop.

Daniels continued for $12,500 and Dwan called with his flush draw. Salomon called with his inferior flush draw and the J appeared on the turn, which gave Daniels the best hand. He bet again, this time $33,000, and again both Dwan and Salomon called.

The 8 turn brought in the club flush draw and Daniels checked. Dwan bet $75,000, Salomon insta-called, and Daniels folded. Dwan tabled the better flush and won the $320,500 pot.

Here’s a look at the stack at the end of the episode:

Rick Salomon$943,200
Bryn Kenney$873,400
Tom Dwan$722,800
Brandon Steven$216,700
Phil Hellmuth$173,500
James Bord$166,300
John Andress$140,900
Jake Daniels$127,900

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*Images courtesy of PokerGO.

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