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Caesars Palace Poker Room

Name Caesars Palace Poker Room
Address 3570 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV
City Las Vegas
Country United States of America
Website http://www.caesarspalace.com

Caesars Palace is an iconic luxury and casino in Paradise, Nevada, which is located on the west side of the famous Las Vegas Strip, sandwiched between Bellagio and The Mirage. Caesars Palace is one of Vegas’ largest and best known landmarks.

Jay Sarno and Stanley Mallin founded Caesars Palace in 1966. The wanted guests to feel what it was like to be ultra-rich during the times of the Roman Empire. The property contains many statues and columns, including a 20-foot statue of Augustus Caesar near the hotel’s entrance. Sarno hosted a lavish inauguration ceremony, which cost him $1 million, on August 5, 1966

The casino has undergone several extensions over the years. The most recent was completed in January 2016, and cost $75 million. Almost $2 billion has been spent on the lavish hotel, taking the total maximum occupancy to 3,960.

Caesars Palace is almost as famous for hits Forum Shops as it is its hotel and casino. Many high-end boutiques have stores in the Forum Shops. Several shops do not list their prices: you cannot afford it if you have to ask its price!

Speaking of its casino: it is beautiful. The 24-hour poker room is located in the heart of the gaming floor, and is one of the nicest poker rooms you will ever have the pleasure of playing in.

Caesars Palace Poker Room Contact Information

Room manager 
John Michael Martin 
(702) 785-6566 
Social Media 
Facebook.com/CaesarsPalaceTwitter: @CLVPoker

Caesars Palace Cash Games

Cash Games:

Mixed Games$6/$12
NL Hold'em$1/$3
NL Hold'em$2/$5 

Caesars Palace has a spacious poker room boasting of 18 tables. Most of those tables are taken up with $1/$3 no-limit hold'em cash games, although $2/$5 runs regularly, usually in the evenings and weekends. As the casino and hotel attracts lots of tourists, and wealthy ones at that, expect the pots at Caesars to be larger than other Las Vegas properties as those with deep pockets try to buy their way to victory!

Once per week, on average, a $6/$12 mixed game runs, with a wide variety of poker variants spread. be sure to check out the poker rules page here at PokerNews to ensure you know how to play each game! All games come with 10% rake capped at $5.

Caesars Palace Tournament Poker

Although Caesars Palace is best known for the cash games it offers across its 18 tables, there are four daily tournaments to enjoy. Check out the tables below to see when they run, how much they cost, and what the structures are.

TimeBuy-inAdd-OnStarting chipsClockGuarantee
10:00 a.m.$100$5015,00020-minutes$1,000
2:00 p.m.$150$5015,00020-minutes$2,000
6:00 p.m.$100$5015,00020-minutes$1,000
9:00 p.m.$150$5015,00020-minutes$2,000

Caesars Palace Daily Tournament's Blind Structures

LevelBlindsBig Blind Ante

Caesars Palace Poker Room Promotions

Poker room promotions is the only area where Caesars Palace falls down. There are no poker-related promotions outside the room offering cash game players $2 per hours in comp points, and cash game players earning double tier points.

What Is It Like To Play Poker at Caesars Palace?

The poker room at Caesars Palace is spacious, in fact it is so spacious you wonder why the management team does not put more tables into play. Luxury is the name of the game at Caesars Palace, and this is no different at the poker room, which is arguably the most beautiful poker room anywhere in the world.

Caesars' sportsbook is located near to the poker room, which adds some energy during sporting events and games. The noise and hustle-bustle never gets too much, however.

While $1/$2, with a $100-$300 buy-in, is the staple cash game, it is worth checking out the $2/$5 ($200-$1,000 buy-in) games when they run. These are frequented by some very good players, but also a lot of richer tourists who are not prepared to play as low as the $1/$2 games.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas FAQs

Does the Caesars Palace have poker?

Yes. You could say Caesars Palace lives and breathes poker. Some 18 tables adorn the spacious poker room, and cash games run 24/7 every day of the week.

Can I play poker at Caesars Palace?

Yes, choose from 24-hour cash games or buy into one of the four daily tournaments that have buy-ins of $100 and $150.

What cash games are at Caesars Palace?

Caesars Palace, like most of Las Vegas, is the home for $1/$2 and $1/$3 players, especially those enjoying no-limit hold’em. $2/$5 Hold’em games run most days, as do much higher stakes when players request them.

Is there free parking at Caesars Palace Las Vegas?

Yes and no. Caesars Palace has both self-parking and a valet service in a covered garage. Parking is free for Caesars Palace guests, Nevada residents with a valid Nevada driver’s license, and Caesars Rewards Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Stars members.

Otherwise, your first hour is free, hours 1-4 costs $15, 4-12 hours costs $18, and additional days cost $18 per 24 hours. Valet parking costs $30 for 0-4 hours, and $36 for 2-24 hours. Valet costs increase to $35 and $40 respectively on weekends.

Is the Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas strip?

Yes. Caesars Palace is found in the very heart of the Las Vegas Strip and is impossible to miss due to its sheer size and presence on the skyline.