Engel, Sleeth & Seif Claim 2021 Venetian DeepStack Championship Titles

Venetian Winners

Since the beginning of May, Venetian Las Vegas has played host to the DeepStack Championship Poker Series, which will run through August 1 and offer more than $15 million in guaranteed prize pools.

Thus far through approximately 95 events in the 121-event series, over 30,000 entrants have participated and nearly $26 million in prize money has been awarded.

Among the highlights thus far were Chance Kornuth and Harlen Miller winning mid-six-figure prizes in a pair of MSPT Main Events; Sean Perry, Shawn Daniels, and Ali Imsirovic winning high roller titles, Chad Eveslage taking down the WPT Venetian for $910K, and side event wins by Jesse Lonis and Ashraf Chehata.

Below is a look at some other winners who’ve made headlines over the past couple of weeks.

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Ari Engel Nabs Limit Omaha 8/B Title

Ari Engel
Ari Engel

On June 20, poker pro Ari Engel topped a 168-entry field to win Event #66: $600 Limit Omaha 8/B for $24,734.

The tournament offered up an $86,184 prize pool that was paid out to the top 18 players. Among those to cash but fall short of making the final table was Casey Hayes (16th - $1,207), Andrew Yeh (14th - $1,379), Cory Wilbur (11th - $1,551), and Christopher Castaneda (10th - $1,551).

Event #66 Final Table Results

1Ari EngelDel Ray Beach, FL$24,734
2Kathy ChangValencia, California$15,513
3Benny GlaserUK$10,342
4Robert CampbellLas Vegas, NV$7,326
5John EmmonsLeander, TX$5,171
6Alexader ChristianOakland, CA$3,620
7Mark PharoBirmingham, AL$2,844
8Peter LevineLas Vegas, NV$2,327
9James TinleySandy Springs, GA$1,896

Mark Seif Claims Back-to-Back Titles

Mark Seif claimed back-to-back Venetian titles.
Mark Seif claimed back-to-back Venetian titles.

In late June, Event #78: $600 NLH MonsterStack attracted 358 runners, which surpassed the $100K guarantee by creating a $182,580 prize pool. Seif made his way to the final table and wound up besting Ryan Dodd in heads-up play to claim the title and $41,991. It marked the first major win for Seif in more than 15 years since he captured two gold bracelets at the 2005 World Series of Poker.

Then, on June 30, Event #81: $800 NLH Ultimate Stack wrapped up. The tournament had attracted a massive 1,811 entries and offered up a $1,249,590 prize pool. Some of the familiar names to make deep runs and cash were Joey Weissman (10th - $15,932), Corey Paggeot (18th - $11,621), Ryan Laplante (34th - $5,123), and Andy Frankenberger (35th - $5,123).

Seif once again found himself at the final table and he posted the following to social media:

“I’m trying to do something pretty similar to what I did 16 years ago. In June 2005, I was fortunate enough to win back-to-back World Series of Poker bracelets. There’s still a long way to go but if I win this event at the Venetian DeepStacks Championship Poker Series, I’ll have won bac- to-back DCPS titles as well. I received an email this morning from a poker historian that tells me no one has ever won back-to-back WSOP titles and back-to-back DCPS titles”

Well, Seif managed to make history as he once again closed it out, this time for a much heftier $193,416.

Event #81 Final Table Results

1Mark SeifHenderson, NV$193,416
2Ryan HunsingerBoulder City, NV$124,959
3Andrew KaplanDel Ray Beach, FL$93,719
4Joey KatzenSanta Ana, CA$69,977
5Robert NatividadRiverside, CA$53,732
6Jason JohnsonWaterford, MI$41,236
7Conrad SimpsonWilmington, NC$32,489
8Bob MatherLas Vegas, NV$24,992
9Joseph LibertaBerlin, NJ$19,993

Ashley Sleeth Wins LIPS Ladies Event

Ashley Sleeth
Ashley Sleeth

In late June, the two-day Event #74: $500 NLH LIPS tournament played out. The ladies event attracted 110 runners and offered up a $47,300 prize pool to the top dozen players. Among those to cash but fall short of the final table were Shannan Weeks, Jacqueline Pennington, and Lily Torrence, who finished 10th-12th respectively for $993 each.

The tournament came down to two well-known players in the community in Ruth Hall and Ashley Sleeth, the latter being the significant other of 2012 WSOP Main Event runner-up Jesse Sylvia. Sleeth ultimately prevailed and captured a $14,190 top prize.

Event #74 Final Table Results

1Ashley SleethLas Vegas, NV$14,190
2Ruth HallRound Rock, TX$8,798
3Michelle ReidyLake Forest, CA$6,196
4Cindy MurabitoCantreville, VA$4,494
5Geneva SantiagoPahrump, NV$3,311
6Natalia NoginaCanada$2,554
7Roni TaylorWest Covina, CA$1,987
8Sarah LeeHonolulu, HI$1,561
9Karen RobisonDallas, TX$1,230

DeepStack Championship Poker Series Winners

DeepStack Championship Poker Series
DeepStack Championship Poker Series

Here's a look at all those who've captured titles thus far:

*DateTournamentEntriesPrize PoolWinnerHometownPrize*      
5/3/21Event 1: $500 NLH Survivor68$29,5807 winnersN/A$4,300      
5/3/21Event 2: $200 NLH Bounty87$13,920Oscar TobarSan Francisco, CA$2,379      
5/4/21Event 3: $500 NLH Survivor50$21,7506 winnersN/A$4,300      
5/4/21Event 4: $200 NLH Bounty87$13,290Kilo KrahnSandy, Utah$2,678      
5/5/21Event 5: $400 NLH Monster Stack122$40,870Virab ZakaryanLas Vegas, NV$10,252      
5/5/21Event #6: $200 NLH Survivor96$15,3609 winnersN/A$1,600      
5/8/21Event #7: $400 NLH $50K GTD690$229,770Austin RobertsMonterery, California$35,552      
5/6/21Event #8: $200 NLH Survivor85$13,6008 WinnersN/A$1,600      
5/9/21Event #9: $300 NLH Freeze Out135$33,075Kennii NguyenLas Vegas, NV$6,786      
5/11/21Event #10: $400 NLH543$180,819Ricardo EyzaguirreLas Vegas, NV$29,277      
5/10/21Event #11: $200 NLH Survivor89$14,24011 winnersN/A$1,295      
5/12/21Event #12: $400 NLH204$68,340Christopher MarshallLas Vegas, NV$11,810      
5/16/21Event #13: $600 NLH832$421,824Matthew WantmanStoneham, MA$70,000      
5/13/21Event #14: $200 NLH Survivor96$15,3609 winnersN/A$1,600      
5/16/21Event #15: $300 NLH171$41,895Leo CregerMililani, HI$6,686      
5/20/21Event #16: $400 NLH739$243,870Dylan WilkersonLas Vegas, NV$48,270      
5/17/21Event #17: $200 NLH Survivor91$14,5609 winnersN/A$1,600      
5/20/21Event #18: $400 NLH230$77,050Mehdi SalehTempe, AZ$12,647      
5/22/21Event #19: $600 NLH646$326,230Jordan CristosLas Vegas, NV$57,088      
5/23/21Event #20: $400 NLH186$62,310Oleksandr SymonenkoUkraine$16,514      
5/26/21Event #21: $400 NLH MonsterStack549$182,817Ross WardCharleston, SC$31,073      
5/24/21Event #22: $200 NLH Survivor110$17,60011 winnersN/A$1,600      
5/26/21Event #23: $400 NLH MonsterStack186$62,310Justin MevsSeattle, WA$8,485      
5/29/21Event #24: $600 NLH867$437,835Tuan MaiSan Jose, CA$75,000      
5/27/21Event #25: $10,000 High Roller77$770,000Ali ImsirovicVancouver, WA$200,200      
5/27/21Event #26: $400 Limit Omaha 8/B92$31,280Khamar XaythavoneWest Valley, UT$9,383      
5/27/21Event #27: $300 NLH Bounty89$22,250Alan SuganoRancho Pals Verdes, CA$3,573      
5/28/21Event #28: $10,000 High Roller65$650,000Shawn DanielsHenderson, NV$175,500      
5/28/21Event #29: $400 PLO69$23,460Nohad TelianiCanada$8,211      
5/28/21Event #30: $300 NLH Bounty85$21,250Andrew MeyerManhattan, KS$4,058      
5/29/21Event #31: $25,000 High Roller43$1,075,000Sean PerryLas Vegas, NV$365,500      
5/30/21Event #32: $500 PLO 8/B142$60,634David BrookshireChatsworth, CA$16,977      
5/29/21Event #33: $300 NLH Bounty96$24,000Kason BradleyPortland, OR$4,319      
5/30/21Event #34: $600 NLH177$90,270Lawrence EngermanLas Vegas, NV$21,135      
5/31/21Event #35: $400 NLH351$117,585Bejnamin GarrickGold Beach, OR$22,745      
5/31/21Event #36: $200 NLH Survivor183$29,28018 winnersN/A$1,600      
 Event #37: Mega Satty           
6/1/21Event #38: $600 NLH307$156,570Santiago PlanteCanada$36,008      
6/1/21Event #39: $300 NLH Survivor163$40,74016 winnersN/A$2,500      
 Event #40: Mega Satty           
6/5/21Event #41: $1,100 MSPT2,790$2,692,350Harlen MillerMandan, ND$367,801      
6/2/21Event #42: $300 NLH Survivor154$38,50014 winnersN/A$2,500      
6/3/21Event #43: $300 NLH Survivor155$38,75016 winnersN/A$2,500      
6/6/21Event #44: $1,100 NLH358$347,260Bronson MosesGeorgetown, TX$79,867      
6/8/21Event #45: $1,100 NLH676$648,960Michael NewmanNanuet, NY$120,000      
6/7/21Event #46: $600 Big O162$83,106Robert SlagleSherman, TX$22,026      
6/7/21Event #47: $300 NLH Survivor177$44,25017 winnersN/A$2,500      
6/8/21Event #48: $300 NLH Survivor159$39,75016 winnersN/A$2,500      
 Event #49: Mega Satty           
6/9/21Event #50: $600 NLH277$141,270Ye Ping ShanCanada$20,511      
6/9/21Event #51: $400 NLH Survivor138$47,19614 winnersN/A$3,400      
 Event #52: Mega Satty           
6/12/21Event #53: $1,600 MSPT2,011$2,865,675Chance KornuthLas Vegas, NV$412,086      
6/10/21Event #54: $400 NLH Survivor149$50,95814 winnersN/A$3,400      
6/11/21Event #55: $400 NLH Survivor164$56,08816N/A$3,400      
6/13/21Event #56: $1,100 NLH330$320,100Matt VaughanLas Vegas, NV$57,758      
6/13/21Event #57: $300 NLH Survivor104$26,00010 WinnersN/A$2,500      
6/15/21Event #58: $1,100 NLH637$611,520Andrew MorenoSan Diego, CA$127,740      
6/14/21Event #59: $300 NLH Survivor129$32,25012 WinnersN/A$2,500      
6/15/21Event #60: $300 NLH Bounty134$33,500Ronald WestLos Angeles, CA$4,912      
6/16/21Event #61: $600 NLH258$131,580Darius StuddardMedford, NY$32,299      
6/16/21Event #62: $300 NLH Bounty101$25,250Marinko MilicevicBaraboo, WI$4,545      
6/18/21Event #63: $400 NLH1,013$337,329David YokoyamaHenderson, NV$59,395      
6/17/21Event #64: $600 PLO 8/B84$43,260Cornelio McLeanTacoma, WA$13,844      
6/17/21Event #65: $300 NLH Bounty81$20,250Venerando VillarinoLas Vegas, NV$3,887      
6/20/21Event #66: $600 Limit Omaha 8/B168$86,184Ari EngelDel Ray Beach, FL$24,734      
6/19/21Event #67: $600 NLH344$175,440Kim BassettIndianapolis, IN$34,000      
6/21/21Event #68: $800 NLH Seniors634$438,728Scott RobertsMarietta, GA$63,287      
6/20/21Event #69: $400 NLH Bounty112$38,304Gordon HamiltonLeague City, TX$4,240      
6/21/21Event #70: $400 NLH Bounty114$38,988Kevin TheodoreSeattle, WA$8,278      
6/25/21Event #71: $600 NLH1,526$770,630Michael ThachLas Vegas, NV$112,481      
6/23/21Event #72: $500 PLO158$67,466Jason FitzpatrickHouston, TX$19,363      
6/24/21Event #73: $400 NLH Survivor104$35,56811 WinnersN/A$3,400      
6/25/21Event #74: $500 LIPS Ladies110$47,300Ashley SleethLas Vegas, NV$14,190      
6/25/21Event #75: $600 PLO Bounty124$63,860Andrew DonabedianLas Vegas, NV$11,046      
6/26/21Event #76: $600 NLH514$262,140Samy DighlawiTemecula, CA$37,874      
6/26/21Event #77: $200 NLH Survivor83$28,386Dee WittOdessa, TX$6,427      
6/27/21Event #78: $600 NLH358$182,580Mark SeifHenderson, NV$41,991      
6/28/21Event #79: $1,600 PLO Championship248$352,160Jesse LonisMedford, OR$81,485      
6/27/21Event #80: $400 NLH Bounty81$27,702Josh SuyatLas Vegas, NV$6,273      
6/30/21Event #81: $800 NLH Ultimate Stack1,811$1,249,590Mark SeifHenderson, NV$193,416      
6/28/21Event #82: $400 NLH Survivor110$37,62011 WinnersN/A$3,400      
6/29/21Event #83: $400 NLH Survivor95$32,4909 WinnersN/A$3,400      
6/30/21Event #84: $600 NLH Survivor95$49,4009 WinnersN/A$5,200      
7/1/21Event #85: $1,100 NLH407$394,790Zachary SmileyToledo, OH$70,000      
7/1/21Event #86: $600 NLH Survivor215$111,80021 WinnersN/A$5,200      
7/4/21Event #88: $5,000 WPT1,199$5,545,375Chad EveslageRamsey, IN$910,370      
7/2/21Event #89: $600 NLH Survivor239$124,28023 WinnersN/A$5,200      
7/5/21Event #90: $1,100 NLH215$208,550Ken WareFrankfort, KY$44,592      
7/7/21Event #91: $800 NLH1,143$788,670Ashraf ChehataSt. Augustine, FL$125,462      
7/6/21Event #92: $400 NLH Survivor155$53,01015 WinnersN/A$3,400      
7/7/21Event #93: $400 NLH Survivor168$57,45616 WinnersN/A$3,400      
7/8/21Event #95: $600 NLH462$235,620Nick BlackburnLong Bottom, OH$50,663      
7/8/21Event #96: $400 NLH Survivor121$41,38212 WinnersN/A$3,400      

*Images courtesy of Venetian.

  • Recent @VenetianPoker DeepStack Championship Poker Series winners include @_AshleySleeth_ & @markseif

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