"pokacerules" Rides Their Luck En Route to an 888poker $100K Mystery Bounty Main Event Victory


United Kingdom-based grinder "pokacerules" is the latest 888poker player to triumph in the $109 buy-in, $100,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty Main Event. The British player rode their luck at the final table but it doesn't matter how you win, it's that you get over the line and get the job done.

The latest edition of the Mystery Bounty Main Event at 888poker drew in a 975-strong crowd, who fought it out for the largest slice of the $100,000 guaranteed prize pool. $50,000 of the pot was dedicated to the awarding mystery bounties, including one tipping the scales at a most impressive $10,000.

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That massive mystery bounty was pulled out of its golden envelope by "Mettessen" before they busted in 20th place. Throw into the mix a couple of other bounties plus prize money for cashing in the event, and "Mettessen" walked away with a total haul worth $10,423, more than anyone else in the tournament, including the eventual champion.

Shout out also to "FakeAustrian" and "SladkyZivot," who both banked a $3,000 mystery bounty. The latter crashed out in 205th place before the money places but still took home more cash than two of the players at the final table!

$100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
3pokacerulesUnited Kingdom1,737,41835

Sweden's "Surdeg77" went into the final table with the narrowest of chip leads over "Homka" of Belarus. Both had almost 68 big blinds in their war chest. Only Austria's "Tighterinho" was dangerously short-stacked; they entered the final table with 10 big blinds.

It took only 15 minutes of action before the final table lost its first player. With blinds of 30,000/60,000/7,500a, "PasHTeT25" open-shoved for 831,444 from under the gun with pocket eights. The action folded to "pokacerules" on the button, who reshoved with the superior pocket nines. Both blinds folded, the board ran out safe for pocket nines, and "PasHteT25" headed for the exits.

Start-of-the-day short stack "Tighterinho" was the next player to bust, doing so during the 35,000/70,000/8,750a level. "Tighterinho" jammed from early position for 956,148 with ace-jack of diamonds, only for "DrwNKlssK" to instantly call from the big blind with pocket aces. Having just doubled-up with queen-jack of diamonds versus ace-king, "DrwNKlssk"'s hand held again, busting "Tighterinho" and send their own stack to the top of the chip counts.

"Homka" busted in sixth at the hands of "DrwNKlssk." The latter opened to 210,000 with pocket queens under the gun before calling the 1,678,376 shove from "Homka" made on the button with ace-queen. The board ran jack-high, and the final table was down to only five players.

The final five became four with the elimination of Brazil's "Naik10." As the final table approached the two-hour mark, and with blinds of 70,000/140,000/17,500a, "pokacerules" shoved first in from the small blind with ace-four, and "Naik10" called off their 1,826,175 chips with the dominating ace-six from the big blind. The flop fell with an ace and a six, but the board contained four diamonds by the river, and "pokacerules" had the four of diamonds in their hand. Ouch.

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"Naik10"'s seat hadn't gone cold when a huge hand sent "DrwNKlssk" to the rail in third. "pokacerules" limped in from the small blind with ace-six of hearts, "DrwNKlssk" popped it up to 420,000 with pocket kings, only for "pokacerules" to move all-in for 25 big blinds effective. "DrwNKlssk" snap-called and was a substantial favorite to rake in the 7.1 million pot. However, Lady Luck had other ideas, placing an ace and a six on the flop. The turn and river failed to come to the rescue of "DrwNKlssk," and they busted in third, sending the tournament into heads-up.

"pokacerules" went into the one-on-one clash with Denmark's "illidandk" holding a 9,133,125 to 5,491,875 chip lead but their victory was far from assured. The Dane fought back and reversed the stacks at one stage before "pokacerules" reclaimed the lead that they never relinquished.

The final hand took place during the 100,000/200,000/25,000a level, and saw "pokacerules" set a trap by limping in with ace-queen. "illidandk" took the bait and shoved for a shade under 12 big blinds with king-four, and was snapped off. "illidandk" paired their king on the flop to take the lead, but "pokacerules" turned an ace. The river bricked, "illidandk" busted in second place, and "pokacerules" clinched the victory and $9,649 in prize money.

$100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Results

RankPlayerCountryBountiesPrizeTotal Prize
1pokacerulesUnited Kingdom$2,344$7,305$9,649
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