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PKR Becomes First MPN Site to Launch Jackpot Sit-n-Go Tournaments

PKR Progressive Jackpot SNG

Jackpot sit-n-go tournaments are one of the most exciting variants available in the online poker world thanks to the fast pace and opportunity to win a huge cash prize for a small investment.

Several networks and poker sites offer these tournaments, but until this week the MPN was not one of them. However, the only true 3D online poker site, PKR, has changed that fact by becoming the first MPN site to offer jackpot sit-n-go games.

Buy-ins to these three-handed turbo tournaments range from €1 up to €50, with five percent from each buy-in removed as a tournament fee and an additional five percent removed to contribute to the progressive jackpot, a feature not available in any other jackpot sit-n-go on other sites.

This progressive jackpot is triggered when the top prize pool multiplier (5,000 times) is hit, which will happen five games in one million, on average.

Games with multipliers of two, four, six, 10, and 20 are winner-take-all events, but any game with a multiplier of 100, 500, or 5,000 will have the prize pool split 50 percent to first, 30 percent to second, and 20 percent to third, just like a traditional sit-n-go, which means if the 5,000 multiplier is hit at a €50 buy-in game, even the third-place finisher will bank €50,000.

PKR Progressive Jackpot Sit-n-Go First-Place Payout Table

Prize pool multiplier€1€5€10€20€50Frequency
2x€2€10€20€40€100729,945 in 1 million
3x€3€15€30€60€150225,000 in 1 million
6x€6€30€60€120€30035,000 in 1 million
20x€20€100€200€400€1,0007,000 in 1 million
50x€50€250€500€1,000€2,5002,800 in 1 million
100x€50€250€500€1,000€2,500200 in 1 million
500x€250€1,250€2,500€5,000€12,50050 in 1 million
5,000x + progressive jackpot€2,500 + jackpot€12,500 + jackpot€25,000 + jackpot€50,000 + jackpot€125,000 + jackpot5 in 1 million

The progressive jackpot sit-n-go tournaments are exclusive to PKR Poker for one week, so if you want to be the first to play them, you will need a PKR account.

Download PKR via PokerNews, make your first deposit and you’ll be rewarded with a 200% up to €1,000 bonus plus gain access to €4,000 worth of freerolls.

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  • PKR launch MPN's first progressive jackpot sit-n-go tournaments where players can win more than €125,000 in mere minutes.

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