HexaPro Jackpot Sit & Go Launch at Unibet on Dec. 3

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Unibet Poker HexaPro

Players at Unibet Poker will soon be able to play for prizes of up to 1,000 times the tournament buy-in when HexaPro jackpot sit & go tournaments launch on Dec. 3.

Jackpot sit & go tournaments have proved extremely popular in online poker circles, so Unibet Poker’s take on them should follow the same trend and be a massive hit with its customers. HexaPro tournaments are played on three-handed tables, with hyper-turbo blind structures and the prize pool is randomly selected before a hand is dealt with the prize pool multiplier ranging from 1.5 times to 1,000 times the buy-in.

HexaPro buy-ins range from €1 up to €100, which means Unibet Poker’s players will soon be able to lock horns over a €100,000 prize pool.

HexaPro Prizes and Probability

€1,000€2,000€5,000€10,000€50,000€100,0001 in 100,000 
€100€200€500€1,000€2,500€5,000€10,0005 in 100,000
€25€50€125€250€625€1,250€2,500100 in 100,000
€10€20€50€100€250€500€1,0004,600 in 100,000
€5€10€25€50€125€250€50014,000 in 100,000
€3€6€15€30€75€150€30025,000 in 100,000
€1.50€3€7.50€15€37.50€75€15056,294 in 100,000

The rake equivalent is 6.853 percent

The HexaPro tournaments are played to a winner-takes-all payout structure when the prize pool multiplier is less then 25x, with everyone receiving a slice of the prize pool when the multiplier is 25x or above. The winner takes 80 percent of the prize pool, the runner-up 12 percent and the third-place finisher eight percent in this scenario.

Triggering the 1,000x multiplier at the €100 buy-in level means the eventual winner will bank €80,000, the runner-up €12,000 and the third-place finisher €8,000 and all within a matter of minutes.

HexaPro Blind Structure

Unibet Poker has opted for different blind levels tied to the prize pool multiplier rather than the HexaPro’s buy-in, which makes sense when you think about it because it gives more time to those players in the hunt for a big prize.

Regardless of the multiplier, the HexaPro games will be over relatively quickly because the longest blind intervals are only four-minutes

MultiplierBlind levels
1.5x1 minute
3x2 minutes
5x3 minutes
10x3 minutes
25x4 minutes
100x4 minutes
1,000x4 minutes

Play HexaPro Games From Dec. 3

HexaPro tournaments will be available to all Unibet Poker players from Dec. 3. If you already have a Unibet Poker account you can download the update on Dec. 3 and get involved in these exciting new games straight away.

Those of you without a Unibet Poker account can download Unibet Poker via PokerNews. Doing so entitles you to a €200 welcome bonus, €16 worth of Unibet Open tickets, an €8 cash game ticket and access to four €500 freerolls. What are you waiting for?

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