$3.5 Million Guaranteed in the Latest PokerStars 50/50 Series From June 11

PokerStars 50/50 Series

You do not always have to spend a lot to win big at the poker tables, especially when those poker tables belong to PokerStars. The 50/50 Series returns to PokerStars from June 11 through June 18, guaranteeing a cool $3.5 million across 50 events costing $50 each.

The 50/50 Series is immensely popular with recreational and seasoned professionals alike. The $50 buy-in is low enough for lower-stakes players to take a shot, but high enough for high-stakes grinders to drop down. Despite the affordable buy-ins, there are some impressive guaranteed prize pools waiting to be won.

June 11 is when the 50/50 Series kicks off, and boy does it explode into action. The Series Opener shuffles up and deals at 3:05 p.m. BST, and it will dish out not a cent less than $65,000!

Later in the day, the first of the daily No-Limit Hold'em PKO Mini Bounty Builder HR starts. The June 11 edition boasts of a staggering $300,000 guaranteed prize pool, which is the second-largest guarantee across all 50 events.

Sizeable guarantees are the order of the day across the week before the closing tournaments on June 18 perfectly round off the week-long series. Five of the seven scheduled events will have six-figure prize pools, including the eagerly anticipated 50/50 Series PKO Main Event.

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PokerStars 50/50 Series PKO Main Event

The 50/50 Series PKO Main Event may only cost $50 to enter, yet PokerStars has slapped a $350,000 guarantee on its prize pool! To help reach that dizzy sum, Main Event players are permitted to purchase up to five re-entries during the first 3 hours and 15 minutes of the event.

Everyone in the Main Event sits down with a generous 50,000 starting stack and plays to a 12-minute clock throughout, with blinds starting at 175/350/40a. The curtain comes down on Day 1, 7 hours and 50 minutes into the action, with play resuming on Day 2 from 6:00 p.m. BST on June 19.

50/50 Series Full Schedule

DateTime (BST)EventGuarantee
Sun 11 Jun3:05 p.m.#01 NLHE Series Opener 8-Max$65,000
 4:30 p.m.#02 NLHE Heads-Up Progressive Total KO Zoom$40,000
 5:30 p.m.#03 NLHE PKO Mini Bounty Builder HR 8-Max$300,000
 7:15 p.m.#04 PLO 6-Max$25,000
 8:05 p.m.#05 NLHE 8-Max$100,000
 9:30 p.m.#06 NLHE PKO 6-Max$75,000
 10:30 p.m.#07 NLHE Sunday Finisher 8-Max$40,000
Mon 12 Jun3:05 p.m.#08 NLHE Deep Stack 6-Max$50,000
 4:30 p.m.#09 NLHE PKO 7-Max$50,000
 5:30 p.m.#10 NLHE PKO Mini Bounty Builder HR 8-Max$150,000
 8:05 p.m.#11 NLHE PKO 5-Max$70,000
 9:30 p.m.#12 PLO PKO 6-Max$15,000
 11:05 p.m.#13 NLHE Daily Supersonic 6-Max$35,000
Tue 13 Jun3:30 p.m.#14 NLHE The Marathon 8-Max$35,000
 4:30 p.m.#15 NLHE PKO 7-Max$50,000
 5:30 p.m.#16 NLHE PKO Mini Bounty Builder HR 8-Max$135,000
 8:05 p.m.#17 NLHE PKO Deep Stack 6-Max$75,000
 9:30 p.m.#18 NLHE PKO Zoom Triple Threat 3-Max$33,333
 11:05 p.m.#19 NLHE Daily Supersonic 6-Max$35,000
Wed 14 Jun3:30 p.m.#20 NLHE The Marathon 8-Max$35,000
 4:30 p.m.#21 NLHE Midweek Freeze 8-Max$40,000
 5:30 p.m.#22 NLHE PKO Mini Bounty Builder HR 8-Max$135,000
 8:05 p.m.#23 8-Game$10,000
 9:30 p.m.#24 NLHE Heads-Up Progressive Total KO Zoom$50,000
 11:05 p.m.#25 NLHE Daily Supersonic 6-Max$35,000
Thu 15 Jun3:05 p.m.#26 NLHE The Marathon 8-Max$35,000
 5:30 p.m.#27 NLHE PKO Mini Bounty Builder HR 8-Max$150,000
 8:05 p.m.#28 PLO8 PKO 6-Max$15,000
 9:30 p.m.#29 NLHE PKO The Sprint 6-Max$35,000
 10:30 p.m.#30 NLHE PKO Bounty Builder 8-Max$30,000
 11:05 p.m.#31 NLHE Daily Supersonic 6-Max$35,000
Fri 16 Jun4:30 p.m.#32 NLHE Progressive Total KO 6-Max$35,000
 5:30 p.m.#33 NLHE PKO Mini Bounty Builder HR 8-Max$150,000
 8:00 p.m.#34 NLHE The Rounder 9-Max$20,000
 9:30 p.m.#35 NLO8 PKO 6-Max$10,000
 11:05 p.m.#36 NLHE Daily Supersonic 6-Max$35,000
Sat 17 Jun6:05 a.m.#37 NLHE PKO Mini Pacific Rim 8-Max$10,000
 4:30 p.m.#38 NLHE Deep Stack 8-Max$50,000
 5:30 p.m.#39 NLHE PKO Mini Bounty Builder HR 8-Max$150,000
 7:05 p.m.#40 NLHE PKO 5-Max$70,000
 8:40 p.m.#41 NLHE PKO Fast 7 7-Max$50,000
 9:30 p.m.#42 NLHE Bounty Quads Total PKO Zoom 4-Max$35,000
 11:05 p.m.#43 NLHE Daily Supersonic 6-Max$35,000
Sun 18 Jun3:05 p.m.#44 NLHE The Marathon 9-Max$100,000
 4:30 p.m.#45 NLHE 8-Max$125,000
 5:30 p.m.#46 NLHE PKO Main Event 8-Max$350,000
 7:15 p.m.#47 PLO PKO Main Event 6-Max$50,000
 8:05 p.m.#48 NLHE 6-Max$100,000
 9:30 p.m.#49 NLHE Heads-Up Progressive Total KO$50,000
 10:30 p.m.#50 NLHE PKO Series Saver 7-Max$100,000

Use the PokerNews Online Tournament Calendar During the 50/50 Series

The PokerNews Online Tournament Calendar is a free-to-use tool built into PokerNews that makes it possible to find your ideal poker tournament. It is available for 888poker, PartyPoker, and PokerStars tournaments.

This incredible tool allows you to set several filters that boil down each online poker site's tournament schedule, leaving only the tournaments and events you want to play. Why not give it a whirl during the 50/50 Series?

  • Check out the full 50-event schedule of the $3.5 million guaranteed PokerStars 50/50 Series.

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