Engel, Sleeth & Seif Claim 2021 Venetian DeepStack Championship Titles

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Venetian Winners

Since the beginning of May, Venetian Las Vegas has played host to the DeepStack Championship Poker Series, which will run through August 1 and offer more than $15 million in guaranteed prize pools.

Thus far through approximately 95 events in the 121-event series, over 30,000 entrants have participated and nearly $26 million in prize money has been awarded.

Among the highlights thus far were Chance Kornuth and Harlen Miller winning mid-six-figure prizes in a pair of MSPT Main Events; Sean Perry, Shawn Daniels, and Ali Imsirovic winning high roller titles, Chad Eveslage taking down the WPT Venetian for $910K, and side event wins by Jesse Lonis and Ashraf Chehata.

Below is a look at some other winners who’ve made headlines over the past couple of weeks.

Click here to view the entire Venetian DeepStack Championship schedule

Ari Engel Nabs Limit Omaha 8/B Title

Ari Engel
Ari Engel

On June 20, poker pro Ari Engel topped a 168-entry field to win Event #66: $600 Limit Omaha 8/B for $24,734.

The tournament offered up an $86,184 prize pool that was paid out to the top 18 players. Among those to cash but fall short of making the final table was Casey Hayes (16th - $1,207), Andrew Yeh (14th - $1,379), Cory Wilbur (11th - $1,551), and Christopher Castaneda (10th - $1,551).

Event #66 Final Table Results

1Ari EngelDel Ray Beach, FL$24,734
2Kathy ChangValencia, California$15,513
3Benny GlaserUK$10,342
4Robert CampbellLas Vegas, NV$7,326
5John EmmonsLeander, TX$5,171
6Alexader ChristianOakland, CA$3,620
7Mark PharoBirmingham, AL$2,844
8Peter LevineLas Vegas, NV$2,327
9James TinleySandy Springs, GA$1,896

Mark Seif Claims Back-to-Back Titles

Mark Seif claimed back-to-back Venetian titles.
Mark Seif claimed back-to-back Venetian titles.

In late June, Event #78: $600 NLH MonsterStack attracted 358 runners, which surpassed the $100K guarantee by creating a $182,580 prize pool. Seif made his way to the final table and wound up besting Ryan Dodd in heads-up play to claim the title and $41,991. It marked the first major win for Seif in more than 15 years since he captured two gold bracelets at the 2005 World Series of Poker.

Then, on June 30, Event #81: $800 NLH Ultimate Stack wrapped up. The tournament had attracted a massive 1,811 entries and offered up a $1,249,590 prize pool. Some of the familiar names to make deep runs and cash were Joey Weissman (10th - $15,932), Corey Paggeot (18th - $11,621), Ryan Laplante (34th - $5,123), and Andy Frankenberger (35th - $5,123).

Seif once again found himself at the final table and he posted the following to social media:

“I’m trying to do something pretty similar to what I did 16 years ago. In June 2005, I was fortunate enough to win back-to-back World Series of Poker bracelets. There’s still a long way to go but if I win this event at the Venetian DeepStacks Championship Poker Series, I’ll have won bac- to-back DCPS titles as well. I received an email this morning from a poker historian that tells me no one has ever won back-to-back WSOP titles and back-to-back DCPS titles”

Well, Seif managed to make history as he once again closed it out, this time for a much heftier $193,416.

Event #81 Final Table Results

1Mark SeifHenderson, NV$193,416
2Ryan HunsingerBoulder City, NV$124,959
3Andrew KaplanDel Ray Beach, FL$93,719
4Joey KatzenSanta Ana, CA$69,977
5Robert NatividadRiverside, CA$53,732
6Jason JohnsonWaterford, MI$41,236
7Conrad SimpsonWilmington, NC$32,489
8Bob MatherLas Vegas, NV$24,992
9Joseph LibertaBerlin, NJ$19,993

Ashley Sleeth Wins LIPS Ladies Event

Ashley Sleeth
Ashley Sleeth

In late June, the two-day Event #74: $500 NLH LIPS tournament played out. The ladies event attracted 110 runners and offered up a $47,300 prize pool to the top dozen players. Among those to cash but fall short of the final table were Shannan Weeks, Jacqueline Pennington, and Lily Torrence, who finished 10th-12th respectively for $993 each.

The tournament came down to two well-known players in the community in Ruth Hall and Ashley Sleeth, the latter being the significant other of 2012 WSOP Main Event runner-up Jesse Sylvia. Sleeth ultimately prevailed and captured a $14,190 top prize.

Event #74 Final Table Results

1Ashley SleethLas Vegas, NV$14,190
2Ruth HallRound Rock, TX$8,798
3Michelle ReidyLake Forest, CA$6,196
4Cindy MurabitoCantreville, VA$4,494
5Geneva SantiagoPahrump, NV$3,311
6Natalia NoginaCanada$2,554
7Roni TaylorWest Covina, CA$1,987
8Sarah LeeHonolulu, HI$1,561
9Karen RobisonDallas, TX$1,230

DeepStack Championship Poker Series Winners

DeepStack Championship Poker Series
DeepStack Championship Poker Series

Here's a look at all those who've captured titles thus far:

*DateTournamentEntriesPrize PoolWinnerHometownPrize*      
5/3/21Event 1: $500 NLH Survivor68$29,5807 winnersN/A$4,300      
5/3/21Event 2: $200 NLH Bounty87$13,920Oscar TobarSan Francisco, CA$2,379      
5/4/21Event 3: $500 NLH Survivor50$21,7506 winnersN/A$4,300      
5/4/21Event 4: $200 NLH Bounty87$13,290Kilo KrahnSandy, Utah$2,678      
5/5/21Event 5: $400 NLH Monster Stack122$40,870Virab ZakaryanLas Vegas, NV$10,252      
5/5/21Event #6: $200 NLH Survivor96$15,3609 winnersN/A$1,600      
5/8/21Event #7: $400 NLH $50K GTD690$229,770Austin RobertsMonterery, California$35,552      
5/6/21Event #8: $200 NLH Survivor85$13,6008 WinnersN/A$1,600      
5/9/21Event #9: $300 NLH Freeze Out135$33,075Kennii NguyenLas Vegas, NV$6,786      
5/11/21Event #10: $400 NLH543$180,819Ricardo EyzaguirreLas Vegas, NV$29,277      
5/10/21Event #11: $200 NLH Survivor89$14,24011 winnersN/A$1,295      
5/12/21Event #12: $400 NLH204$68,340Christopher MarshallLas Vegas, NV$11,810      
5/16/21Event #13: $600 NLH832$421,824Matthew WantmanStoneham, MA$70,000      
5/13/21Event #14: $200 NLH Survivor96$15,3609 winnersN/A$1,600      
5/16/21Event #15: $300 NLH171$41,895Leo CregerMililani, HI$6,686      
5/20/21Event #16: $400 NLH739$243,870Dylan WilkersonLas Vegas, NV$48,270      
5/17/21Event #17: $200 NLH Survivor91$14,5609 winnersN/A$1,600      
5/20/21Event #18: $400 NLH230$77,050Mehdi SalehTempe, AZ$12,647      
5/22/21Event #19: $600 NLH646$326,230Jordan CristosLas Vegas, NV$57,088      
5/23/21Event #20: $400 NLH186$62,310Oleksandr SymonenkoUkraine$16,514      
5/26/21Event #21: $400 NLH MonsterStack549$182,817Ross WardCharleston, SC$31,073      
5/24/21Event #22: $200 NLH Survivor110$17,60011 winnersN/A$1,600      
5/26/21Event #23: $400 NLH MonsterStack186$62,310Justin MevsSeattle, WA$8,485      
5/29/21Event #24: $600 NLH867$437,835Tuan MaiSan Jose, CA$75,000      
5/27/21Event #25: $10,000 High Roller77$770,000Ali ImsirovicVancouver, WA$200,200      
5/27/21Event #26: $400 Limit Omaha 8/B92$31,280Khamar XaythavoneWest Valley, UT$9,383      
5/27/21Event #27: $300 NLH Bounty89$22,250Alan SuganoRancho Pals Verdes, CA$3,573      
5/28/21Event #28: $10,000 High Roller65$650,000Shawn DanielsHenderson, NV$175,500      
5/28/21Event #29: $400 PLO69$23,460Nohad TelianiCanada$8,211      
5/28/21Event #30: $300 NLH Bounty85$21,250Andrew MeyerManhattan, KS$4,058      
5/29/21Event #31: $25,000 High Roller43$1,075,000Sean PerryLas Vegas, NV$365,500      
5/30/21Event #32: $500 PLO 8/B142$60,634David BrookshireChatsworth, CA$16,977      
5/29/21Event #33: $300 NLH Bounty96$24,000Kason BradleyPortland, OR$4,319      
5/30/21Event #34: $600 NLH177$90,270Lawrence EngermanLas Vegas, NV$21,135      
5/31/21Event #35: $400 NLH351$117,585Bejnamin GarrickGold Beach, OR$22,745      
5/31/21Event #36: $200 NLH Survivor183$29,28018 winnersN/A$1,600      
 Event #37: Mega Satty           
6/1/21Event #38: $600 NLH307$156,570Santiago PlanteCanada$36,008      
6/1/21Event #39: $300 NLH Survivor163$40,74016 winnersN/A$2,500      
 Event #40: Mega Satty           
6/5/21Event #41: $1,100 MSPT2,790$2,692,350Harlen MillerMandan, ND$367,801      
6/2/21Event #42: $300 NLH Survivor154$38,50014 winnersN/A$2,500      
6/3/21Event #43: $300 NLH Survivor155$38,75016 winnersN/A$2,500      
6/6/21Event #44: $1,100 NLH358$347,260Bronson MosesGeorgetown, TX$79,867      
6/8/21Event #45: $1,100 NLH676$648,960Michael NewmanNanuet, NY$120,000      
6/7/21Event #46: $600 Big O162$83,106Robert SlagleSherman, TX$22,026      
6/7/21Event #47: $300 NLH Survivor177$44,25017 winnersN/A$2,500      
6/8/21Event #48: $300 NLH Survivor159$39,75016 winnersN/A$2,500      
 Event #49: Mega Satty           
6/9/21Event #50: $600 NLH277$141,270Ye Ping ShanCanada$20,511      
6/9/21Event #51: $400 NLH Survivor138$47,19614 winnersN/A$3,400      
 Event #52: Mega Satty           
6/12/21Event #53: $1,600 MSPT2,011$2,865,675Chance KornuthLas Vegas, NV$412,086      
6/10/21Event #54: $400 NLH Survivor149$50,95814 winnersN/A$3,400      
6/11/21Event #55: $400 NLH Survivor164$56,08816N/A$3,400      
6/13/21Event #56: $1,100 NLH330$320,100Matt VaughanLas Vegas, NV$57,758      
6/13/21Event #57: $300 NLH Survivor104$26,00010 WinnersN/A$2,500      
6/15/21Event #58: $1,100 NLH637$611,520Andrew MorenoSan Diego, CA$127,740      
6/14/21Event #59: $300 NLH Survivor129$32,25012 WinnersN/A$2,500      
6/15/21Event #60: $300 NLH Bounty134$33,500Ronald WestLos Angeles, CA$4,912      
6/16/21Event #61: $600 NLH258$131,580Darius StuddardMedford, NY$32,299      
6/16/21Event #62: $300 NLH Bounty101$25,250Marinko MilicevicBaraboo, WI$4,545      
6/18/21Event #63: $400 NLH1,013$337,329David YokoyamaHenderson, NV$59,395      
6/17/21Event #64: $600 PLO 8/B84$43,260Cornelio McLeanTacoma, WA$13,844      
6/17/21Event #65: $300 NLH Bounty81$20,250Venerando VillarinoLas Vegas, NV$3,887      
6/20/21Event #66: $600 Limit Omaha 8/B168$86,184Ari EngelDel Ray Beach, FL$24,734      
6/19/21Event #67: $600 NLH344$175,440Kim BassettIndianapolis, IN$34,000      
6/21/21Event #68: $800 NLH Seniors634$438,728Scott RobertsMarietta, GA$63,287      
6/20/21Event #69: $400 NLH Bounty112$38,304Gordon HamiltonLeague City, TX$4,240      
6/21/21Event #70: $400 NLH Bounty114$38,988Kevin TheodoreSeattle, WA$8,278      
6/25/21Event #71: $600 NLH1,526$770,630Michael ThachLas Vegas, NV$112,481      
6/23/21Event #72: $500 PLO158$67,466Jason FitzpatrickHouston, TX$19,363      
6/24/21Event #73: $400 NLH Survivor104$35,56811 WinnersN/A$3,400      
6/25/21Event #74: $500 LIPS Ladies110$47,300Ashley SleethLas Vegas, NV$14,190      
6/25/21Event #75: $600 PLO Bounty124$63,860Andrew DonabedianLas Vegas, NV$11,046      
6/26/21Event #76: $600 NLH514$262,140Samy DighlawiTemecula, CA$37,874      
6/26/21Event #77: $200 NLH Survivor83$28,386Dee WittOdessa, TX$6,427      
6/27/21Event #78: $600 NLH358$182,580Mark SeifHenderson, NV$41,991      
6/28/21Event #79: $1,600 PLO Championship248$352,160Jesse LonisMedford, OR$81,485      
6/27/21Event #80: $400 NLH Bounty81$27,702Josh SuyatLas Vegas, NV$6,273      
6/30/21Event #81: $800 NLH Ultimate Stack1,811$1,249,590Mark SeifHenderson, NV$193,416      
6/28/21Event #82: $400 NLH Survivor110$37,62011 WinnersN/A$3,400      
6/29/21Event #83: $400 NLH Survivor95$32,4909 WinnersN/A$3,400      
6/30/21Event #84: $600 NLH Survivor95$49,4009 WinnersN/A$5,200      
7/1/21Event #85: $1,100 NLH407$394,790Zachary SmileyToledo, OH$70,000      
7/1/21Event #86: $600 NLH Survivor215$111,80021 WinnersN/A$5,200      
7/4/21Event #88: $5,000 WPT1,199$5,545,375Chad EveslageRamsey, IN$910,370      
7/2/21Event #89: $600 NLH Survivor239$124,28023 WinnersN/A$5,200      
7/5/21Event #90: $1,100 NLH215$208,550Ken WareFrankfort, KY$44,592      
7/7/21Event #91: $800 NLH1,143$788,670Ashraf ChehataSt. Augustine, FL$125,462      
7/6/21Event #92: $400 NLH Survivor155$53,01015 WinnersN/A$3,400      
7/7/21Event #93: $400 NLH Survivor168$57,45616 WinnersN/A$3,400      
7/8/21Event #95: $600 NLH462$235,620Nick BlackburnLong Bottom, OH$50,663      
7/8/21Event #96: $400 NLH Survivor121$41,38212 WinnersN/A$3,400      

*Images courtesy of Venetian.

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