What did Alan Keating Tell Joey Ingram About Million Dollar Game?

Alan Keating

The Hustler Casino Live Million Dollar game livestream is still making waves a week after the four days of live-streamed insanity ended. The game saw players like Tom Dwan, Doug Polk, and Alan Keating compete in a $500/$1,000 no limit hold'em game with a minimum buy-in of $1,000,000.

Keating joined the HCL stream for the third and fourth days of play. Unusually for a live-streamed Keating performance, the Saratoga-based poker pro banked $1,942,000 in profit.

On Tuesday, Keating joined Joey Ingram on Igram's second podcast of 2024.

Covering A Lot Of Ground

The pair covered a lot of ground in the hour-and-a-half interview.

They talked about the biggest hands of the Million Dollar Game, like the $2.4 million pot against Rahul. Keating gave his thoughts on the other players in the game and broke down his own approach to the game.

For example, when asked how he avoids going on tilt, his answer was refreshingly honest. “I do go off the deep end. If I’m down a lot I do try to turn up the size of the pots, I’m gonna try to blow up everything, I’m gonna try and get it back. […] I don’t have control over that as much as I’d want to.”

The pair also discussed the metagame of live-streamed cash and how "underneath the first level, everyone knows that this is going out there, that it's going to be seen by people. And there’s additional levels under that.”

The conversations touched on plenty of non-poker topics too, including the world of investment. Then Keating previewed some future content he's involved in, like an upcoming celebrity poker game with Neymar, Ryan Garcia, Jimmy Butler, and the streaming sensation Ninja.

To check out the whole 90-minute interview you can watch it on Ingram's YouTube channel.

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