Breaking Down the Full 52-Event WSOPC Tallinn Schedule

2023 WSOPC Tallinn

The excitement surrounding the inaugural WSOP Circuit Tallinn festival reached fever pitch this week with the release of the full event schedule. The organizers have added another forty tournaments to the 12 gold ring-awarding events, creating a bustling 52-event calendar that has something for everyone.

The Olympic Park Casino and Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel in Estonia have glowing reputations among Baltic and Nordic players, who frequent the properties throughout the year, competing in glorious series and festivals. WSOP Circuit Tallinn will not only attract those loyal Baltic and Nordic players but also grinders from much further afield.

Once in Estonia, WSOP Circuit Tallinn grinders are spoiled for choice regarding what tournaments to play. The official schedule boasts 19 No-Limit Hold'em events, six Pot-Limit Omaha tournaments, ten Mixed Game tourneys, and no fewer than 19 live satellites.

The €1,500 buy-in €1 million guaranteed WSOPC Tallinn Main Event is the tournament everyone heading to the Estonian capital wants to win, but there are 11 other ring events, and 40 other tournaments waiting to crown their worthy champions.

12 Ring Events, including WSOPC Tallinn €1,500 Main Event with a €1 Million guarantee, is the cream of the series. Yet, many poker enthusiasts are choosing the Tallinn series for the busy schedule of deep-structured side events, including a wide variety of different poker types and formats.

17 No-Limit Holdem Events

Although Tallinn-based festivals are renowned for having a plethora of mixed game action, No-Limit Holdem is still the king of tournament poker. WSOP Circuit Tallinn series offers 19 No-Limit Hold'em events with various buy-ins and formats.

There are eight NLH ring events, with buy-ins starting at €350 and increasing to the €3,000 High Roller. Of course, the €1 million guaranteed Main Event is the jewel in the crown.

Other No-Limit Hold'em tournaments to look out for include the €555 6-Handed, several lower €150-€250 buy-in competitions, and a €1,100 NLH Progressive Bounty Event that is sure to attract some of live poker's biggest names.

WSOPC Tallinn NL Hold'em events schedule

DatesEventStarting stackClock
Sept 14-17Event #1 - €555 NLH (Ring Event)30,00030-mins
Sept 16-17Event #2 - €,100 NLH (Ring Event)30,00030-mins
Sept 17-18Event #3 - €350 NLH (Ring Event)20,00020-mins
Sept 18-19Event #5 - €660 NLH Mystery Bounty (Ring Event)30,00030-mins
Sept 18Event #26 - €555 NLH Senior's Event30,00020-mins
Sept 18Event #27 - €250 NLHE Progressive Bounty 6-Handed20,00020-mins
Sept 19-24Event #6 - €1,500 WSOPC Tallinn Main Event (Ring Event)30,00040-mins
Sept 19Event #31 - €555 NLH 6-Handed30,00015-mins
Sept 20Event #33 - €250 NLH 8-Handed20,00020-mins
Sept 21Event #37 - €250 NLH DeepStack30,00020-mins
Sept 22Event #43 - €1,100 NLH Progressive Bounty30,00020-mins
Sept 22Event #10 - €350 NLH OlyBet Online Event (Ring Event)10,00012-mins
Sept 23Event #11 - €3,000 NLH 6-Handed (Ring Event)50,00030-mins
Sept 23Event #46 - €150 NLH Bounty15,00020-mins
Sept 23Event #49 - €150 Queens of Tallinn20,00020-mins
Sept 23Event #52 - €555 NLH Mystery Bounty30,00020/30-mins
Sept 24Event #12 - €660 NLH Progressive Bounty (Ring Event)30,00030-mins

16 PLO & Mixed Game Events

Tallinn has long been the destination to visit if you want to escape No-Limit Hold'em domination of the live poker tournament scene. The WSOPC Tallinn 2023 festival offers six PLO events and ten mixed game tournaments, with a broad range of games and buy-ins offered.

The PLO schedule is led by the prestigious €1,100 PLO 4&5 Ring Event, which tests players' four and five-card PLO skills. Other Omaha competitions, have buy-ins ranging from €150 to €555.

Two of the PLO events feature a progressive bounties, which guarantees high-octane action. PLO is a crazy game in its traditional format, but that craziness is on another level when you add bounties into the mix.

On the Mixed Game tournament menu, players will find the €555 8-Game, €555 PL 2-7 Triple Draw, and €555 PL Omaha Hi/Lo Ring Events. Other mixed game side events include two Open Face Chinese Pineapple tournaments, a couple of NLH/PLO4/PLO5 mix events, H.O.R.S.E., and a few Nordic specials - 5Card PLO & Draw (SVITEN) and Finnish 5-card Stud (SOKO), the latter playing with a pot-limit betting structure.

WSOPC Tallinn PLO and Mixed Game events schedule

DatesEventStarting stackClock
Sept 14Event #13 - €150 Open Face Chinese Pineapple20,00030-mins
Sept 14Event #16 - €350 PL Omaha 4&5 DeepStack30,00020-mins
Sept 16Event #20 - €350 Open Face Chinese Pineapple20,00030-mins
Sept 17Event #4 - €555 PL 2-7 Triple Draw (Ring Event)25,00025-mins
Sept 19Event #7 - €555 8-Game (Ring Event)30,00030-mins
Sept 19Event #30 - €150 NLH/PLO4/PLO5 Mix15,00020-mins
Sept 20Event #8 - €1,100 PL Omaha 4&5 (Ring Event)30,00030-mins
Sept 20Event #34 - €250 5 Card PLO & Draw 6-Handed20,00020-mins
Sept 20Event #36 - €150 PLO 4&5&6 Turbo15,00010-mins
Sept 21Event #39 - €350 H.O.R.S.E.30,00030-mins
Sept 21Event #40 - €555 PL Omaha 4&5 Progressive Bounty30,00020-mins
Sept 22Event #9 - €660 PL Omaha Hi/Lo (Ring Event)30,00030-mins
Sept 22Event #44 - €250 NLH/PLO4/PLO5 Mix20,00015-mins
Sept 23Event #48 - €50 PL Finnish 5 Card Stud15,00020-mins
Sept 23Event #51 - €250 PL Omaha 4&5 Progressive Bounty20,00020-mins

19 Live Satellites

Live satellites are an important part of the WSOPC Tallinn festival, not least because they open the door to playing for potentially life-changing prizes for an affordable investment.

There are 19 live qualifiers, seven of which lead to the €1 Million guaranteed Main Event (with a total of 70x €1,500 seats guaranteed!). Yet, there will be plenty of chances to qualify for other Ring Events, including 2-7 Triple Draw and PLO Hi/Lo satellites.

The most common satellite buy-ins will be €60 or €150, which puts them at the more affordable end of the scale. However, no other satellites are as cheap as the special freeroll for the Queens of Tallinn Ladies Event, as it costs nothing, yet guarantees five ladies will win seats.

WSOPC Tallinn satellite schedule

DateTimeEventStarting stackGuarantee
Sept 149:00 p.m.Event #14 - €150 NLH Mega-Satellite to Main Event10x €1,500 seats 
Sept 1411:00 p.m.Event #15 - €60 NLH Satellite to €555 NLH Ring Event5x €555 seats 
Sept 159:00 p.m.Event #17 - €150 NLH Mega-Satellite to Main Event10x €1,500 seats 
Sept 1511:00 p.m.Event #18 - €60 NLH Satellite to €555 NLH Ring Event5x €555 seats 
Sept 163:00 p.m.Event #19 - €40 NLH Mega-Satellite to €350 NLH Ring Event10x €350 seats 
Sept 167:00 p.m.Event #21 - €150 NLH Mega-Satellite to Main Event10x €1,500 seats 
Sept 169:00 p.m.Event #22 - €60 2-7 TD Satellite to €555 PL 2-7 Triple Draw Ring Event5x €555 seats 
Sept 179:00 p.m.Event #23 - €150 NLH Mega-Satellite to Main Event10x €1,500 seats 
Sept 183:00 p.m.Event #25 - €150 NLH Mega-Satellite to Main Event10x €1,500 seats 
Sept 193:00 p.m.Event #28 - €150 NLH Mega-Satellite to Main Event10x €1,500 seats 
Sept 1911:00 p.m.Event #32 - €60 PLO Satellite to €1,100 PL Omaha 4&5 Ring Event3x €1,100 seats 
Sept 209:00 p.m.Event #35 - €150 NLH Mega-Satellite to Main Event10x €1,500 seats 
Sept 213:00 p.m.Event #38 - €150 NLH Satellite to €3K NLH Ring Event3x €3,000 seats 
Sept 2111:00 p.m.Event #41 - €60 PLO Hi/Lo Satellite to €660 PL Omaha Hi/Lo Ring Event5x €660 seats 
Sept 223:00 p.m.Event #42 - €150 NLH Satellite to €3K NLH Ring Event3x €3,000 seats 
Sept 2210:00 p.m.Event #45 - €150 NLH Turbo Satellite to €3K NLH Ring Event3x €3,000 seats 
Sept 2312:00 p.m.Event #47 – FREE NLH Ladies Only Satellite to Queens of Tallinn5x €150 seats 
Sept 233:00 p.m.Event #50 - €60 MLH Turbo Satellite to €555 NLH Mystery Bounty5x €555 seats 
Sept 239:00 p.m.Event #53 - €60 NLH Turbo Satellite to €660 NLH Progressive Bounty Ring Event5x €660 seats 

If all those tournaments are not enough, don't forget that Tallinn live festivals are also amazing places for the cash game players. Hold'em and PLO cash games run 24/7 on up to 27 tables, starting from the modest €1/€3 and €2/€2 games, up to nosebleed €25/€50/€100 stakes.

You can find more details and some hotel deals on the official webpage of the WSOP Circuit Tallinn.

  • Take a look at the breakdown of the 52-event WSOPC Tallinn schedule.

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